War of Existence ‘Swords of Iron’ – Israel vs Nazi-Hamas

The will of the fallen: Raise your head until victory.

It must be remembered and reminded that the ‘Swords of Iron‘ war of Israel against Hamas is not an election campaign but an existential war. In order to continue its existence, Israel has the duty to destroy the Hamas enclave of Gaza. And if God forbid this won’t happen, the existence of the Jewish state is in great doubt. It is in great danger.

Israel vs Nazi-Hamas

The fighters who fell and will fall in this war, fell and will fall in this very mission, in this goal, which is to destroy the Nazi enemy, Hamas, and empty Gaza of it.

With it also to teach the entire world, from the Houthis in Yemen to Nasrallah in Lebanon, to Khamenei in Iran, that with the people of Israel it is not worth messing around.

This is not the time to lower one’s head. The fighters of Israel and the people of Israel must raise their heads high and straighten their backs.

War is a difficult matter, especially for Israel, when all the intentional beasts prey on her and want to harm her. War is not an annual trip, not the Eurovision Song Contest, nor a holiday at year’s end.

The sorrow that comes with a war is great and there will be plenty of time to cry and mourn BUT after the war. Now the task is to reach the goal in the most effective way, which is the destruction of Hamas.

It must be remembered that in World War II the end goal was to destroy Nazi Germany and end the process of the extermination of the Jewish people. Today the course is to destroy the new Nazis called Hamas whose sole purpose is to destroy the State of Israel and murder all the Jews living in it.

For years, the world witnessed that members of the Hamas organization and its supporters sang and danced to the beat of the drum of the murder of a Jew. And this is what they are doing even now when the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) soldiers are fighting Hamas and thus sacrificing their lives for the defense of their country.

The people of the State of Israel and their supporters must be focused and bring about the downfall of Hamas. Only this must be on everyone’s mind.

Appropriate to Mention Is a Historical Zionist Event

This historic event is important and defining. The date, the morning of the 5th day in the Hebrew month Iyar 5578, May 14, 1948. There were projections for the declaration of the State of Israel on this day, in the afternoon, but debates were still ongoing. Yes or no to announce this historic declaration.

There were those who were scared, frightened while terrible news came from Gush Etzion, in the Judaean Mountains, directly south of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Gush Etzion fell; “the queen has fallen,” that’s how they called this fall in which 200 people were killed, were ill-treated and beheaded by those Arab Nazis who today call themselves Hamas. An event that could have caused weakness and fear among the people.

Fortunately for the Jewish people, they had a leader of the hour and one must bow one’s head in appreciation for how he conducted himself. He did not bow nor was afraid that it would bring down the spirit of the people, which must be remembered and to learn from it.

This leader was David Ben-Gurion who on that Friday, at 4:00 PM in the afternoon, announced the establishment of the State of Israel. He knew that within its borders stood the armies of several Arab countries that were about to attack the nascent Jewish state. They waited to attack it with the end of the British mandate in the Land of Israel, on May 14, 1948, at 12:00, midnight.

The armies of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, with all their might were there in order to destroy and kill all the Jews in the Land of Israel.

It appeared to be a hopeless situation. However, these predators had no chance because the Jews in the Land of Israel were determined. The Jews had no choice but to win this war, or the Jewish people, if they were to survive, would not have a state for another 2000 years.

Ben-Gurion announced the establishment of the State of Israel and at 12:00 AM, at midnight, Arab countries invaded the State of Israel.

On Saturday night, that same Saturday, the day after the declaration of independence of the State of Israel, David Ben-Gurion went on the radio and spoke to the nation in support of the war. At the end of which he expressed wonderful leadership: “We, the [Jewish] Yishuv (communities), need to prepare for this. To welcome our brothers who will come from all over the diaspora to settle the land while the Yishuv in Israel is in real existential danger.”

Ben-Gurion did not for a moment forget the goal: Aliya (immigration) and settlement; settling the land by receiving immigrants to build it. Holding on to and settling the lands of the State of Israel.

The battles were fierce and the casualties were many. Israeli settlements were conquered, but the Jewish fighters stood strong and decisive.

US Fair-Weather Support

The discourse in Israel during the Swords of Iron War is that the United States avoids sending the required weapons to Israel or threatens Israel that it will not provide Israel with the required armaments if Israel does not submit to US demands. This is a case of Déjà vu.

