We Need Universal Lawsuit Insurance

Opportunistic politicians want you to believe that the government must save you from the evil medical industry. If the greedy doctors and nurses didn’t want to be adequately reimbursed for the years of medical training, the insurance companies wouldn’t even be needed. After all fifty years ago medical insurance was a rarity. But today medical insurance is a necessity.

True medical costs have been increasing but so have all the wonderful drugs and medical devices that save and prolong life. But an unspoken element of medical costs is the medical malpractice insurance that the doctors and hospitals must carry. Without malpractice insurance medical practitioners could lose their life savings.

John Edwards, Democrat presidential candidate, made his fortune suing medical practitioners. One such trial, Edwards made a psychic connection to sway the jury. Such despicable conduct is common in lawsuits.

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has unveiled her latest changes to the best health care system in the world. Hillary Care 2.0 presupposes that federal government sniffle insurance is mandatory. Make no mistake, Universal Health Care is Socialized medicine under a warm and fuzzy name. After carefully reading the U.S Constitution I failed to find any authority for the federal government to impose any insurance – let alone heath insurance. It must have been the questions regarding limiting the power of the federal government that caused Hillary to fail the District of Columbia bar exam fresh out of Yale Law School. But as one of the top 100 lawyers in Little Rock Arkansas, Hillary wouldn’t be deterred by something a mundane as the Constitution.

Advocates of Universal Health Care whine that 47 million people in the U.S. are without health insurance. They forget that nobody in the U.S. can be denied medical care. Anybody can go to an emergency ward and receive medical care. But who are the uninsured? Seniors are mandated to be on Medicare so they are covered. Millions of legal immigrants and citizens who live in poverty are covered though government subsidies like Medicaid. Millions more have coverage through their employer or carry private insurance. Young adults feel they are bullet proof and don’t think they need insurance.

Then we have illegal immigrants. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that there over 10 million illegal immigrants from Mexico and another 10 million from 100 countries around the world reside in the US illegally. La Raza claims it’s more than 40 million illegal immigrants from Mexico. It is a safe bet La Raza has a better feel for the number of illegals in the U.S than the Census Bureau. So if we accept Hillary’s number of 47 million people without health insurance, most of the 47 million are here illegally. So, unless we plan to insure everyone in Central and South America – uninsured healthcare it is not so much of a problem.

Socialism appears to be the desire of this health care scam. But forget Universal Health Care Insurance, what the country really needs is Universal Lawsuit Insurance. But wait you say, Universal Health Care isn’t in the U.S. Constitution. True, but if we are going to bastardize the Constitution, wouldn’t you rather pick on Gucci shoed trial lawyers than medical practitioners? Why shouldn’t people be protected from frivolous lawsuits? Why shouldn’t the principles of Socialism be imposed on trial lawyers? Why shouldn’t fees for the trial lawyers be controlled by federal regulation?

We have all heard of the silly woman that spilled coffee on her lap and sued McDonald’s. Who knew that coffee is hot? And recently there was the judge that sued the cleaners for losing his favorite pants. The judge lost but the cleaners went out of business fighting the multi million dollar lawsuit. These are just a few of the citizens that need protection from these frivolous lawsuits. So, instead of making medical insurance an entitlement – why not make lawsuit insurance an entitlement? We need Universal Lawsuit Insurance. And when we have that let’s go for pet insurance.

Jack Ward is a conservative commentator and writer who is concerned by the direct or indirect government control over private enterprises.