Vote Likud, Stabilize Israel’s Government

Israelis are being encouraged to vote Likud as the most sensible and best bet for Israel’s stability. Benjamin Netanyahu is the most stable candidate for Prime Minister.

This story by Dan Nachman and Moshik Kovarsky was translated from Hebrew by Nurit Greenger.

Because of Democracy

Of all the major parties in Israel, the Likud is the most pluralistic party, and this is in contrast to ‘Yesh Atid’, ‘Israel Beitenu’, and the ‘National Camp.’ All three of those are subject to the will of one person. The past year and a half has also proven to us that those who pretend to be great democrats do not hesitate, with the help of the bullu Knesset Chairman, to trample the opposition and cause it to have under-representation in the committees and the Knesset presidency.

vote Likud for stability
On November 1, 2022, Israelis have a choice: elect Lapid (right) or Likud-Netanyahu (left) – picture election ad

They appointed political appointees in ugly scams, passed fateful decisions without the approval of the Knesset, and are now also planning a collection of delusional and anti-democratic laws in order to bring the minority to rule over the majority of the nation’s people. Fortunately for the people, they were unable to pass the law that would have prevented more than half of the people from electing their leader.

Because of Judaism and Zionism

The State of Israel was established as the state of the Jewish people. Most of the Declaration of Independence is devoted to the history and the connection and right of our people in this land. The non-Jewish citizens of the country enjoy full civil rights and a high standard of living. But they must not be given national rights and the country must not lose its Jewish and traditional character.

Yair Lapid has already stated that he wants to “correct” the Basic Nation Law, passed by the Likud and in fact to castrate it of all content. The Minister of Education in the outgoing government significantly reduced the study of the Bible and Jewish history. These are glaring warning signs of the loss of the uniqueness of the Jewish state and its transformation into a state of all its citizens. The Likud, as the head of the political right-wing, will prevent this drift and will continue to strengthen the Jewish tradition.

Nonetheless, contrary to the frequently uttered nonsense, no religious coercion will be allowed in the state of Israel.

Vote Likud, Stabilize Israel's Government 1
Theodor-Herzl the Father of Zionism-Wikipedia

Because of the Economy

Some attribute the price rampage, including the meteoric rise in apartment prices (19% a year!), to the global crisis. The current government hides behind this excuse and does not take any active step to curb prices. For example, by lowering taxes which is necessary and feasible.

All the actions of the current government, for example on housing, have been a complete failure. In 2009 and during the Corona period, the Netanyahu government could also look for excuses due to the world situation. But they proved that it is possible to act differently and save the economy. An innovative and smart policy is needed (for example the brilliant idea of bonds tied to the housing index) to help citizens against the burden of living and apartment prices.

Construction in the city of Tel Aviv is booming due to the prosperous economy - photo Nurit Greenger
Construction in the city of Tel Aviv is booming due to the prosperous economy – photo Nurit Greenger

Because of the Gas

As we wrote in the past and everyone knows today, the State of Israel was saved from the global energy crisis due to the wise and courageous decisions of Energy Minister Steinitz with the full backing of Benjamin Netanyahu. All those who sit in the government today at the time opposed the gas outline and almost succeeded in preventing it with the help of the High Court, which also contributed its part, in its controversial rulings.

However, in its determination, the government succeeded in bringing about the development of the gas treasures by strong international parties, signed export agreements, and transferred the majority of the local electricity market to cheaper gas. That also significantly reduced air pollution as well.

You have to see to believe how the energy prices, which affect the entire market, are cheaper in Israel compared to Europe. But the work is not finished and there is still a lot to be done in the field of export, exploration, and transportation, and this requires a smart Likud government.

Leviathan field natural gas - image courtesy Leviathan Project
Leviathan field natural gas – image courtesy Leviathan Project

Because of the Peace

Contrary to all the doubters, the “Abraham Accords” with the Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco proved that Netanyahu’s view – that the Palestinians should not be given veto power over the process – is the correct and realistic view.

Here, too, there is a lot of work to be done, especially the signing of a peace agreement with the most important Arab country, Saudi Arabia, and its neighbor Oman.

The current government, in demonstrating its weakness and laxity in front of all players in the region (see the surrender agreement with Hezbollah), is thwarting progress with other Arab and Muslim countries. Precisely when the US is weak and turns the cold shoulder to Saudi Arabia, Israel can take advantage of the situation.

A leader of stature, with political wisdom and international status like Netanyahu is needed to do this.

Because of Iran

In the past our column explained how far-fetched the argument that links the withdrawal from the nuclear agreement to the increase of Iran’s uranium enrichment is. We showed that only the rise of the Biden administration and the Bennett administration signaled to Iran that the path to the bomb was open to it.