Even in Israel’s War of Independence that Israel was forced to fight, the USA acted the same. It administered an arms embargo on Israel, which was actually intended to bring about the destruction of the country.

Enemy Within

It must be said that at that fateful hour there were also traitorous Jews, such as the Reform rabbi Judah Leon Magnes. Rabbi Magnes was one of the leaders of the Reform community in the United States, Chancellor of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and its first president.

Magnes supported the ideas of the “Brit Shalom” Group, which preached the establishment of a binational state in Israel in which the Jews would be a minority. Magnes believed that the Arab-Jewish nationalistic conflict could spell disaster for these two nations; he believed that a future state should include a national representation of both nations.

As we witnessed today such a circumstantial vision would have turned into a disaster.

Magnes appealed to the American administration, to President Harry Truman, and asked not to give weapons to the State of Israel, which was in existential danger. And indeed, the USA did not give Israel weapons during its War for Independence.

Ben-Gurion Did Not Give In

Ben-Gurion however, was aware that weapons existed not only in the USA. There were weapons all over the world. Ben-Gurion sent procurement men to every corner of the world and they collected weapons for the war from all kinds of sources. The warriors of Israel fought with all their might, beat the enemy completely and defeated them despite and in spite of overwhelming odds. And they expelled the enemy from the country.

Yes, that’s what Ben-Gurion did. He knew that migration to Israel and settling the land without expelling this Arab-Nazi enemy, Israel would not be an achievable task.

And this is the legacy of the great man David Ben Gurion. A legacy of devotion to the goal, of the belief in the righteousness of the path and victory.

Many can give military advice. But the best and most important advice is to keep one’s head up. Straighten one’s back. To give strength and support to the IDF fighters. To give strength to the IDF commanders so they lead to an overwhelming victory. To give strength to the current leadership because it is the leadership now in charge of the task of bringing the State of Israel to an unequivocal victory.

Also to extend Jewish migration to Israel and expand settlements to include in the Gaza Strip. Any other result would be another ceasefire, not a victory, which in all likelihood could bring another disaster upon the people of Israel.

War of Existence 'Swords of Iron' - Israel vs Nazi-Hamas 1
A map where Israel is embattled with Arab terror attacks – IDF image

A Request From The IDF Combatants’ Mothers HQ

The warriors’ mothers, “Our sons are engaged in battles, not Biden’s son nor Blinken’s son – our soldier’s life comes first and foremost and before the enemy’s citizens.”

Against the background of the difficult incident on December 12, 2023, in which 10 IDF commanders and fighters fell and others were wounded in a severe face-to-face battle with Hamas terrorists an urban fighting in Shejaiya neighborhood, deep in the Gaza Strip, the mothers of the fighting sons called not to endanger soldiers unnecessarily and to act only from precise operational considerations; not to surrender this matter to international pressure.

Do not be influenced by foreign considerations, these are our sons in Gaza and we must protect them. You promised that you would not surrender and that you would not change the plan of action, do not endanger fighters in vain! Bomb Gaza from above,” they demand.

On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, the “Combatants’ Mothers Headquarters” organization, which unites hundreds of Israeli mothers whose sons are serving in combat ranks, called on the IDF and the Israeli government to reject any international pressure, and to act only from operational considerations. “Do not put before your eyes any other consideration, not legal, not humanitarian or international pressure, and say in a clear voice, our soldiers come before the enemy’s citizens.”

The mothers of the fighters said, “The people of Israel are strong – the people of Israel will win! On this difficult day, we are strengthening our heroic soldiers, the government, and all the security forces. We are fighting a very just war against a very cruel enemy who butchered, raped and slaughtered babies, women and hundreds of our brothers and sisters. We must trample this enemy and kill them to the last – and not stop until victory! Fight until victory!”

Western Economists Estimate

Western economists have estimated that before the massacre that Hamas perpetrated in Israel, which caused Israel to start the Swords of Iron War, Hamas brought in at least one billion dollars a year to Gaza, similar to the national budget of Somalia.

The terrorist organization earns 500 million dollars a year just from its international investment portfolio. Hamas used these investments to build its underground warfare system and its leaders became billionaires while the people of Gaza received the least from this largesse but lived under a reign of obsessive abuse. This points at rotten international politics.

