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Jack Ward is a conservative commentator and writer who is concerned by the direct or indirect government control over private enterprises.

Congress’s Plan to Reinstate Censorship

Under the guise of 'Fairness', our Congress Critters are considering forcing radio and TV stations to 'balance' their hourly lineups across the ideological spectrum.
opinions of workers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Capitalism is Superior to Socialism

To confuse the electorate, the Left cleverly avoids any use of the terms Socialism or Marxism and uses euphemisms to mask their agenda.

What is the root cause of the financial crisis?

The mortgage meltdown has disrupted financial markets throughout the world. As we assess our own financial condition we ask, what is the root cause of the financial crisis?

Congress Encouraged Irresponsibility

Throughout our lives we are reminded to act responsibly. Our parents, neighbors, teachers, employers etc all have extolled the virtues of responsibility.

Obama’s Hypocrisy

Vanity Fair couldn't verify that Obama, the millionaire, has done anything for the least of his brothers or sister. Little did we know that it was his plan to have the U.S. taxpayer pay for the care of his impoverished family members.
Opinions of people.

Hill Ain’t Bill

Democrats revere Bill Clinton and they misguidedly believe that Hillary is a reincarnation of Bill. But Hill ain't Bill. I look at the personality differences between Bill and Hillary Clinton.

We Need Universal Lawsuit Insurance

Opportunistic politicians want you to believe that the government must save you from the evil medical industry.

Liberals Hate NASCAR

Liberals see the American Flag as an oppressive symbol and would prefer to see the Honor Guard march across the flag rather than carry it.