Why are So Many People Afraid of The Mormons?

Why are so many people afraid of the Mormons? My observation have lead me to believe most people fear what they don’t understand. Well it appears it is the basic foundation of their faith that makes others afraid. The Mormons don’t believe like most Christians believe. I have seen good Mormons and bad ones, just like any other church. Good and bad and many in between. Those who fear them, constantly hear from the pulpits, across this nation, how Mormons are evil and they don’t believe in Christ. They hear Mormons have more than one wife and they believe what they hear; and they think Mormons believe Adam was God, and they ware funny underwear.

They hear or read; when they (Mormons) die, they inherit a world of their own and become a God. They also believe that God doesn’t have a prophet anymore and revelation stopped when the Apostles died.

If you have ever had a prayer answered, isn’t that revelation? God answering prayers is revelation as I understand revelation.

There are so many false statements attached to the Mormon faith. They don’t believe in Christ when the name of the church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? Most think Mormons believe Mormon is a God or something. He has a book named after him and they worship that book.

But they never see, that on the cover of the book it reads, “A Second Witness of Jesus Christ.”

People are always afraid of what they don’t understand or what the minister states has to be truth, because they wouldn’t lie across the pulpit. I’m not saying people or ministers lie across the pulpit but people repeat many false statements without ever finding the real story. Just in this News Blaze a few days ago, an article that stated Mitt Romney, was in charge of his wife’s destiny or her future after life. Now isn’t that just going a little far with the idea Mormons believe they will be Gods the moment they leave this life? Where this stuff comes from is beyond my knowledge. The church does holds women in high regard and respect. They are choice and every man who loves their wife holds that relationship sacred. Mormon men are loving and kind for the most part.

When I was a boy Orson Wells radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” aired and this nation went bonkers. People jumped out windows in New York and others who heard it armed themselves to fight these wicked creaters. Panic hit the streets over a radio program. Two weeks ago we were in St. Louis and were not familiar with the Television stations there. I was searching with the remote and came across a Lady Minister who was bashing the Mormon Church. It seemed like War of the Worlds all over again.

My goodness they don’t have anything better to do than bash the Mormons for being good people? Her ranting and raving went on for almost one hour. I went back and forth from another program, in between, commercials and listened to her drummed up charges. If I hadn’t known better she would have scared me. This kind of stuff just amazes me, how very frightened these people are of this church.

I believe people don’t know any better and they are listening to Ministers who are losing members of their congregation to the Mormons? These ministers are afraid of what the Mormons teach. I know you think that is crazy but reflect where and when it all started. The people who were the first to join were hated by others because they were different. They told of a God who expected people to be god fearing and love one another. They don’t smoke, or don’t drink strong drinks (alcohol) no coffee or tea, they are chaste, and keep sexual marriage (one Wife) covenants, and love God more than life. They send their young men on missions at 19 even young women at age 21 and even the senior citizens go on missions for the church.

They enjoy life and try to live a life of happiness and put family first over the world. They worship in Temples and they pay tithing, taxes and serve the church when they called to do so. Mormons are a good hearted people who try to get along in a sometimes hostile world. They worship in Temples and this does not include sacrifice of blood, of any life form, but are the ancient teaching, even back to Adam.

Maybe if people just knew how much these people love God and serve him to the best of their ability, they would stop being afraid. They are friendly; warm hearted and most love life. Not everyone stays in the church, mostly because they can’t live a higher law. Not drinking, smoking, no coffee or tea become large issues. To remain celibate until marriage then living with only one person after marriage is difficult in this world today. No adultery? Well most Mormons do not commit adultery but some fall short but they often live through it and go forward with life.

Instead of finding fault, make a list of the good things they do and then make a choice, keep talking or be silent. Mormons are good or bad? What I have observed about the Mormon Saints is they are truly honest men and women, with good hearts and follow the teaching of Jesus Christ as well as any human could possibly do. Just don’t jump on the gossip train without knowing where it is going. That train may lead you to no where.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.