Gaza aftermath - drone video screenshot
Gaza aftermath – drone video screenshot

The End of Days Vison Applied From Hereon

There are people in the State of Israel who, years ago, simply predicted the events of October 7, 2023, and the country turned it back on them. The country simply thought it was not appropriate to listen to them and even ran afoul of them. One of them is Michael Ben Ari, PhD.

War of Existence 'Swords of Iron' - Israel vs Nazi-Hamas 2
Michael Ben-Ari, Ph.D.

In my opinion, Mr. Ben Ari’s vision is the guarantee of the future of the State of Israel, which is immigration of Jews to Israel, an increase in its Jewish communities’ construction, immigration to and from and peace.

These are the fundamental ideas of Zionism. Full Jewish sovereignty, full Jewish sovereignty of the people of Israel in the Land of Israel.

The goal is a strong, prosperous Jewish state, and the minority living in the Land of Israel is not a group minority with national aspirations, such as the Arab minority living there today, but a minority as individuals.

With the same idea, the emigration of the Arabs from the Land of Israel should be encouraged by finding for them places of emigration outside the Jewish state. This is the idea that the Jewish State visionary Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl brought up for discussion back in the 19th century. The matter is demographic and Israel has an existential obligation to ensure that the country has a decisive Jewish majority.

idf in gaza swords of iron. Photo: Yedaya Cohen.
IDF in Gaza, Swords of Iron. Social media photo: Yedaya Cohen.

This entire idea can be conducted with wisdom, not with force. Migration: by temptations that will cause the enemies of Israel who live on the land of the State of Israel to be tempted and emigrate.

In order to carry out this initiative, it is also necessary to prevent any outside support for hostile elements that operate within the state and endanger its existence.

It must be explained to the world, day and night, that there is no coexistence with the Arabs, with those who want to destroy the State of Israel and annihilate its Jewish inhabitants. This is what the Arabs of Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Yemen, and even many of the Arabs who live in the State of Israel and carry Israeli citizenship passports say.

Their dream is to destroy the Zionist enemy. Those who support this dream are putting their children at risk and will bring disasters upon the State of Israel.

After the events of October 7, 2023, the State of Israel can no longer delude itself. The terrible lesson has been learned and must be realized, the beginning is already now.

hamas and UNRWA protection. NewsBlaze image assisted by AI.
Hamas and UNRWA protection. NewsBlaze image assisted by AI.

And Now to UNRWA Case

UNRWA is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency designated to work ONLY with the Arabs who named themselves “Palestinian Refugees.” UNRWA is supposed to be a relief and human development agency in the Near East. However, during Israel’s Swords of Iron war in Gaza it has become clear that UNRWA is simply a collaborating wing of Hamas.

As I have already explained in differents op-ed there is no Palestinian nation, just as there is no Palestine state anywhere in the world. The “Palestinians” are Arabs who claim to be descendants of some ancient inhabitants who lived in the land of Israel. That is a marketable lie. These Arabs don’t have one thing in common with those fake ancestors. These Arabs’ full existence depends on their professional begging righteousness, and the goal of the money showered on them by foreign countries is the denial of the legitimacy of the Jewish state.

A major part of the funds that can be interpreted to be anti-Israel policy comes from the UN organization UNRWA, meaning state members’ dues. If the money does not flow to this population whose GDP per capita is less than USD $2,000, it will not be able to sustain itself and will atrophy. And this is exactly what Israel’s friend President Donald Trump did when he ended the US budget for UNRWA. Biden renewed it and that restarted the constant economic warfare against Israel.

Therefore, We Have to Say: “Let’s Go Brandon!”

“Let’s Go Brandon” is a political slogan and Internet meme used as a euphemism for the phrase “F*ck Joe Biden,” Joseph Biden, the 46th and current president of the United States. The slogan is typically categorized as Trumpist and right-wing populist.

Biden, Blinken, and various anti-Semitic “human rights” organizations must be taken out of the Sword of Iron War equation. Israel must conduct the war in a way that will result in an overwhelming victory. And if all these elements prevent it from functioning in a way that would bring that much needed victory, Israel has only one thing to say to them accordingly, “you have no right to interfere with our sovereignty.”

IDF in Gaza. Israel vs Nazi-Hamas. youtube screenshot.
IDF in Gaza Israel vs Nazi-Hamas. youtube screenshot.
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