‘Bone-Chilling’ Or ‘Spooky’ Describes The Ritual Killing of Rev. Carol Daniels

“Darkness will always be overcome by light,” said Andrew Ware, a preacher with the Pentecostal Church in nearby Carnegie. “All we can do is pray that the killer will be brought to justice.” (source-The Oklahoman, August 27, 2009, by Ron Jackson)

The body of Rev. Carol Daniels was discovered on August 23rd, at around noon, behind the altar of a small Oklahoman church, Christ Holy Sanctified Church, in Anadarko.

Anadarko is 50 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, the hometown of Rev. Carol Daniels. As of this moment (9:39 AM on September 7, 2009), no one has been arrested for this crime. No suspect has been named either, from what I can tell, and I have read nearly all of the articles that I can find on the internet.

Homicides happen every day, but the circumstances surrounding this case stand out from others. The killer left the Rev. Carol Daniels’ nude body in a ‘crucifix position,’ it has been reported.

Some authorities have disputed this, that what we see is merely a natural positioning of the body, as opposed to having been staged in this dramatic pose by a cunning killer. This explanation of a ‘natural position’ seems highly unlikely, to me.

Other facts are equally troubling. The killer took all of Carol Daniels’ clothes with him. Why, we do not know. Perhaps, as a trophy, or better yet, to conceal evidence.

Another oddity is that the killer sprayed a dissolving chemical around the body. This may have been done in order to destroy DNA evidence. (NewsOK.com-Ron Jackson-8/30)

This killer was very organized, most methodical, and took pro-active measures to evade detection. This would indicate (to me) that we are dealing with a professional, possibly a serial killer who panned out every detail of his dastardly deeds.

rev. carol daniels

The method of killing was excessively brutal, yet almost personal. The open records act has mandated the publishing of the autopsy report. Should you choose to read it, be forewarned of the severity of its contents.

The Rev. Daniels died of deeply inflicted knife wounds, primarily to the neck. Apparently, the killer nearly decapitated her. The wounds to her hands demonstrate that she tried to defend herself, and that a struggle ensued in this isolated Pentecostal church.

A witness has been quoted as saying he saw the killer depart from the crime scene.

“At the time, I looked around the corner, he was coming out of the front door,” Robert Robertson said to KOCO-TV, a CNN affiliate. He said the man “had something like a ski mask on” and “was covered in blood.” (source-CNN.com)

Another thing that makes this case stand out, or that gives it an unfortunate twist, is that the Rev. Carol Daniels seemed to be such a good person, such a loving and caring person with her family, and committed, in her capacity as a minister, to serve those in need of spiritual sustenance, whenever they would come to visit her at the Christ Holy Sanctified Church.

She would drive 50 miles from her home in Oklahoma City to Anadarko, and often, very few people would enter the church to seek counseling or to worship with her. Perhaps the killer knew her or suspected that he could find an opportune time to catch her all alone. Whoever this is, this is chilling, that they would take advantage of her in this manner. This would seem to be the case. This is ‘pure evil’ at work, if ever I have seen.

Her son, Alvin Daniels, who appeared on Nancy Grace recently, said that she was a loving mother. “She was always joking with us and always taking care of us, even giving her last dollar even if she didn’t have it.” (source-CNN.com) This would lead me to believe that this was more of a random killing, possibly the work of a serial killer, who is making a sensation of it (the crime) to attract the media. One expert does not agree with me.

Brent Turvey, a criminal profiler and forensic scientist, believes that it was more of a personal type of killing. “This is someone who felt they had been pushed way too far, or wronged by something she had done. They felt like they had to do these things, But this person was in a complete rage-a blind rage.” Brent Turvey implies that the killer actually knew Daniels. (source-NewsOK.com-Ron Jackson-8/30)

It is speculation at this point in the investigation to try to pinpoint exactly who the perpetrator is, or what their motive was in committing such a shocking, senseless crime as this? We now have more than two weeks distance from the event and I am beginning to believe its solution is less and less imminent.

Several other bits of information are dead ends, or merely shock you more with their lack of a rational explanation. An example is the 6 to 10 inch long knife that was recovered from the car wash across from the church. This knife has been eliminated as the weapon used in the stabbing. (CNN.com and NewsOK.com)

Also, there is much video surveillance footage from a convenience store adjacent to the church. It actually shows Rev. Daniels driving up in front of the church on Broadway Street to park, at 10 A.M. on that Sunday morning, August 23rd. The video footage has been taken to a lab for further inspection. (source-NewsOK.com-Ron Jackson-8/30)

Why did the killer commit this crime in broad daylight and on a Sunday no less? This is the time reserved for all to worship God. This makes this case all the more spooky, the location, the time, and the unusual methods in its proceedings.

Also, it has been reported that the Rev. Daniels’ hair was burned. Why was this done? If this phantom is not captured soon, I feel certain he (she) will repeat it-kill again and in a more complex, and even more ritualistic fashion.

Not to scare anyone, but this case is CREEPY!

*If you are interested in this case, your best source will be The Oklahoman. They have posted 26 articles on the murder of Rev. Carol Daniels since it happened (8/23/’09). We will anxiously anticipate the outcome of this case. Let’s just hope that the authorities can apprehend this ruthless killer so that he (she) cannot be allowed to kill again!