Afghanistan, Political Instrument or Political Act

The American forces’ exit from Afghanistan has been a process in the making for quite some time. There is no excuse for the drama we are seeing on the TV screens other than the failure of the military industrial complex, which includes “the intelligence community” and the president.

Only a few days ago I penned an op-ed I translated from Hebrew, “The Strengthening of The Jihad: Stupidity or Malign Intent.

“When looking, with penetrating gaze, at what happened in recent months in Israel, the Middle East and the world, there is no escape from concluding that the complex phenomena of jihad, an Arabic term, is increasing and it is conquering goals that before 2021 were far out of the jihadists’ reach.”

Today, we are witnessing, with dismay, disbelief and anger, how Jihad is winning, case in point, Afghanistan.

How to Justify the Afghan War

In the world of business, if you are in construction, you know you don’t attempt to build a large multi-story building on a foundation that cannot support the weight of that building. If the ground on which you want to build is found to be unable to support the size of the structure you intend to build, you need to reinforce the ground by various means before you build, or, find other piece of land better suited for your project’s goal.

Afghanistan, a mountainous landlocked country at the crossroads of Central and South Asia is, and was ground on which foreign structures could NOT be built. That knowledge goes back centuries.

Afghanistan, a mountainous, landlocked country
Afghanistan, a mountainous, landlocked country

From a geopolitical perspective, reflecting its geographic position in the region, controlling Afghanistan was vital in controlling the rest of Southern Asia, or getting passage through Central Asia. Therefore Afghanistan has played an important part in the Great Game power struggles.

Among the invaders in the history of Afghanistan are the Maurya Empire, the Greek Empire of Alexander the Great of Macedon, Rashidun Caliphate, the Mongol Empire led by Genghis Khan, the Timurid Empire of Timur, the Mughal Empire, various Persian Empires, the Sikh Empire, the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and most recently the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) coalition forces. The majority contingent of the NATO forces were from the United States, which entered the country in the first-ever invocation of NATO’s Article 5 “an attack on one is an attack on all” following the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.

None of the invaders were able to hold to the land they invaded and most suffered great losses. The last one to do so, as we witness today, is the United States of America.

In the name of We, the People, the US Military, with the approval of Congress, were given an impossible job. Looking back on this debacle, it appears the politicians who committed the country and the world to that job did so with emotion, not logic, and without vision.

Although the president and politicians bear ultimate responsibility for making the initial decision, they were propelled forward by multiple sets of outside forces. Those forces include Washington D.C. think-tanks promoting war from air-conditioned rooms; the so-called “intelligence community;” and the media.

The politicians made their fateful decision without fully understanding the job, just how big a job it would be, what it would realistically take to accomplish and in what time frame. They made a commitment without knowing any game plan and without thinking that political meddling would change the rules and fuzzy goals many times.

We expect rational thoughts from our political and military leaders, just as a business person would consider many viewpoints before investing in a new venture. But sadly, that may be too much to expect.

Federal politicians and their bureaucratic cronies, for the most part are not schooled in profit and loss and most never earned a dime other than by conducting political ventures on other people’s dime. They are schooled in the calculation of what is needed for their next election win and what is needed to retain their power for as long as possible.

In the political world, a major policy failure will always find its way to be the responsibility of someone OTHER than the political leaders and their bureaucratic collaborators of that time.

The failure in Afghanistan is no exception. The US top military built the mission in Afghanistan on a foundation of sand. This loss will be assigned to someone OTHER than Joseph Biden, the resident of the White House who claims the buck stops with him, and whoever he surrounds himself with, the bureaucratic enablers in the civilian and military branches who were and are, directly responsible for this failure.

afghanistan president ashraf ghani, cartoon by NewsBlaze
Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani. Cartoon by NewsBlaze

As an American It Is Difficult Not to Be Embarrassed Today

Afghanistan, Political Instrument or Political Act 1
Joseph Biden, the resident in the White House, the House of the People

As an American of the Jewish faith and a supporter of Israel, I am worried. Israel greatly depends on the support of the United States in many aspects. My concern is that if the president and politicians can abandon the Afghan people without thinking, they may dump Israel too.

The US’s credibility is on the line and the American people are less safe. And now Al Qaeda may be back and in full force. Afghanistan, the narco-state, may go back to its narco business that finances terror and the entire world would be less safe.

The vision of Afghanistan crumbling, being conquered swiftly by the Taliban, frightened Afghans falling off US airplanes filled with American personnel, escaping with our tails between our legs from what could be a growing killing field is confusing and heartbreaking.

Like reckless kids, the US went into a war that was never planned well to win and of course we see now it has not ended logically. Americans do not like to lose; it is demoralizing and disheartening.

It is 20 years since 9 /11 happened in 2001. In 3 weeks we will commemorate the worst terror attack on American soil.

