The Truth about the Façade Names “Palestinians” & “Palestine”

Israel what are you doing? The time to say it loud and clear.

The Jewish – not the Arab – protest against Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria and its meaning and right?

Unfortunately, this belongs to the Leftist movement’s fired head that tends to be fascist. The demonstrations they organize are not for the sake of human rights, as they declare; because this is the last thing that interests them. Because if the rights of a person really interested them, they would have prevented Yasser Arafat from entering the territory of the State of Israel.

It should be remembered what Yitzhak Rabin, then the prime minister of Israel, said: “Arafat will make order in the State of Israel without the High Court of Justice and B’Tselem,” the fascist organization that photographs Israel’s every move. It means, without civil rights and without a legal system. Therefore, if the legal system really interested the political Left in Israel, they would have prevented the entry of the Islamo-fascist arch-murderer-terrorist Arafat and his cronies from putting foot on the State of Israel’s land.

The Left’s demonstrations in Judea and Samaria aim to support the same group of Islamo-fascist murderers who are part of the Arab world.

What Does The Term “Palestinians” Mean For Israel?

The reader, please note that I do not use the word “Palestinians.”

The reason: this concept is wrong and does not exist.

The same people who are named “Palestinians” are simply Arabs. They came to the land of Israel from Arabia and their culture is Arabian. And we must not forget that all the Arabs simply want is to destroy the Jewish state and expel the Jews from their land.

And what actually helps them is the fifth column in Israel. It is the same crazy fascist-Left that is in the government of the state, like Livni, Barak and Olmert and their comrades. And that group intends to demonize the pioneer society in Judea and Samaria willing to sacrifice personal comfort in order to live in this important area. And if we talk about the wonderful group of pioneers whose goal is to settle Hebron, the most important city for the Jews, where the Fathers and Mothers of the nation rest, why the resistance?

Why The Resistance?

Is it not understandable that the Jews could not have been a nation without Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? The identity of the people of Israel is connected to Hebron, therefore Hebron is important to the people of Israel and from there the Arabs want to uproot the Jews. It is better to defend the city with the body rather than conduct a campaign of demonization of the pioneering settlers in Hebron by lying, cheating and scamming with the help of the Left-wing fickle media loud horns, the state of Israel’s new Islamic-neo-fascist loud speaker-blowing horn.

The writer in Hebron-up the steps to the cave of the patriarchs
The writer in Hebron-up the steps to the cave of the patriarchs

In 2016 I visited Hebron. A sad city, a city the soul of the Jews had left, a ghost town.

Forming Public Opinion

Unfortunately, today, Israel’s media is precisely as the media of Nazi Germany was, which, for seven years, drove the German elite to the de-legitimization the Jews. And thus, how easy it became to create the possibility of cramming the Jews into the trains’ box-cars of death. That is how the media works in Israel. The de-legitimization, the lies, slander, de-organization of the pioneers in Judea and Samaria, with one role in mind, to prepare public opinion for the uprooting of Jews from Judea.

There is no denying that the Israeli media is obsessed.


Let us refer to the word Judea-Yehuda.

If there are Palestinians then there is also a Palestine. But there is no Palestine. This is a British invention from 1917 and the word Palestinians is the invention of a British publicity ministry in 1970 when this genius ministry told the Arabs: Look, the Jews are always David and you are always Goliath. You count hundreds of millions and the Jews are a few. Therefore, public opinion will always be with the Jews. So let’s change things. Let the Jews become Goliath and you are David. Then the name Palestinians was invented.

When I was a student, in the 1960s, there was no Palestinian word.

It’s time to put the real things back to where they were. Arabs come from Arabia and the Land of Israel is not their land. Their country is Arabia. The Jews, on the other hand, come from Judea and the people of Israel come from the Land of Israel.

Just as there cannot be an English state other than in England, or a Russian country other than in Russia, there cannot be a Jewish state other than in Judea.

The world must be told that the Jewish state is Judea. It must be crystal clear and to the point. Open the Bible and show, chapter after chapter, where the culture of the Jews came from and grew.

