Hill Ain’t Bill

Democrats revere Bill Clinton and they misguidedly believe that Hillary is a reincarnation of Bill. But Hill ain’t Bill. Below I look at the personality differences between Bill and Hillary Clinton.


Bill is a ‘good ol boy’. It is easy for people to like Bill. Even political rival Newt Gingrich couldn’t help but like Bill. But no one praises Hillary for her warm personality. Most often pundits comment on her icy cold personality.

Political savvy

Bill can size up his political audience and tell them exactly what they want to hear even if it was exactly opposite what he told the last crowd. If he was ever called on the discrepancy he could always ‘Aw Shucks’ his way out of it. After all it depends on what the meaning of is – is. Hillary doesn’t have that political savvy. She tightly controls all interviews, avoids straight answers, and now we know her campaign plants questions at debates and rallies. Now only the gullible believe anything she says.


Bill is the consummate salesman. If he wasn’t a politician he would be making millions selling trinkets on TV for $19.95. Hillary on the other hand is a poor communicator. Not only does she sound like fingernails on a chalkboard, she isn’t convincing.

Sex symbol

Even after Bill’s sexual escapades were revealed ‘feminists’, dreamed about being his next conquest. ‘Groupies’ followed Bill like they follow the Rolling Stones. So say what you want about sex appeal but there never has been a report of ‘stud muffins’ hanging around Hillary.


It was often said that Bill’s charisma would light a room.

Charisma isn’t a word that most would associate with Hillary.


Bill was so believable that he could (and did) sell Arkansas swampland as home sites. As a politician Hillary doesn’t excel in believability. She is seen as a politician that will say or do anything to further her agenda.


Bill was the Attorney General and Governor of Arkansas and the President of the United States. Hillary claims experience for Bill’s accomplishments. But ‘pillow talk’ doesn’t equal experience. Joan Di Cola, a Boston lawyer, addressed Hillary’s accomplishments in The Wall Street Journal. Di Cola wrote that “She (Hillary) hasn’t accomplished anything on her own since getting admitted to Yale Law.” “All Hillary is, is Mrs. Clinton”. Even her election as N.Y. Senator was dependent on being Mrs. Bill Clinton.


Bill was accepted as a leader. Even political adversaries recognized Bill’s leadership skills.

But the leadership mantle was never passed to Hillary. Many Democrats have allready recognized this weakness. Even Hillary’s Democrat senatorial colleagues never saw fit to appoint her the chair of a prominent senate committee. Marcos Militias, wrote in the Democrat blog, The Daily Kos, that “Hillary Clinton has a few problems if she wants to secure the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. She is a leader who fails to lead. She does not appear ‘electable’.”


Bill was believed to be trustworthy. But after the public watched eight years of White House shenanigans and learned of the shenanigans that Hillary covered up, the public doesn’t give either of the Clintons high marks for trustworthiness. A recent ABC News poll found that only 15 percent of the Iowa caucus goers rated Hillary as the most honest and trustworthy candidate.

Treatment of subordinates

There have been numerous books written on the Clinton’s political adventures. I can’t recall any author criticizing Bill for his treatment of subordinates. But on the other hand, Hillary is renowned for her abuse of subordinates. How you treat your subordinates says a lot about someone’s character.

Unfortunately for Hillary what it says about her isn’t good.

Jack Ward is a conservative commentator and writer who is concerned by the direct or indirect government control over private enterprises.