Congratulations to General Hospital

The SOS/Save Our Soap! General Hospital campaign congratulates Julie Marie Berman for winning the Best Supporting Actress Emmy and General Hospital for winning the Best Writing Emmy at the recent Daytime Emmy Awards ceremonies.

It was wonderful to see the Emmy judges validate the basis the SOS campaign is built upon, that General Hospital DOES have the talent and ability to return to being the show we all used to love.

The episodes submitted for Julie Marie Berman’s character of Lulu Spencer involved the storyline that focused on the parallel of Lulu’s life to that of her mother at a similar age and her worries of that parallel continuing. Her portrayal obviously proved to the judges that she is a talented actress who is valued by the fans and deserves to be recognized.

The episode submitted for the Best Writing category not surprisingly encompasses many of the principles and characteristics that the SOS campaign strives to have the writers bring back to GH. There was romance and action, humor and drama, medical and police drama, interaction between family and friends, and reactions that were on point for the characters involved.

The episode included a wide variety of characters, young and old, veteran and new, as well as a number of couples. Included in that one episode were: Elizabeth and Jason individually and together for their engagement, Carly and Jax individually with Carly in Port Charles and Jax desperately trying to get back home to her from a business meeting, Sonny and Kate individually and together as a couple, Patrick and Robin individually and as a couple, Lulu with Johnny as a couple, Michael, Spinelli, Alexis, Jerry, Claudia, Dr. Devlin, Epiphany, Cassius, Leyla, Det. Harper and Lucky.

The episode showcased a balance of characters from the PCPD, the hospital, the business community, and the mob who were all interacting with one another.

When comparing the current ratings for the week of August 24-28, 2009 (2,401,000/1.8) to those of the week of that episode (3,018,000/2.3), it seems clear that the audience was more invested and interested in the storylines, characters, and couples being showcased at the time of that episode. Apparently the Emmy judges agree about its superiority after viewing the same episode.

The SOS/Save Our Soap! General Hospital campaign continues to strive to work with ABC/Disney to help GH return to the show that we know it can be.

The campaign and its supporters share in the common goal of asking ABC/Disney to listen to the viewers and make changes by delivering character-driven storylines, being true to the characters, respecting the rich history of the show, creating an emotional balance for the characters, focusing on families, promoting enduring couples that viewers can root for, heightening romance while minimizing sleaze, and creating an enjoyable escape.

We and ABC/Disney now know, with General Hospital receiving the Best Writing award for this episode from 2008, this is an attainable goal.

For more information regarding the campaign, contact Dana L. Meyer or Kecia K. Picard at [email protected], visit the SOS/Save Our Soap! General Hospital page on Facebook, follow on twitter @SOS_GH or visit the new the SOS/Save Our Soap! General Hospital website at

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