Yair Lapid Works To Fundamentally Transform Israel, Obama-Style

Yair Lapid is working to fundamentally transform Israel, Obama-style. Such a transformation is in its 3rd term in the United States.

Lapid means torch. Yair means to light. The Yair struck the Lapid torch of perfidy and tyranny and he is dragging the nation of Israel with him. It seems that the government of Israel has caught the political absurdity bug which bamboozles the entire population.

It also appears that Lapid, with the help of America’s Left – the Biden administration – is on the trajectory to break America, Israel and the Middle East’s security order.

Barack Hussein Obama’s Vision

Barack Hussein Obama ran for president on the slogan: “Fundamentally Transform the United States.”

On October 30, 2008, in Columbia, Missouri, at the tip of American historic presidential election, with the first black man as presidential candidate, confident that the White House was in his pocket, Obama came out and declared in a bold, revolutionary, propagandist and wildly applauded statement: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

The result of Obama’s 8-years in the White House: he created a cultural legacy, with the “hope and change” branding logo that spread beyond the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. Unfortunately, he failed in economics, governance and foreign policy.

From the start, the words “fundamentally transform” should have alarmed every American because and generally, Americans don’t do fundamental transformation. Americans do make changes, small and large, but only the most radical revolutionaries want to fundamentally transform the nation and its ethos, not the people themselves. Though America has many problems that welcome good and positive changes, they can all be addressed without a fundamental transformation of any kind.

One can even go further to admit that totalitarianism is one ideology that fundamentally transforms a society and textbooks attest to that. In those books, the definition of totalitarianism is to seek to fundamentally transform – specifically, to fundamentally transform human nature – via some form of political-ideological-cultural upheaval.

And America has seen and experienced much upheaval since the days of Obama, until today and it carries on.

In November 2008 I stood in the long line to vote for a new American president. The excitement of the voters to vote for a black man as president was clear. I felt rather sick to my stomach when I watched people blissfully and blindly applaud, without question or objection, what Obama had been propagating.

But apparently, America needed to clear its conscience of black people, clear its guilt.

Did Barack Obama really fundamentally transform the United States of America, as he promised? Absolutely. Yes.

The true fundamental transformation has been in the realm of culture, notably in matters of sexual orientation, marriage and family. The shift there has been unprecedented and far beyond anyone’s imagination and comprehension.

Obama made a seriously detrimental impact in foreign policy in regions from Eastern Europe to the Middle East. The more fundamental shift was of the attitude of the vast majority of Americans. That shift concerned the role of government, taxation, regulations, economics, and education, even healthcare, issues attributed to Obama’s signature legislation.

Obama’s “cultural revolution” is all around us. The forces of “diversity” and “tolerance,” the culture of fear and intimidation viciously seek to denounce, dehumanize, demonize and destroy anyone who disagrees with their shameless newfound concepts.

If one dissents from this new strident re-defining of human-nature you may be sued, jailed, smeared, boycotted, harassed, ruined. All in the name of “tolerance” and “diversity.”

One anecdote shows that the like of it may repeat itself in Israel this coming November 2022 election. Obama ignored congress, misled America, and violated the Constitution during his Presidency. The Obama administration was the most lawless in U.S. history. The outcome was that under President Obama, the Democrats suffered the largest loss in power in the House since President Eisenhower’s term, January 1953-January 1961.

Yair Lapid Works To Fundamentally Transform Israel, Obama-Style 1
Yair Lapid, NewsBlaze image

Lapid, Who Is the Man?

Yair Lapid is currently unelected but is serving as the 14th Prime Minister of the state of Israel, since July 1st, 2022. He is the alternate to the departing, short-lived Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and holds the Minister of Foreign Affairs portfolio as well.

Lapid’s Tyrannical Path

Some forty years ago, Mordechai Horowitz, Israeli lawyer, writer and a poet, wrote: “from the ten sociological follies that befell on Israel, nine were taken by the Jewish Academy”; the 10th sociological folly remained an orphan, lonely and forlorn, until Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party voters came and adopted and embraced it.” Sociological foolishness indeed.

It turns out that within the State of Israel there is a large community that acts against the state’s self-interest, and it is the one that unites the voters of the parties that make up the current Lapid government.

