Desires of Our Heart Await Silently of a Contented and Composed Mind

Every human being experiences distinct stages in their lives. First, birth… Second, learning to walk and talk…Third, learning the rules of their family heritage…Fourth, making new friends…Fifth, schooling and education…Sixth, work…Seventh, marriage and sexual relationships…Eighth, raising a family… Ninth, children leaving home…Tenth, old age reflections on life.

Beyond the tenth stage of life, most people can only look forward to death as a means of exiting from their stage. However, at each stage in everyone’s life there is always a fork in the road, and the path we pursue will have a dramatic effect on how we act out our roles. In early childhood there is little choice for most children, as they have to follow their parent’s beliefs and traditions.

At the half way stage, many ideas and opinions that have been formulated can be rearranged if a person is given authentic choice on how they wish to live out the rest of life’s performances. A good analogy is the western movie, where the stagecoach would stop at a staging post for fresh horses and refreshments before continuing on to the next destination. If the new horses are not fit and strong enough to pull the coach through rough terrain, all may perish on the journey. The stagecoach and driver remain the same but the force that drives them has changed for better or worse.

Let’s imagine you have stopped at a stage in time where you have perhaps just missed a near fatal accident, maybe remission from a serious illness, possibly flunked important exams, conceivably experienced the death of a close relative, perchance lost a job, or got bored and just fed up with life in general. You start to ask searching questions of the people you regard as leaders and the answers you receive do not satisfy your quest for truth.

Oh, the answers seem genuine enough. However, when you play them out, they do not work for you as acceptably as you have been led to believe. You have exhausted your supply of people who should provide solutions, but you eventually discover that the experts themselves have not got answers for the problems they are facing. So they dodge the bullet by saying life is a mystery and God works in mysterious ways – a good cop-out for people who want to appear as though they are helpful, but who in reality are as confused as the folks who are seeking their help.

These are good people in general and no criticism is being directed at them because they genuinely do not know any better way. They are locked into their tribe’s mind-set that differs from other mind-sets of other kindred lineages.

So here you are at the staging post of your life. Are you going to go to the next stage with the same attitudes, opinions, beliefs and convictions that got you to this outpost? Are you confident you can trust your own reference points in your mind? Do you accept your driver-personality and ego-guide, or can you step off the stage and into a new act that will allow for more accomplishments that are joyfully composed in peaceful serenity?

To do so, you had better be aware of one very important fact of which no religious person will tell you, not many spiritual guides will inform you and very few places of education will mention.

You may not like what I am going to say next … but God is not interested in your likes or dislikes as such. That is it! Face the facts.

  • God has no interest whatsoever if you live or die, should you ignore the cosmic script that is founded on love and joy.
  • God has no interest in what religion to which you belong and certainly could not care less which wars you wage in ‘his’ name, if you replace truth with dogmatic traditions.
  • God doesn’t give a damn about your health and well being if you are hell-bent on self-destructive thoughts and habits.
  • God does not care how broke or wealthy you are. If you ignore the comfort zone programmed within each cell of your mind and body, your emotional distress may bring everything you do not want.
  • God doesn’t care if you pray ten times a day to ‘him’. He’ll pull out his tongue, waggle his ears, put on his clown’s nose and say. ‘Go away and read the original script I gave you at birth and stop making up your own drama that is not in the universal design!’

    The fact is you have everything you could ever wish for programmed within your mind and body. However, if you cannot learn how to read the program in silence, you will not discern which act follows this present one and you may end up with flops at every stage in your life. Even though many people will praise you as a success, it will not feel comfortable. If you do not feel cosy inside your own skin, no amount of fame or fortune will ease your burden of a troubled mind.

    When you draw close to the end of your show on earth and you leave the stage, you may still exit with all the role-plays of mediocrity. Only you will know if the drama was truly a success or whether you faked each role. If, behind the scenes, you had regrets and excuses for not performing as well as you could, then your exit will be a finale without any true meaning.

    The more comfort, joy, and love you felt each passing moment will be the only yardstick in knowing if you have been following spirit’s chosen path laid out for you at birth. If you have allowed any moral teachings to interfere with your progress, you can never blame your Maker, whoever you deem that to be, or not to be. And that is your question. What do you want to be-come or not be-come on this stage of earth that is so congested with traditional, orthodox, conformist and conceited masquerades?

    The true nature of our reality will endlessly live side by side with the facts of life we believe to be so real. As they continually slip though our minds like sand in an hourglass, one day may come the realization that all we could ever desire is waiting in the quiet silence of a contented, composed mind.

    CUTTING TRUTHS – Become Rich in Truthfulness.