Is USA An Accomplice To Arab Terror In Israel?

The Oslo Accords were part of the miserable, as currently termed in Israel ‘Konseptzia’, which is the creation of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Part of the PA designated “autonomy” was to be able to control its own security. And so, the UNITED STATES, as it always does, got involved in arming and training the PA security forces, its outcome is Arab terror.

As part of the Accords Israel agreed to the PA controlling its own security. That turned out sour with each Israeli murdered as a “Victim of the Peace Process.” Left with no option, in order to stop the Jewish blood endlessly pouring, Israel took over the security work in collaboration with the PA’s security forces. That also did not work well as the PA “security forces” were indoctrinated for terror against the Jews, always ready to act.

Many of us, the coherent public, said that one day those guns made in AMERICA, which the PA “security forces,” are equipped with, would be turned toward and against the Jews. WE WERE RIGHT!

Regavim Report

A short time ago, the NGO Regavim published an in-depth report exposing how deep and wide the U.S.-trained, funded and armed PA “security services” are involved in terrorism against Israel and Jews. Regavims tasks itself with terror research but mainly to monitor and pursue legal action in the Israeli court system against any illegal Arab construction lacking Israeli building permits, undertaken by PA or Bedouins in Israel including in Judea and Samaria.

Based on Fatah (the PLO faction that controls the PA) and PA publications, Regavim found that 78 members of the PA “security services” were terrorists, who were killed or arrested during their course of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers in Judea and Samaria, the location of the PA.

It is becoming very clear that the PA “security forces” are now a well-trained army ready to go to war with Israel.

Sardonically, the U.S. is now considering a demand that Israel needs to allow the PA/PLO/Fatah to take over Gaza, while the PA has become a TERRORIST organization.

If anyone is making the world a very unsafe place is the USA’s careless and foolish foreign policy meddling.

After the 1993 Oslo Accords were signed, the Israelis who so much wanted to have peace with the Arabs surrounding them simply succumbed and pushed themselves to believe that the PA/Fatah were the “moderate terrorists” with whom status quo peace could be achieved. That turned out to be one huge falsehood the Israelis told themselves, a mirage they went along with, no matter the reality they faced and the outcome.

Now, after the October 7, 2023 massacres Hamas perpetrated in Israel which Israel so repugnantly experienced, the eyes of a majority Israelis became wide open to realize the inherently problematic truth.

I expected that the US would know better, but they refuse.

Palestinian Security Forces Involved in Terrorism

Palestinian Security Forces are heavily involved in terrorism – Caroline Glick’s chat:

What Fatah is All About

In 1958, while he was a student in Qatar, Yasser Arafat founded the Fatah organization, formerly the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, a Palestinian nationalist and social democratic political party, with terror tendency.

Six years later (1964), then Egypt dictator Gamal Abdel Nasser took Arafat under his wing and together they formed the PLO – Palestine Liberation Organization. That year, in his “Palestinian National Charter (1964)” Arafat began addressing his fellow Arabs by the name “Palestinians.”

Since there is no such a country as Palestine but the former ‘British Mandate for Palestine – Land of Israel’, this name represents liberating the land of Israel from the Jews.

Arafat became the head of the PLO and Fatah, with the PLO as an umbrella group that includes Fatah, its largest faction. Included in the PLO, on Fatah’s side, were smaller terrorist organizations.

Arab Terror

In 1993, Israel and the PLO signed the first Oslo Accord, which was supposed to become the framework for peace between Israel and the PLO.

Included in the Oslo Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements was a clause that the PLO will form a powerful security/police force to be in charge of law and order and cooperation with Israel on counter terrorism operations; an Israeli subcontractor for fighting Arab terrorism in Judea and Samaria where the Palestinian Authority (PA) was awarded land for its autonomous oblast, oblast translates into English as region or province.

Much of the terrorism operations the Israel and Fatah security forces fought against were carried out by Fatah members themselves.

From the Fatah cadre they built various militias: PA security forces, intelligence service, preventative security forces, custom police, which at one time numbered 15 militias, all kinds of rivals and together, all reported to rais (chairman or president) Arafat.

These militias were trained and funded by the USA, CIA, MI 6, European Union, France, even Russia and Pakistan.

The PA security forces, designated a counter-terrorism force failed their designation. From 1994 onward, terrorists were recruited into the PA security forces services and their leaders were PLO arch terrorists. The idea that this force would be an anti-terror and terror would end became a fallacy.

Many of the terrorism inclined PLO “security forces,” turned into terrorists.

One idea of this Oslo “peace process” was that the PLO militia members and the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) would patrol together. The first to have been killed were IDF patrol members who were shot by the PLO militia members.