The security and economic deterioration that has occurred in the country since the establishment of the Bennet-Lapid “change” government is not reflected in the polls. In other words, with an election in early November 2022, despite its poor performance the outgoing government is still highly trusted by the public to such an extent that a new chapter in the “parade of folly” has been written.

Since Lapid’s Yesh Atid party is the largest of the present party coalitions, although the task is difficult, it is important to understand who the people who vote for Yair Lapid are. Through this task, it will be possible to try to find out what has been going on in Israeli society since the 2013 election, when Yair Lapid was elected to the Knesset for the first time, sweeping hundreds of thousands of voters behind him. It is likely that such an analysis of Lapid’s voters’ nature will not rob him of many voters. Hopefully though, new voters will not join him.

In his current premiership, Lapid’s speeches revealed that he suffers from a lack of intellectual depth while still receiving the blind admiration of so many voters who consider themselves thinking people. Therefore, there is the fear that new people, fascinated that the source of his attraction is the “chic” created around his personality, will vote for him.

Lapid failed Israel on his maritime-Mediterranean Sea oil fields deal with Lebanon to which I will refer in the next chapter of this essay.

For now, the agreement regarding the Kana oil field is the most alarming expression of Prime Minister Lapid’s lack of understanding of matters beyond the scope of, let us say the judo wrestling arena, in which he has not had much success either. Lapid’s surrender to Lebanon-Hezbollah created a dangerous precedent, its consequences for the State of Israel’s position in the Middle East are extremely serious and dangerous.

Theodor (Binyamin Ze’ev) Herzl, the Founder of Zionism, insisted that “everyone and everything in the East is afraid of everyone and everything. The people are like a raging animal, which can be set free, but can also be directed in any direction.”

Beyond that, Lapid’s surrender to Lebanon-Hezbollah led to a political and security constellation completely opposite to the State of Israel’s line of diplomacy since its establishment. This surrender created a bond between Lebanon and France as a united entity facing the State of Israel with the Prime Minister of Israel reversing the meaning of the Bible’s words: “Let dread and fear fall upon them…” ~ Exodus chapter 15:16. This is a parable directed to the people of Israel and not to the Gentiles. This raises the question, what guides the innocent voters, who hang their golden hope in this leaf blowing in the wind, Lapid, to vote for his “Yesh Atid” party?

And the answer is given in Thomas Sowell’s book “The Quest for Cosmic Justice,” summarized in two words: “self-exaltation.” Self-aggrandizing people are Yair Lapid’s typical voters.

Sowell writes: “Just as tyrants in the ancient world provided the people with bread and entertainment in exchange for their loyalty, so can visions to acquire tyrannical influence on people’s thinking: they offer them a sense of self-aggrandizement in exchange for their loyalty to a vision despite that all the facts say otherwise.”

Lapid embodies, almost to perfection, what is said in this paragraph by Thomas Sowell. Starting with his absolute control over the members of his party, the attempts to silence his opponents in the media and his decision not to bring the gas agreement to a vote in the Knesset. Lapid obscures his tyrannical approach with lofty and beautiful words about the “common good” and “unity.” He manages to hypnotize people who need a sense of self-exaltation. Mainly of those who “fear” the fate of democracy.

Yair Lapid’s voters possess one other common denominator that emerges from Mordechai Horowitz’s 1980 essay, “Holocaust memory is not functioning.” “If the Israelis decide to be strong, they will prove in a short time that they can be strong enough to withstand a threat to their existence from any source. For that, however, they have too many first-rate scientists. If ten points of sociological stupidity fell on Israel, nine were taken by the Jewish Academy.”

Start of Transformed Israel

Lapid working on a fundamentally transformed Israel
Lebanon-Israel-maritime-border-dispute – Wikipedia
The maritime borders separate Lebanon and Israel - Wikipedia
The maritime borders separate Lebanon and Israel – Wikipedia

Israel and Lebanon Maritime Gas Fields

In his weak, confused “leadership,” Lapid encourages a rise in Arab terrorism. In his miscalculation he stated that the quasi gas agreement with Hezbollah, not Lebanon, yields “international recognition” for Israel’s under-recognized and ignored buoys demarcation line. According to Lapid, this “recognition,” is the key achievement that would make the gas deal worth it all, including Israel relinquishing a huge maritime territory, in dispute, to which it could gain a territorial integrity claim.

Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s former Energy Minister described Lapid’s maritime deal as “by definition a surrender to blackmail.”