Diaspora Jews

Many of the Diaspora Jews have given up on the State of Israel. People think the country has gone crazy, needs a psychiatrist not leaders.

And why? Because what nation is willing to give up its land?! Will the Americans give up their Statue of Liberty in exchange for peace with Kim Jong-il of North Korea? Or in the past with bin-Laden?

If you were only to suggest this, they would have stopped you for cross-examination.

Breaking a Glass At a Jewish Wedding

Since the destruction of the Temple, thousands of generations ago, at a Jewish wedding, it is customary for the groom to break a glass and the congregation read aloud: “Mazal tov [good luck].” The reason for the breakage is to awaken the sadness of the destruction of the Temple and with the cup of joy to fulfill what is said: ‘If I forget thee, O Jerusalem … if I do not bring Jerusalem up to the top of my joy.’ Jews broke a glass at a wedding for a city hundreds or thousands of miles away from where the wedding took place. A strange bunch of people who reminisce a city that was destroyed 2,000 years ago.

This oath does not belong to Zionism. Rather, it is the genetic code of the Jewish people. And this nation is willing to give up Judea for a piece of paper, an agreement that will be broken?! To give up part of its heart, Jerusalem?

Indeed, the Jews returned to their country and their city and received sovereignty and now they want to give everything to the enemy that is not just an enemy. They are not Swedes or Norwegians with a hidden grudge against the Jews. This is an enemy that swears to destroy the people of Israel, Amalek who hates the Jews.

The State of Israel is strong and there is no reason to diminish its strength, because only the weak are begging for peace.

Rome and The People of Israel – Who Survived?

In Rome there is the Titus Arch. But in the city of Rome, Romans are not born rather they are Italians, named after Attila the conquering Hun. And there is no country called Roma.

But the people of Israel are alive. They returned to their land, redeemed their name and their land and returned to their capital city, Jerusalem, its name was also redeemed from its deceptive and despicable name Aelia Capitolina, which the subjugating Rome called Jerusalem for 700 years.

Aelia Capitolina
Aelia Capitolina

So Who Won the Trial of History?

The people of Israel won. Where are the Canaanite, Jebusite, Amorite, Grgschi and other nations mentioned in the Torah? They disappeared as if they never existed. Only one original nation remained from the area. It is the nation of Israel.

Must Change Terminology

We must not call them Palestinians. They are Arabs and the West Bank does not exist. It’s Judea and Samaria. And if one asks why Israel has not yet taken under its sovereign patronage the eastern side of the Herodion, the answer must be: a day will come and it will happen. That’s how Israel should talk.

The Herodion
The Herodion

New Game, New Future

The future is to gain peace the old fashion way, vanquishing the enemy and bringing it to unconditional surrender.

This is the old fashion, politically incorrect and long overdue of public acknowledgment of the reality of fighting a war. The truth is that in every conflict Israel defeated her enemy, the Arabs, on the battle field and lost its well deserve victory to outside international pressure from almost every nation including the United States. Now, with President Donald Trump at the helm, there a wide door opened for a new game. Should another war erupt, this new ‘game’ must be concluded with an overwhelming Israeli military victory and a total defeat of the Arab enemy, redrawing the boundaries of the Jewish nation and telling the world to accept it, no if nor but. The ‘game’ should include the resettlement of large segments of the Arab tribal population in their former original and/or historical Arabian lands whether it is in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and elsewhere. The remaining Arab tribal groups, if any, with clear ties to the Land of Israel, if any, can remain. However, they must be given full human rights and be limited to political rights so as to not threaten Jewish domination in the land of Israel.

Israel omnipotent Iron Dome
Israel omnipotent Iron Dome

Only when the survivors of the 12-Tribes return to their ancient and historical national homeland peace will become a possibility.

I do not expect this miracle to come to pass in my own life time. However, this is how we, the Jewish people, must represent our claim to the land that is ours from time immemorial. Deals could be made, issues negotiated, but the Jewish nation’s absolute claim to the land, all of it, must be the starting line for any and all ‘road to peace’ negotiations.

If your starting point is accepting the Arab claim to your own land, then real peace will never be achieved, more so, you will not prevail.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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