Crossfire War – Iran Ready to Receive-Deceive France FM Kouchner

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Night Watch: TEHRAN – As expected, Iran’s Foreign Ministry has immediately responded to France Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner saying, in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, he was willing to go to Tehran. Kouchner’s offer is one of extreme desperation, coupled with fear knowing the offensive nature of Tehran’s foreign policy and its economic priorities, none of them concentrating on controlling salt in the Dead Sea.

Tehran intends to be the main voice in the world’s energy markets and the prominence of Western economies is Iran’s main obstacle. Tehran’s second priority is control over the economic future of the Indian sub-continent through massive military support of Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf’s “Action Plan” which he presented to Iran during his visit there February. [RIA]

RIA reports Iran Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mohammad-Ali Hosseini stated, “We see no obstacle to the Foreign Minister’s visit to Iran.” Hosseini continued by saying consultations on various levels will establish a “deep understanding of Iran’s realities, and the essence of the region’s problems.” Of course, Tehran is an expert at consulting deceptively in order to create confusion in the mind of the enemy and Iran knows its easier if the enemy is weak and frightened, as Western governments are.

Europe-U. S. relish a regional crisis in West Asia (Middle East) which they can use to show off some military presence, the lost alliance of London-Washington in Iraq chasing the Jihad, the thousands of European units serving with UNIFIL in south Lebanon watching Hezbollah re-arm and NATO has taken the lead in protecting the opium market in Afghanistan, and war with Serbia, but a world war – number three, was not on the agenda of the West, but obviously it has been on Iran’s agenda.

Tehran has been waging it through Islamic units and groups, ever since Russian troops announced in Tajikistan February 1994, they were on a frontline fighting Islamic fundamentalists. Of course Iran and Turkey were no stranger to the Islamic fighters Russian forces were engaging there nor were Tehran-Anakara any stranger to the Islamic Mujahideen fighters that arrived in Bosnia 1992 or the Islamic groups in Kashmir or the North Caucasus that exploded into war December 1994 – Chechnya.

That phase was preparation for what is about to become (f)allout war. The first phase of World War III Tehran used not only to prepare regions for further fighting but to study the response of the international community, especially the West-India-Russia and none of them were ready to respond effectively enough to end Tehran’s direct involvement.

Kouchner however is not completely in the dark, nor is the West and Russia since it was never any secret Iran’s nuclear program was for weaponry and they know Tehran’s military-economic priorities. Kouchner actually stated in the Le Figaro interview there are those in the West who know Tehran has been using the negotiations and investigations as a delaying tactic as Iran produces more weapons grade uranium and nuclear warheads.

Sochi – As Kouchner is due to arrive in Tehran, where he and the West will be told what they want to hear, former France President Jacques Chirac and former German Chancellor Gerhard Shroeder have already arrived on strategic private visits to meet Russia President Vladimir Putin at the Black Sea resort town of Sochi.

This is ten years after Chirac and then German Chancellor Helmut Kohl arrived in Moscow as a result of Russia’s economic collapse due to the enormous corruption of the Yeltsin administration, which was constantly depositing Russia’s budget into Switzerland and fortunately the Swiss didn’t want the budget or to see Russia’s collapse create chaotic, irregular shipments of Russia’s vast raw materials if shipments could at all be still guaranteed.

This prompted Berlin, the supplier of most of Russia’s hard (international) currency, to have Putin become head of state since he could assess serious information instead of dismissing it and the country’s budget would stay in Russia. [RIA]

Now, ten years later, two representatives of the most important governments in the Paris Club, the coalition of creditor nations regarding Russia’s debt, are arriving under the grim acknowledgment Moscow should now be ready to lead the Allied military response to Iran, through the Caucasus, when the worst, World War III, becomes undeniable. That realization explains the expressions of Putin and Shroeder in the linked article. Russia is the only ally capable of putting Iran on the defensive. Only when Tehran realizes Moscow cannot be defeated will Iran then enter into non-deceptive negotiations to end the war.

Cairo – Egypt President Hosni Mubarak is expressing his skepticism concerning the mythological agenda of the Bush administration’s amorphous Mideast Peace Conference scheduled for November. Mubarak may suspect U.S. President George W. Bush may have voiced the proposed conference because it sounds nice and perhaps also at the disturbing awareness every new round of fighting in the region, in and around Lebanon, has increased Iran’s influence and position.

However, Xinhua and Egyptian state news agency MENA is reporting Mubarak has also warned the conference will be a fiasco if there is no “clear agenda” or resolutions that have a realistic chance of being accomplished in the immediate future. I suspect Tehran intends the regional war to be going on to such an extent before November it will be ridiculous to even consider holding it. [XINHUA]

What Iran would really prefer is to have Hamas-Hezbollah launch attacks that would force Israel to respond so heavily it will enable Tehran-Damascus-Beirut to justify their entering the war and Jerusalem’s response would be blamed for canceling the conference. President Bush’s national security advisors may have told him if that happens, it would reduce Washington’s chance of being blamed for the collapse of security in the region. Blaming Israel will establish a lot of international unity after the war.

Pyongyang – In an attempt to salvage some weapons grade material from the residue of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, a Syrian delegation has just arrived in Pyongyang. AFP reports the delegation, led by Saaeed Eleia Dawood, Director of the Organizational Department of Syria’s Baath Arab Socialist Party, will meet North Korean official Kim Yong-nam, President of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly.

They are to hold what is being described as “a friendly talk”. I don’t think the talk will be that friendly since Israel destroyed some of the nuclear material Pyongyang exported to Syria when the Israel Air Force destroyed the Syrian-Iranian missile base and factory in Syria September 6. The main dispute could be over the value of whatever North Korea has left. [PRESSTV]

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