Gas Deal Excerpts From Pundit Opinions

The gas field agreement with Lebanon is actually with the terrorist organization Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy, which controls Lebanon. There is no word in the agreement that talks about security. Hezbollah’s stated goal is to destroy Israel, a goal on which its entire existence is based.

Hezbollah has threatened to attack Israel’s gas rigs if Israel does not sign the agreement aimed at “straightening” the territorial waters border between the two countries.

Hezbollah made the threat and it frightened the arrogant Yair. What scared a person whose last name is Lapid, a torch? Enemy fire? As I recall, Lapid was never a soldier in the field but, while serving in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) he worked for the military newspaper.

The weak security system of the State of Israel, under the command of Lapid, estimated that Hezbollah really intended, clearly and seriously, to attack Israel’s gas rigs, and they also got frightened.

The Middle East’s survival desert law is that those who are weak are crushed. A good example is the powerful King David’s reign, etched in the history of the nation of Israel as an example of security and political stability.

If there will be a gas agreement with Lebanon, the security establishment of the State of Israel has been mistaken; it lied and tries, at all costs, to cover up its fears by claiming that the likelihood of Hezbollah’s attack threats would be reduced.

The question is: What normal country is willing to give up its strategic, economic assets and sovereign territory because a terrorist organization threatened it? A point of weakness that has no place and threatens Israel’s existence in the Middle East.

The other question is: for what does a security system exist if not to protect the sovereign assets of the State of Israel?

In essence, this gas field agreement represents the state of Israel’s concessions to territorial, economic assets and long-term strategies and its outcome promises a war in which Israel’s starting point is of weakness because the US is invested in it.

Lapid’s Imaginary Gain

In the agreement there is no consideration or profit for Israel as Lapid claims and lies about. That Lapid says that Israel will receive 17% of the revenues of the Lebanese gas field is utter nonsense lacking any legal or realistic cover.

Since they do not appear in the agreement with Lebanon, actually Hezbollah, Israel has no claim to buoy demarcation lines or rewards worth 17%. The 17% profit reward only appears in the written estimate annex of Israel’s Minister of Energy. The annex is attached to the agreement but it has no legal basis. The lie of the 17% profit reward in the agreement that Lapid propagates is a matter open to negotiation between the State of Israel and the French company Total*, which is supposed to drill for the gas, but does not obligate the company to negotiate nor to give Israel a drop of compensation percentage. (*French Petroleum Company, on the initiative of the French government, known as CFP, is engaged in exploration and production primarily from the Middle East.)

And what’s more, when Lapid says: “in light of the completely inappropriate behavior of the political opposition block, we didn’t think it would be appropriate to bring the agreement to a vote in the Knesset,” Lapid proves that he is the Prime Minister of a lawless government. By a lawless mouth-chirp, Lapid cancels the government in which both the coalition and the opposition sit. But for Lapid, tyranny speaks. He expects the government to fulfill its role, according to the law, and pass this agreement regardless.

Lapid, who wants to push this gas agreement that spells the fate for Israel has decided that his government’s opposition is problematic and by that he disregards Israel’s democracy. Such moves are certainly prohibited in an agreement made in arrogance, recklessness, and during an election period by a transitional government, an agreement that simply does not meet any legal standards.

Israeli law states that if Israeli sovereign territory is relinquished, it requires a majority vote in the Knesset and even a referendum. Additionally, the government’s legal counsel stated that the right way is to bring this flagrant deal to the Knesset for a vote of approval. However, Lapid’s government does not do either and finds irrelevant excuses as to why not.

The economic-political precedent of the concession to Lebanon could be an obstacle and hindrance to Israel in future negotiations on cross-border gas fields.

It is clear that the Americans and the French put a lot of pressure on Israel while Israel has huge economic interests here. And as in other similar cases, an American guarantee is like writing it in the sea shore sand. This type of guarantee has not worked anywhere, not in Ukraine or in Oslo, between Israel and the Arabs who suddenly changed their name to “Palestinians,” and it will not work here either.

Israel must not rely on an American guarantee, but only on self-guarantees.

