A New ID Disappeared Special Explores the Complex Shannan Gilbert Case!

I was glad to see a new show produced on probably the most fascinating missing persons’ case I’ve ever encountered. Investigation Discovery has just released a feature (for their Disappeared series) on Shannan Gilbert, who connects (either directly or indirectly?) to the mysterious Long Island serial killer case. I know Shannan’s story (as projected to the media) backwards and forwards, but it was nice to witness all the working parts (with words, images, and even reenactments) in one unified presentation.

Another item I was pleased with, was the inclusion of the sharply contrasting opinions of Shannan’s family, who don’t agree with the conclusions of the Suffolk County police. Suffolk County believes Shannan died from an accidental drowning after getting stuck in the thicket of brambles and mucky marshlands, that border the exclusive gated community of Oak Beach, where eye-witness Gus Colleti had encountered a highly rattled Shannan Gilbert (6:01 AM May 1, 2010).

shannan gilbert id

I concur with the family (Mother Mari Gilbert and sisters Saara and Sheri Gilbert) ; I’m not convinced that Shannan’s case has been solved yet. I’m also not convinced that Shannan’s disappearance was unrelated to the terrible things happening over on Gilgo Beach. My objections synch with Mari’s objections; how did Shannan’s blue jeans get off her body when she was stuck in the marsh? I can see her pocketbook getting separated, and even her water-logged shoes, but no way on her blue jeans!

The frantic 911 call, which was more than 20 minutes long, raises all kinds of red flags? This entire 911 call should be made public. We hear snippets of it on the ID show, but these may have been mere simulations. Somebody was after Ms Gilbert. It doesn’t look like it was her driver Michael Pak, although we wonder who else it could be. Gus Colleti’s encounter with Michael Pak cast some doubt in our minds about just what was going on that turbulent spring night.

Joseph Brewer too has been cleared of any suspicion. One item that won’t leave me alone though, is whether either of these two men noticed whether Shannan was doing any drugs that night? Or whether she had mentioned doing any drugs earlier in the night? This would help to clear up the issue of what was it, what was making SG so paranoid that night, if not absolutely terrified out of her mind?

This is why I want to hear a pristine copy of her lengthy 911 pleas to the police to please save her from a predator, who had a relentless mission to stalk her, with shutting her up on his mind. Was this the Long Island Craigslist phantom who succeeded in doing just that? And who was this second man at Joseph Brewer’s house that night? Why hasn’t this fact been mentioned before? Why is his identity being withheld from the public?

Why did Shannan suddenly flee from Joseph Brewer’s house? She became completely unhinged. Why? There must be a reason for it. Is it because she was bi-polar, as the police claim? And we wonder whether she was taking any drugs? Couldn’t this be verified? How can the Suffolk Police discard a connection with the gruesome Gilgo Beach discoveries (of December 2010)? The case is not closed, but they’re acting as if it is.

Have they investigated any and all of Shannan’s previous clients? Yes, I was very happy to see the ID special present the facts once again, on a very difficult case to solve. Shannan’s pleas for help were not just the idle urgings of a drug-addled mind. They were real. There was an immediate threat to Ms Gilbert; this is why she ran into the brambles. She thought she’d be safe there. Gus Colleti witnessed something he’ll never forget. Perchance, he brushed with a raging serial killer, but didn’t know it at the time.

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