Were Sergio and Rebecca Celis Convincing At Their Press Conference?

Surveillance cameras (from neighbors and an Office Max business) zoom in on a fortress-like adobe structure, that is (was) the home of Sergio and Rebecca Celis; their daughter Isabel Mercedes Celis vanished in the dead of night from here last Friday. The home is speaking to us, but what is it saying?

The police search a dormant hatchback car as if it’s a missing piece in what’s considered to be a crime scene by the Tucson police. And what do they mean by the catch phrase ‘suspicious disappearance and possible abduction?’ Inside or outside job?

isabel celis

What should we make of the parents short but sweet news conference yesterday? It certainly didn’t seem like a spontaneous outpouring of feeling! Not begot of artifice, but perhaps a bit rehearsed. I’m not saying they were faking, but the emission of emotions came off as fairly contrived. Sergio kept looking down from the telling eye of news cameras. This might be explained away as a nervous reaction to an omnipresent international media spotlight, they find themselves in.

ic becky and sergio

We hear Sergio and Becky (and their boys) are in hiding now. They won’t re-occupy the adobe house they call their home. Understandable! It’s a crime scene now; sullied by whatever occurred there last Friday (April 20, 2012). Lots of questions. How could an abductor sneak through a window and steal their Isa away and yet no one is awakened? Why weren’t their dogs yapping madly at the top of their lungs? Why would a kidnapper be fooling around over by this burned out red/orange hatchback vehicle?

A friend, Mary Littlehorn, is believable. Mary emphatically maintains the family is innocent. Sergio is a dental assistant and very involved in his children’s little league baseball participation. Becky is a pediatric nurse. Both appear to be squeaky clean so far. This isn’t making any sense at all! An application of an abductor theory doesn’t fare much better. Why would anyone want to take little Isa from her home? Are Sergio and Becky over their heads in debt?

Hate to bring up money, but this was postulated by some of the guests on the talk shows last night. The fact that the Tucson police are scaling back the search and focusing on the house only, does not bode well for whatever it is you and I may think, in some hidden corridors of our overly suspicious minds. I’m paranoid, you’re paranoid. Paranoia begets simply more paranoia. I’m looking too closely at the parents eyes, their quivering, sobbing voices, and reading volumes into what may be nothing at all.

isabel celis house

I suspect others are doing this as well. And the close proximity of the home to the Mexican border is cropping up also (mainly as innuendo or rumor). We hear that some drug transactions have been taking place in the vicinity of the Celis home. The drug connection will always be asked, no matter what. This seems highly unlikely, but this avenue of investigation must be explored nonetheless. Sergio and Rebecca don’t seem like the type of people to get themselves embroiled in this kind of a mess.

Back to square one. Bad things happen to good people. Murphy’s Law at work as usual. An innocent child vanishes mysteriously in the night! Story’s been told before, but let’s tell it again. Who could peer into this adobe home from a distance, a vantage point where the scheming takes place? What’s the motive for stealing a six-year-old in the dead of night? Could someone be that evil? Do the irrational have an undertone of logic to it that we are incapable of detecting? A two-faced Janus of wisdom where the undercurrents of logical explanation are sucked under into the bowels of the earth. Rather, a simple explanation, but what is it?

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