Lebanon Gave Up Nothing

After the strident internal debates in Israel about the gas agreement, Lebanese President Michel Aoun stuck a finger in Israel’s eye by stating: “What took place yesterday is a historic achievement, because we were able to reclaim an area of 860 square kilometers that was under dispute. Lebanon did not give up even one square kilometer. We received the entire Kana oil field without having to pay compensation, even though not all of the field is in our waters. Also, our land border with Israel was not touched either and Lebanon did not recognize Israel’s buoy demarcation line. There will be no normalization with Israel.”

What To Say About This Haughty Lapid?

What is certain, if necessary, the President of Lebanon would not hesitate to bring this gas agreement to the approval of the Lebanese Parliament, where Hezbollah, with its goal to destroy Israel, sits.

One observation about Benny Gantz and Naftali Bennett, members of Lapid’s conspiracy against the State of Israel: both claim that this is not a historic agreement and they are anxious to criticize it and the way things have turned out, but they do not dare for fear of the tyrannical ruler Lapid.

Don’t forget that the elections are already knocking on the door and it is not good for the current coalition base to quarrel with Lapid (torch), and thus taking a chance that the torch will burn under their chairs. Instead, they redirect their fight toward the head of the opposition, Mr. Netanyahu.

It doesn’t matter if you think the maritime gas field agreement is in the state of Israel’s favor or against it; this agreement is completely perforated, just like the most perforated Swiss cheese. And with the legal content of such an agreement, one would not be able to rent even an apartment.

Yair Lapid, Not Paragon of Virtue

Yair Lapid is a disgrace to the entire nation of Israel. He is an arrogant liar, and his word is not a word. He is a speechster without leadership traits.

Lapid starts the week with disdain for Judaism. He denigrates Judaism and the Jewish faith.

Lapid gives the State of Israel an image that all it cares about is money; it doesn’t care about losing its land.

Israel’s territorial integrity was etched into international law in the 1920 San Remo Conference. When the 1967 Six Day War ended Israel forgot all that and voted and signed for its own territorial integrity fate: Judea and Samaria is a disputed territory.

Israel brought a bankrupt Yasser Arafat PLO in from Tunisia and gave him a government in the name of territorial surrender to terrorist demands. On May 4, 1994, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat reached an agreement, in Cairo, Egypt, on the first stage of Palestinian self-rule and the arrival of the two state solution disaster which Lapid whole-heartedly supports.

Reducing Israel’s Land

Fact; the rate of Illegal Arab construction in Area ‘C’ that is Israel’s sovereign land increased by 80% in 2022; way too many people in Israel do not believe in the ownership of their land, to where God directed them upon their exodus from bondage in Egypt. A land from where Judaism, Torah and the core belief in God have served as pillars of morality for all of mankind and Israel plays the role of representing these values.

Lapid does not believe in God, and when you do not believe in God, you do not believe in your ownership of the land; you do not believe in your ancient commitment to be the messenger of God.

US Interference

Lapid did not stand up to US Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides who boasted: “I work every day to eliminate Jewish settlements,” meaning denying Jews building homes and allowing the USA ambassador to poison the well.

Israel needs to take heed of Azerbaijan, a country that fought for and stood firm on its territorial integrity and WON.

Under Lapid, Israel has no honor and national interest, just like Obama who humiliated America and showed the world its weakness resulting in many countries turning their back on the US during his tenure. Many countries in the world were concerned that a weak US-Obama image would lead to a world war.

Such an image in the Middle East invites war. Will Lapid’s weak Israel lead to a war?

Lies And Weakness

Obama lied to the American people; Lapid lies to the Israeli people. Lapid is trapped in the US pressure from which only trouble will come. Remember, the US pressured Israel to sign the Oslo Agreements. What came out of it … ongoing murder of Jews.

It is clear that Bennett and his temporary replacement Lapid rule with a half deck and lawlessness.

Lapid should know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions and unwanted bad intentions too. Before you bring a disaster upon the State of Israel, get off the political stage in Israel and quickly.

Lebanon. Photo by Jo Kassis
Lebanon. Photo by Jo Kassis

Addressing the Lapid Government of Israel

In international diplomacy, one needs very good foresight which Israeli politicians greatly lack or ignore in their haste.

A government that does not have national self-respect and honor does not deserve to exist.

The gas agreement with Lebanon-Hezbollah is effectively a surrender because whoever chooses the disgraceful agreement over war will receive both disgrace and war.

Yair Lapid and his friends have what they think is an enlightened and progressive worldview. Accordingly, they act as though national honor is an unimportant matter for the nation’s survival.

