Let’s Talk Tachles – Israel, Planned Chaos and WEF Agenda

Are the ongoing protests in Israel about the Likud Party or the New World Order? Tachles is a word that comes to mind, as psychopaths try to shoehorn the world’s people into handing all control to unelected elites.

Tachles is an Israeli slang word that comes from a Yiddish variation of the Hebrew word tachlit, meaning essence or purpose. Tachles is usually used to ask for directness or to “get to the point.”

What Is Taking Place in Israel Is Planned Chaos

This is happening in Israel little by little. While Israelis are busy with the micro and not the big plan, being brainwashed about a support plan for the Arabs and Palestinian flags are seen in the hands of Israelis, there is an orderly plan prepared in advance for them.

Just as George Floyd, basically a criminal, became a symbol of the black revolution that was already engineered in advance, and when you know who the socially connected operators of Israeli protest wheels are, you clearly see that there are dangerous forces, greater than the country’s inhabitants, who have come to the Land of Israel to run the Jewish state as they wish.

New Israel Fund

The New Israel Fund (NIF) is no longer a social purpose foundation. This ensemble is among the collection of initiatives to indoctrinate the public’s consciousness in the false ‘tent demonstration’ on Rothschild Street, Tel Aviv, Israel. In June 2022 the first demonstrators, protesting housing prices, arrived at Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. Tents began to be erected there, similar to the social protest in 2011.

Recent demonstrations in Israel - Screenshot
Recent demonstrations in Israel – Screenshot

The NIF is also responsible for Barack Obama’s V15 campaign inside Israel to oust Netanyahu, which was active in the tent protest and poured anti-Semitic funds into it for the sake of the chaos. Today, the NIF operates with the help of Kobi Richter, a former fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force, a businessman, industrialist, entrepreneur and politician, whose fortune is estimated at $2 billion. Richter is also the former chairman of the “Darchanu” movement, and he is among the notable donors to the demonstrations being held in Israel.

NIF Agent

Stav Shaffir, an Israeli politician, the leader of the Green Party who was a member of the Knesset for the Democratic Union alliance is also a NIF agent, connected to former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak who is identified as Israel’s agent of chaos for the American Democrats who may have worked to blackmail American leaders in the CIA, Barack Obama, George Soros and Klaus Schwab in connection with the Jeffrey Epstein pedophilia saga. Shaffir studied on a ‘shetil’ scholarship, founded by the NIF that leads social change and works to build “a democratic, egalitarian and just society in Israel.”

The NIF knowingly finances the demonstrations taking place in Israel these past 9 weeks. Israeli flags raised in the demonstrations are like costumes in the plagiarism theater of the absurd.

When we read the plan of the Adalah organization, one of the organizations established by the NIF, a human rights organization and legal center for Arab minority rights in Israel, we learn that their plan is simple: the elimination of the Jewish state. And this is clearly stated in the manifesto that the Adalah organization writes and speaks about openly.

Globalist Funding

The protests in Israel are organized by globalist billionaires and their goal is the elimination of the Jewish state as Jewish and its transformation into a state for all its citizens. That is why the High Court – a politically left cadre of lawyers – is at their service. In order to dilute the Jewish majority in Israel, they ruled in favor of the infiltrators, for the false reunification of Arab families, for the entry of the BDS into the country and for the inability of the IDF soldiers to act during an order to open fire.

Weakening Israel

Everything is aimed at weakening Israel as the state of the Jews, as a Jewish state. That is why they support the Arab town of Huwara from where terrorists emerge and enact terrorism and the murder of Jews.

For that reason mediocre and rather clueless IDF and Israel Police officers who can be easily subjected to influence and extortion, are sent to study in the USA, funded by the Wexner Foundation, a left-wing fund that buys senior civil servant influence.

The Wexner Foundation annually finances prestigious studies in the USA for senior officials in the service of the State of Israel. Many of them continue to engage in distinct political activity parallel to their job’s work.

This fund selects with tweezers medium-senior officials in the civil service, and sends them to expensive and prestigious studies at Harvard University and the likes in the USA. The findings show that an integral part of the training process for Wexner graduates is aggressive ideological brainwashing and alignment with American-style progressive leftist values.


The money for financing such studies originates, among other things, from blackmailing leaders. As part of the plan, they pump toxic propaganda to hate the ultra-orthodox Jews and the pioneers – disparagingly named “settlers” – of Judea and Samaria, which gains legitimacy among innocent Israelis glued to the anti-Semitic propaganda, that spews from the TV screen in their living room.

Even Israel’s Ministry of Education is invested in and promotes the progressive study programs to disconnect the Jewish context from the beautiful Israeli. And let’s not forget that Naftali Bennett, the short-lived Israel Prime Minister, introduced “Breaking the Silence” organization that puts down IDF actions, to the schools when he served as Israel’s Minister of Education.

The NIF and the foreign associations have about 22,000 study programs in Israeli schools that poison the minds of Israeli youth, the future generations.