What is needed, especially now, is a strong Israeli leadership that in view of the riots in Iran and its involvement in Ukraine, will be able to undermine the Ayatollah regime and seriously damage its nuclear program.

In the US, a new Republican congress, in opposition to President Biden, is probably about to be elected. This is a golden opportunity for an Israeli leader who knows the political secrets and public opinion in the US, to harden the conciliatory position vis-a-vis Iran.

From the Lapid government, which functions as a submissive servant of the Biden administration (see: the gas agreement), one should not expect anything on this issue.

iran hates israel youtube
Death to Israel is Iran’s policy. Image from youtube screenshot

Because of Israel’s Position in the World

The Iron Triangle, of which Netanyahu speaks, describes the geo-political strength in which the apex of the triangle relies on both economic and military might at its base.

This is how Netanyahu managed to position Israel as one of the ten most powerful countries in the world. He made brave contact with huge countries like India, Japan, Brazil and China. He also built alliances with important countries in Europe (Visegrád Group Alliance [Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia] and the Ionian-Cyprus-Italy Alliance) as well as a rapprochement with West and East African countries that opened new flight routes to South America.

All this faded away and disappeared in the current government that managed to spoil the relations with Poland, Australia, and more. Even in the Ukrainian crisis, this current government succeeded in its arrogance and failure to fight with all the players and cause enormous damage.

Because of Personal Security

Every citizen has felt in the last year, and especially these days, that his or her personal security is being undermined. Hostile elements from among the Israeli Arabs saw that this government is afraid of losing votes among the Arab public, and hesitates to act decisively to restore security to our cities and communities.

The Negev and the Galilee have become strongholds of criminal-nationalist terrorism and the residents of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem also suffer from stone-throwing. Molotov cocktails and shooting attacks happen every day.

It is important to understand: a government that contains elements that do not condemn this terrorism, and even openly, or covertly, support it, cannot act decisively to protect the people. The previous Netanyahu governments did not do enough on this issue. However, this is the priority of the leaders of the right-wing parties in the current term.

Vote Likud, Stabilize Israel's Government 2
Iron Dome – Wikipedia

Because of the Legal System

At the root of many of the governance problems that our country suffers from is a system that has lost the correct priorities and is not subject to any criticism. It begins with the ordinary citizen’s problems, who are unable to receive a quick service of justice. It ends with a Prime Minister who was served with a bogus, biased, and negligent indictment. The entire purpose of that indictment was to remove him as the head of state, but not through the democratic process of elections.

The left-wing governments are not interested in making changes to this stuck system because it serves their purposes to suppress the right-wing government. It is not only about the courts; it is also about the legal advisory system that has turned from advisers to arbitrators and castrates the actions of the government and the Knesset, especially when they are in the hands of the right wing coalition.

There is no intention to destroy the judicial system. On the contrary, the intention is to do three things:

  • Restore and improve the judicial system
  • Restore the separation of powers
  • Restore the people’s trust in the system

Because of the Stability

Everyone is tired of elections. The demand for a stable government that will serve its full four years term is heard from all sides. It is clear to everyone that if the tie is maintained this time as well, the left will not be able to form a stable government, just as it failed to maintain the existence of the current government. It will strive to continue in a transitional government, with the support of the Arab Ra’am and Hadash parties, until the sixth elections.

This would even be desirable in the eyes of Yair Lapid, who is indulged from the prime minister’s seat, despite the tremendous damage it causes the country.

On the other hand, 61 mandates for the right, led by Netanyahu, and perhaps even more, will ensure a stable and homogeneous government for four full years. It would deliver a government that will succeed in fulfilling all the goals mentioned above.

And besides it all, the time has come for the Prime Minister of Israel to return to live in Jerusalem, the capital of the state, instead of the city of Ra’anana or Ramat Aviv, the city of Tel Aviv suburb.

To Vote Likud

Israelis are urged to vote Likud for their own peace and stability, to replace the incessant instability they have now.

Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel. Photo: Government Press Office, Kobi Gideon, GPO.
Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister of Israel. Photo: Government Press Office, Kobi Gideon, GPO.

A Message From Nurit Greenger

I say: the inability to avoid another Israeli electoral debacle deadlock of either the Likud-led camp or the “anybody but Bibi” bloc-camp will enable the failing, weak or incompetent incumbent government ministers to stay put for the foreseeable future.

Do Israelis wish for that to take place?

Are Israelis satisfied with the performance of let us say radical-leftist Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli, the head of Israel’s falsely called “center left” – Labor Party, who, with her open radicalism, already matches and is indistinguishable from extreme left Meretz Party leader Zahava Gal-On?

I sincerely hope not.

My message to all Israelis: please admit you have had enough of endless election periods and repeatedly going to the polls to achieve, at the most, electing an unstable temporary government.

Vote Likud, stabilize the country, stabilize the Middle East and help stabilize the current dangerously unstable world.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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