Obama also thought so, and he bowed before dictators and apologized for the behavior of the US to the world. Obama thus reduced the national respect to the level of humiliation.

In general, Israelis and Jews have a problem with the national honor concept.

Two Points

There are two points that a large number of Israelis have:


One, the perception that in order to understand another cultural system it requires not only the understanding of the information of what the people of the other culture say, not only knowing where they stand and how many weapons they have. Rather, understanding their overall worldview.

Nasrallah’s Hezbollah

For example, Nasrallah’s Hezbollah. One must understand his religion and his beliefs, which are part of his decision-making. It must be understood that this is a completely different culture from the Israeli culture. You have to make a leap from one culture to another where there is no translation between the two.

1934 Prior To Israel Establishment

Another example: in 1934, before the establishment of the State of Israel, David Ben-Gurion held talks with Arab leaders. One of the most important conversations was with Musa Al-Alami who was a prominent Arab nationalist and politician. Due to Alami having represented Arabs at various Arab conferences, in the 1940s, he was viewed by many as the leader of the Arabs, who in 1964 overnight became “Palestinians.”

In that meeting Ben-Gurion raised Zionism’s usual position of progress and developing the country together, for the benefit of both people. Alami replied: “we don’t need you. We will make progress at our own pace.”

The idea that Israelis think they know what is good for their enemy that their enemy actually thinks like them, and that humanity has one universal way, is a grave mistake.

After that meeting, Ben-Gurion changed his mind. He recruited the members of the Mapai party he headed and explained to them that there would not be a case of reconciliation. He understood that the way to pave conditions for building a Jewish state could not be created through reconciliation with the Arabs.

Israel’s Honor

The second matter is to understand whether Israel’s honor has been harmed or not; if Israel has given up its honor, it has entered a slippery slope of endless extortion by its foes.

To explain why: Israel is giving up 860 square kilometers, which is just the beginning. In the gas agreement, the US played the pressure game on Israel exactly as Obama did during his 8 year tenure in order to harm Israel.

Nasrallah watched it all. He manipulated Israel into reaching this agreement while he understood the American pressure that Biden put on Israel, using Nasrallah’s threat to bomb Israel’s gas rigs.

It is possible that there is a circular deal here, related to the humanitarian oil Iran gives Lebanon. But what is more frightening is that the Americans have created a kind of precedent here that will be followed by putting Israel under pressure regarding Judea and Samaria.

In this government of Israel folding in case, the Americans were able to dictate to a transitional government an agreement that was not brought to a vote in Israel’s parliament – the Knesset. Also, Israel’s entire security establishment, as one, stood idly by as the transitional government agreed with the American position. This all proves and confirms that Israel’s security establishment has not one iota of interest in Israel’s security.

Whoever is not right must be a fraud. And as it turns out, Lapid and Israel’s security establishments are frauds!

A Warning to the State of Israel

With bloodthirsty enemies to the right and to the left, Israel must make its own rules, not abide by Joseph Biden’s rules. If not, Israel will not remain the nation it was ordained to be.

With cunning and determination, Benjamin Netanyahu managed to bury the folly of the two-states, but then came the right that is right of the right, convinced themselves that the PalArab issue had fallen off the agenda by its own accord. They preferred to hate and caused to hate the one who really took this folly off the stage. In the end they handed the prime-ministership to the hollow leftists Bennett-Lapid due who, “God willing,” would win the elections and bring Israel back to the pre-1967 Auschwitz borders.

And there is also sweet dessert here: now part of Israelis on the right of the right intend to vote for Benny Gantz and even for Yair Lapid and another part does not intend to vote at all because Bibi’s and the Likud’s cup of tea is not exactly one-tenth of the exact temperature they prefer.

Lapid, Just like Obama I can categorize as a Marxist-Leftist-Bolshevik who, in a short time, illegally is trying to change the country by tyrannical force.

The Lapid burning torch must be extinguished, immediately, before it burns the entire country. A fundamentally transformed Israel would place the state and all its people in extreme danger.

On November 1, 2022, Israelis have a choice: elect Lapid (left) or Netanyahu (right) - picture Adina Volman, Knesset spokesman
On November 1, 2022, Israelis have a choice: elect Lapid (left) or Netanyahu (right) – picture Adina Volman, Knesset spokesman
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