Ultimate Hypocrisy – Twitter Rails Against Loss Of Free Speech In Uganda

When Twitter terminated the free speech of Donald Trump and thousands of conservatives, millions of Never Trumpers applauded their move. But after Uganda saw the open way twitter put its fist on the US electoral scale, they ordered a shutdown of the interfering Big Tech Giant, and twitter cried foul. Loss of free speech cuts many ways. It appears to be the ultimate in hypocrisy.

twitter condemns loss of free speech in uganda
Twitter condemns loss of free speech in Uganda. Cartoon by NewsBlaze, with bird by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Here’s their Hypocrisy on full display:

Could it be that Twitter’s policy arm doesn’t know that twitter interfered in the US election for one party against all others? Could it be they don’t know twitter prevented the President of the United States from speaking and calling for calm.

Maybe it is just par for the course – people who can’t see the obvious electoral fraud that just took place can’t see their own meddling and hypocrisy.

No evidence of electoral fraud? Well, where’s the evidence of Uganda acting against free speech, twitter?

And in case twitter decides to remove its hypocritical cry, here it is as a graphic.

Twitter policy cry after Uganda took their ball. Graphic by NewsBlaze
Twitter policy cry after Uganda took their ball. Graphic by NewsBlaze
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