Best Evidence in Isabel Celis Case Comes from Eye-Witness Alicia Stardevant!

The investigation of the highly unusual abduction of Isabel Celis is getting scattered, and maybe a little desperate. One setback by the Tucson Police is this misidentification of what was thought to be a pivotal piece of video footage from the pertinent date of early on April 21st. This surveillance video, showing two men and three women walking close to the Celis home, actually happened the day after Isabel was taken.

A new case of a young man entering a bedroom where three girls were sleeping early Monday, has some similarities to the Celis case, but has a number of differences as well. Authorities are not particularly morphing in the direction of connecting the two cases. At the same time, several women are coming forward and pointing out a rash of past Peeping Tom incidents, that have plagued their respectable Tucson neighborhoods. Again, these scary incidents are seemingly unrelated to Isabel’s case, but still?

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It’s not like there’s an irrational curse on this Tucson community; rather, there’s something strange going on here. One might point to the isolation of some of these more affluent neighborhoods, which are really stuck out in an untamed desert, and are an Achilles Heel for sick predators, who are looking to take advantage of the innocent. Well, not that this is what’s going on here, but still you have to wonder if such a pattern is discernible, from available open files.

And don’t forget the Usual Suspects, the close proximity of Mexico to Tucson, Az. The investigation is reaching into Mexico now, and searches are taking place in hotels, bus terminals, and businesses in the state of Sonora. Nogales is the first town you come to, when crossing the border into Mexico, so this must be where much of the searching is taking place. Why is this connection to Mexico getting more popular with professionals in law enforcement?

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And why are the parents laying so low? In these types of cases this is often the opposite kind of behavior we see exhibited by embittered parents who have recently lost their child. And do you suppose the Tucson police have found any tie-in between the parents’ past and somebody they may have known in Mexico? That is, why are they redirecting their focus on Mexico, if not for some link to Sergio and Becky Celis? Or is it irrational? An image of Mexico as Pure Evil is most prevalent these days.

I use to love Mexico, but am now struck with piercing shards of fear with even a mention of Ciudad Juarez or Nuevo Laredo! And you know why too. But why would some bad guys come from Mexico just to kidnap Isabel Celis? Do her parents have a lot of money? I don’t think so. The case that the abductors were sexual predators doesn’t seem so likely to me either, such as the new case of this young man with eye-glasses who made a home invasion where three young girls were sleeping.

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Really, the best piece of evidence they have so far, is the eye-witness account of Alicia Stardevant, who unwittingly experienced the highly polished abduction, at 6:30 AM, Saturday, 4/21. Alicia has appeared on Nancy Grace and told her story of what she mainly heard that morning. Several parties were involved, working rather rapidly. My take of what Alicia has said, is this was an organized kidnapping. They knew exactly what they wanted to do, and knew how to do it too. The Celis’ dogs barked furiously, and yet mysteriously, no one awoke except a good neighbor, Alicia Stardevant.

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