WEF and Enslavement

Professor Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF) (https://www.weforum.org/) and his cronies, in their meetings in Davos, Switzerland, plan to neutralize the global economy and for the globalists to take control over all areas of human life on earth, a global enslavement.

The plan of global control is also linked to the war currently taking place in Ukraine. The Americans are the ones who cut off Nord Stream one and two, Russia’s gas pipeline to Europe, in order to deepen control and dependence. Everything that is happening around us is linked to control, and New World Order tactics.

And Israel is part of this plan.

Henry Kissinger, who is supposed to be Jewish, in 2022 announced that Israel would cease to exist as a Jewish state. How does he know?

Yuval Noah Harari is an Israeli public intellectual, historian and professor in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also Klaus Schwab’s jewel and he is the hard-liner who speaks in the demonstration of anti-Semitic consciousness engineered as if they are against the judicial reform in Israel. But if one listens to the interviews with Yuval one will understand his role in the global chaos plan.

World Economic Form (WEF)-Klaus Schwab
World Economic Form (WEF)-Klaus Schwab

Possible Collapse of Chaotic Klaus Schwab Agenda

Another agenda to look at is the global Schwab-gate that appears to be collapsing.

Is it possible to bring warm news from the frozen Davos in Switzerland where the World Economic Forum (WEF) took place?

At the annual conference that took place on January 16 to January 20, 2023, many of the regular guests did not show up. One year ago, Klaus Schwab was heard from the world’s roof top saying, “The future is decided by us, a powerful community like you in this room!” This time he seemed to be grumpy and turned off. He chose to focus on “those who stand by, observe and even take a negative, critical and oppositional approach.” Should this be seen as something that begins to crack the marble wall that the members of the WEF established with their partners in the circle of capital and global governance?

Once again the world’s richest, CEOs of major corporations, heads of state, including the Israeli foreign minister and the governor of the Bank of Israel, and people who paid their best money to stay in the atmosphere of Davos’ snobbery, arrived in their private planes to the pastoral ski resort town to participate in the closed conference sessions. There they discussed, without any permitted representation but in coordination of worldwide positions, the question of how to manage our lifestyles in the world.

The 2023 conference theme was to “control the future,” as stated by the president of the WEF, the 84-year-old German Klaus Schwab. In recent years Schwab has been promoting the ideology of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to which the Coronavirus crisis was an opportunity to implement control and surveillance technologies on the population in order to prevent the destruction of the earth by humans.


The WEF’s platform, “What does it take to control the future?,” in which all global stakeholders work together – governments, businesses, communities, and the younger generation – “is the first step to meet all the challenges,” said Schwab in this year’s Forum opening speech.

Last year Schwab opened the conference with an enthusiastic speech in which he declared that “the future is not just happening! The future is determined by us, a powerful community like you in this room! We have the means to change the future!.” This year he seems much less enthusiastic and even temperamental: “This year’s guideline is ‘cooperation in a divided world.’Fa part We have the ability to perfectly build a peaceful, secure, inclusive and sustainable world. But we must overcome the most critical division – between those who take a constructive approach and those who stand by, observe and even take a negative, critical and confrontational approach.”

In other words, there are people who do not think like Schwab and do not agree with the WEF’s plans, something that very much confuses and angers Mr. Schwab. It turns out that this year, many high-ranking officials, including the enthusiastic supporters, Bill Gates and George Soros, did not arrive to partake in the conference.

Twitter Freedom

Since the release of Twitter from the yoke of censorship, more people have been exposed to the WEF’s activities and their ideologies. Many internet surfers have been exposed to the Forum’s content to discover that behind the beautiful and washed-up words, an elite that no one elected and will not vote for in the future is secretly gathered to design the simpleton’s life.

A part of the public suddenly realized that this self-upgraded and declared ‘elite’ promotes an ideology that on the way to its realization the world energy and nutritional security may be compromised. Wars may break out and basic human liberties will be denied in favor of corporate greed, at the end of which Schwab and his cronies to the plot want the “simple” people “to have nothing and be happy.”

These new insights may be why fewer politicians, especially from the conservative right wing, are interested in being associated with this year’s WEF get-together. They need the internet surfers to vote for them. And this is good news.

The topic of censorship in Internet networks was the highlight of this year’s WEF conference. Although the panels and some of the speeches were open for broadcast on YouTube, most of the meetings took place behind closed doors. The only journalists allowed into the official area were friendly media outlets like CNBC.