US Guns Turned on Israelis

The US guns were turned against the Israelis.

From 2000-to-2004 the PLO perpetrated terror on Israelis; they committed suicide bombing and terror acts in which 1500 Israelis were murdered. Therefore, Israel stopped all together the joint patrol cooperation with the PLO.

The US realized that Arafat did not comply with the Oslo Accord and they wanted to “reform and revitalize” the PA. In November 2004, Arafat died in France in strange circumstances, after an earlier operation. Mahmoud Abbas, who was Arafat’s deputy for 40 years was elected president in early 2005. Abbas also carries the title Abu Mazen, the father of Mazen.

The Americans were enthralled. Hoping for a new PA page, they brought back Gen. Keith Dayton who served for five years as the United States Security Coordinator (USSC) for Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA). His leadership of the USSC team included overseeing the training of PA. That reborn security forces operational behavior turned into one more American interference policy failure.

For whatever reason, in 2007 after Fatah was brutally ousted by Hamas from the Gaza Strip its members ran to Israel for help. Hoping the Fatah learned their lesson Israel agreed to restart the joint security coordination and patrol operations with the PA security militia, headquarter the city of Ramallah. The hope was that the PA security forces would finally become a counter terror force like the IDF.

But the new PA security forces remained the old security forces who grew more and more hostile to Israel and terror-like behavior became their second nature.

arab terror - mahmoud abbas terrorist in a suit.
Mahmoud Abbas, terrorist in a suit leading arab terror

Totalitarian Rule

In 2009, Abbas extended his presidential term for one year, citing the constitution. Then he was elected to a position for life, making him a perpetual rais – unelected authoritarian.

The Regavim Organization report was taken from posters issued by the Palestinian Authority Security Forces (PASF), Fatah and official social media Telegram pages. First page, issued in August 2023, depicts pictures of terrorists in their uniform with names, rank/tile and unit affiliation, all members of the PASF.

From open source material, Regavim found that between 2020-to-2024, 78 PA security forces members were directly involved and/or carried out terror activities or attacks on Israeli civilians and military and security forces personnel; 78 PA security forces members were officially announced to be terrorists. Funded, trained and armed by the US, they are the spinal cord of the “Palestine” the United States under president Joseph Biden is so keen to form and recognize; In other words the PASF is simply a terrorist force the United States backs up, funds, trains and supports its existence.

This is all Regavim could find from the open sources. The real number of PASF terrorists is unknown.

In Conclusion

The Palestinian Authority Security Forces (PASF) are fundamentally terrorists. They have the same very goal as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and Iran, which is to annihilate Israel.

However, the PASF receive international legitimacy and support because from time to time, out of necessity, they will cooperate with the IDF, to carry out counter-terrorist operations mainly against people they do not like, their opponents. At the same time, when the eyes are not on them, they work hand in glove with the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades (AAMB), the Fatah terror arm and also Hamas and Islamic jihad their tentacles have reached the PA’s jurisdiction.

US Meddling Policy

What we witness is that the entire US meddling policy in Israel and regarding the PA, is doomed to fail just as it failed in Afghanistan and other Middle East hot spots where the US incoherently got involved. US foreign policy always fails because it ignores reality and that is because it is not designed to resolve problems, it is designed to perpetuate war.

The US State Department Middle East hubris policy is utterly wrong. The question is, who will make it clear to the US that this is a fact? The Israeli public, who have been there and have done what the US expected of them and it never worked. It will never work.

US and Israel Must Take Arab Terror Seriously

The Arabs’ goal to annihilate Israel much depends on Arab strategic terrorism attrition. The time has come for Israel to end it whether the US’s goal meets Israel’s goal or not.

Any US pipe dream to revive the 2-state solution “Palestine” is an effort to hide reality from the American public and their elected policy makers themselves, who are making these ideas into American formal policy with the hope that something will give and reality will change in their favor. But as history goes, it did not, does not and will not.

After the current Swords of Iron War with Hamas ends, Israelis are strongly determined to survive, persevere and thrive again.

Once Hamas is annihilated, eyes will turn to the PA, its proximity to Israel sovereign territory is of huge concern while their goal has always been, from inception, to annihilate Israel. That goal is doomed to fail according to the line of thought of most Israelis.

The October 7 2023 Hamas massacre in Israel changed Israel and Israelis’ approach to life in Israel and to the Palestinian Authority’s survival’s reality.

A rational US administration should do the same. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a polished leader. He comprehends the US different agenda that is not good for Israel. Therefor, is his statesman’s conduct he is not allowing the US to set the course of the current operation in Gaza.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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