Friday, January 19, 2018
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Michael Levy is a professional optimist and speaker. He is an international radio host and the author of nine inspirational books.

Rating Agencies Are Toxic Messengers of Financial Markets?

Perhaps the SEC and other government bodies need to act now and look into a possible ban the rating agencies from doing any more damage on sovereign debt.

Mr. Ben Bernanke Cannot Do Simple Math!

The latest statements from the Federal Reserve are fear laden and do nothing to instill confidence that things can get better.

Gold a Safe Haven From Apocalyptic Disasters

Today the myths have become far more sophisticated and clever people buy into them hook, line and sinker.

Two Biggest Overvalued Trades: Gold and US Treasuries

Ever since tulip bulb mania in Holland, speculators have always managed to find commodities or financial paper on which to wager their hard earned money. Two of the biggest overvalued trades today are gold and US Treasuries.

Is Intel a Safe Haven In Uncertain Times?

The question investors need to ask themselves right now ... is Intel a safer investment than Gold or Treasurys over the next 12 months?

Fear Mongering Feeds Oil Insanity

The only reason commodity mercantile exchanges were created was for merchants to protect their products from future falls and rises.

People All Over The World Come Together in Mind and Spirit

On the 17th of February, people all over the world will come together in mind and spirit to celebrate their connection with each other with two minutes silence at 3.00pm, USA, Eastern Time.

Desires of Our Heart Await Silently of a Contented and Composed...

The true nature of our reality will endlessly live side by side with the facts of life we believe to be so real. As they continually slip though our minds like sand in an hourglass, one day may come the realization that all we could ever desire is w

Are Oil Propaganda Merchants Once Again Firing-Up Commodity Speculation?

You would think by now world leaders may have learned a lesson from the recent $147.00 a barrel oil bubble speculation farce. Financial communities ahould get wise to the tricks and shenanigans of the manipulative oil propaganda merchants.

One of The Wisest Investment/Trading Lessons We Can Learn

Many years ago, when I was just putting my foot on the first rung of the success ladder, I had the good fortune to sit next to a wise, old and very wealthy businessman.