Independent Journalism

Many independent journalists who arrived in Davos, located in the Rhaetian Alps, during the freezing cold Swiss winter, who tried to interview these world leaders on their way to the conference, did not receive the same welcome. Ezra Levant, a Canadian and Avi Yemini, a former Israeli, now Australian, the Australian-Canadian Rebel News reporters, succeeded somewhat and for some long minutes addressed pointed questions to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla who continued his silent walk and refused to answer any of their questions.

tachles - World Economic Forum "save the world" enslave the people - screenshot
World Economic Forum “save the world” enslave the people – screenshot

Climate Crisis Failure

The issue of the climate crisis was also a priority this year. It is clear that the WEF’s members are not so satisfied with the pace of progress. This year the statements from the creator of the Forum were, “we have moved from a situation of climate crisis to a situation of global extinction and planetary crisis.” A rather far-fetched scenario was presented in which by 2070 approximately 3 billion people will find themselves living in unlivable areas.

The climate guru Al Gore, who arrived in Davos in his air-polluting private plane, warned with rage that the world is unable to overcome a few million poor refugees, so how will it deal with a billion climate refugees?

“We must immediately increase the financing of the climate matter and to the same extent reduce the anti-climate financing. We are still financing fossil fuel at a level that is 42 times the financing of the transition to alternative energies,” Gore complained while completely ignoring the known consequences and the heavy energy crisis that Europe is facing due to their thoughtless climate policy; also affected by the war in Ukraine, which is obvious they are not so willing to end.

The 80-year-old John Kerry, another failed climate guru, delivered a delusional speech, saying, “It’s pretty amazing that we’re a group of great people, who, because of whatever has not touched us during our lives, can sit in a room and talk about saving the world. It’s almost an extraterrestrial experience, which most people will not understand and probably will think that we are crazy, tree-hugging, liberal leftists.”

Elite Cadre Lack Public Support

And this was not the only speech in which the participants boasted that they were ‘elite’ people who stood above the rest of the population. It’s just a shame that they forgot that no one ever chose them to rule the world.

In order to understand the lack of connection between what comes out of the elites’ mouths and reality and their hypocrisy that crosses all boundaries, one must understand that in 2022, 2,200 private flights arrived in Davos, some of them flew a short flight of only tens of miles, which of course produced a huge amount of carbon emissions which they claim to detest and oppose.

UN Growing Impatient

Also António Guterres the UN Secretary General, who represents the body that is WEF’s active partner and that promotes the Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda, seems not satisfied either. It must be remembered that the UN and the WEF members do not believe in democracy, therefore Guterres’s words that “politicians in the world should understand that sometimes we face crises, like today, and then it is better to make unpopular but necessary decisions that will ultimately shape public opinion,” were not well received. Between the lines, it can be understood that most politicians in the world are not interested in promoting policies that will ultimately harm their voters and thus their political career.

It turns out that the members of the WEF are not exactly interested in the coronavirus matters being over and they are still committed to the fact that the pandemic is not yet over. The tired recycled lie that the vaccines, invented overnight, protect against infection, which most people already know is simply not true, was heard during the conference.

Albert Bourla, Pfizer

And Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, was not ashamed to complain that in the pandemic’s first year his company got “stuck” with 3 billion vaccines inventory because the debate surrounding these vaccines became political. According to him, it’s a big problem that people have lost faith in them and started doubting the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine, a doubt behind which there is already solid evidence.

Tony Blair the Enslaver

Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain and an ardent supporter of the WEF, called for the establishment of a digital health infrastructure, so that it would be possible to track the immune status of each and every person on a state and global level.

In the next pandemics, whether they be purposely created or not, who knows, but some of the conference participants are sure they will happen in the coming decade, they seem to know that several booster vaccinations will be required. Therefore, the WEF members claim that there is a need to increase surveillance, and this requirement is consistent with their previous statements regarding a digital vaccination passport.

WEF False Flags

During the WEF get-together they also talked about another type of crisis – a cyber-attack. In a study by WEF and the Accenture Company that is working with clients, people & communities across the globe to make a world of difference, they interviewed over 300 company executives to discover that approximately 90% of respondents fear a catastrophic cyber-attack in the next two years.

Here is the place to mention that in the Cyber Polygon event that took place two years ago in Russia, in which the Forum’s partners practiced in a cyber-attack on infrastructure around the world war game, Klaus Schwab said that a cyber pandemic would have more severe consequences for the world than the Coronavirus crisis. In an age where electricity, cloud and bank infrastructures are all connected, one can understand why they worry.

The digital currency issue was also covered this year. According to the Forum, the advantages of moving to a central digital currency, based on smart infrastructure contracts over the blockchain network, are safety and economic competitiveness measures. Of course, in such an infrastructure, the central banks will be able to monitor each and every transfer, even block them if necessary, but these negligible issues were not discussed in the Forum. We must all wonder why.

It seems the so-called elites are always on the lookout for major catastrophic events they can manufacture or use to coerce the people of the world into acting against their own interests.

It is important to remember and be reminded again and again: we, the common people, did not choose these people to lead us. Their ideologies have never stood a public test or vote and yet, the most influential and richest people in the world promote them. The good news is that in 2023 the limelight seems to be doing them only harm, and their popularity is on the decline. Let’s hope that this fading away process will continue until the WEF fades away into their foggy ideological emission.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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