There is a juxtaposition occurring here. Afghans, desperate to get out of Afghanistan, clinging to US military jets, for as long as they could, and then falling off in mid-air to their death can easily remind us of the Americans who hoped to be saved from the burning Twin Towers and when all hope was lost, they jumped out of the window to their death. Even when we left Vietnam, in a hurry, we did not see such images. It is all so very chilling and the symbolism to 9/11’s twentieth anniversary is eerie.

The crazy idea that we could create a democratic nation from a nation that did not want to be a democracy according to our way of life is simply madness. In our twenty-years of war in Afghanistan, we lost huge numbers of precious lives and much treasure, costing trillions of dollars. In failing the mission, if there was a real mission to lose, the US has shown much disrespect for the lives lost and the sacrifice of our people as well as the many Afghans who supported us and worked with us.

The self-centered “Me Too” generation, the new “Woke” religion zealots, and the Hollywood “liberals” have handed the Afghan women a devastating blow. It is likely they will ignore the regression to radical Islamo-sharia rule that gives Afghan women no voice of free will whatsoever.

Another Saigon – Or Worse?

Some say it is a Saigon moment. It may be much worse.

Yes, we were attacked on our home ground and our troops were sent to Afghanistan to fight terror over there, rather than at home. We were told we took the war to them. But we fought unwisely. Our Generals lied to us for years that “things in Afghanistan are getting better” and Americans went on with their lives trusting that our leaders knew what they were doing, that we were in good hands. Yes, our troops with boots on the ground are heroes; they did their job the best they could.

The politicians in Washington D.C. and the military Generalissimos failed them. The American military, equipped with the most expensive military capability was beaten by illiterate goat herders, fighting with weapons from the 1940s. But now they have American weapons; estimated $83 billion dollars worth of the finest US military equipment was left behind for the Talibanistiks to use at the American tax payer’s expense.

The arms dealers must be very happy to see this.

One can argue the pros and cons, to keep a significant US presence in Afghanistan or not. But the way we are departing is dishonorable, embarrassing, and UnAmerican! And the world watches in disbelief as our trustworthiness melts away.

See also, America – Superpower or Fair Weather Friend.

Yes, President Trump planned to end the US presence in Afghanistan. But we do not know how. They never gave him the chance to complete the withdrawal his way. Mike Pompeo says many steps and safeguards were in place. Did the Biden administration consider them? Perhaps not. Because, the Joseph Biden administration, in their first eight months, has undone almost all of what President Trump’s administration have achieved and thus have done more damage to our country and the world than one can fathom.

afghan airport chaos
Airport chaos in Afghanistan. youtube screenshot

There Are Other Aspects to This Entire Fiasco

We are living in frightening times. The America that I have known has changed dramatically and drastically, in most parts since Joseph Biden took office.

We have lost the title “a nation of laws.” Now there is one set of rules for someone in power, and another set of rules for the rest of us, We, the People.

The two other fronts where Joseph Biden is failing are the constant invasion of our country from the South and his clueless politics that lead science on COVID, rather than science leading political decisions. In fact, I am of the opinion that We, the People, have now the right to go after the Biden administration legally for endangering our lives and attempting to murder us.

Unvetted COVID infected invaders, criminals and terrorists are entering our Southern border and are unleashed inland with no trace whatsoever, leaving the entire American citizenry vulnerable. This is an unconstitutional invasion; this is a crime against the American nation; this is treason.

Another Biden failure is the constant lying to the nation. His administration lies to our kids about what America is all about, they teach them to hate the country where they were born. The Left does not want our kids to love family structure, soccer Moms, apple pie, and hotdogs. Is that child abuse or what?

Yes, the America I knew is fast being lost. We now have rising inflation and a shaky future. Wokeness and ‘social justice’ are a new religion. Real justice, individual freedoms and constitutional rights are ignored and being lost. Marxism is encroaching on our land. I do not feel safe.

Let us not forget that 22 retired 4-Star Generals joined nearly 500 national security apparatus leaders in a letter endorsing Joseph Biden for president.

Will they now issue a letter of regret and condemnation of the loser-in-chief?

Do not hold your breath.

The United States military command are “military midgets.” They have put the lives of all Americans in peril. The Military-Industrial complex benefitted and delivered a loss to those who filled their coffers.

For the past few months we have watched our military generals, like General Mark Milley, engage in tweeting on twitter their support to apply Critical Race Theory (CRT) in military training and justify its merit on Capitol Hill. It seemed like our military generals are more concerned about fighting citizens like Tucker Carlson who picks on their ineptness than they were concerned about defeating the Taliban.

Back to the Afghanistan Fiasco

The American people have not yet come to grips with the idea that Islamic radicalism cannot be defeated by “building democracy.” The Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda and other jihadi Muslims reign by the sword and their religious fanaticism and the will to get their way cannot be bent. Nothing else will work but destroying violent Islamists to the last one. That is a realist solution but a cruel idea. These Islamists have the patience of Job, someething the West does not own. The patience to reach their goal, to conquer the infidel world and subjugate it. We are in an unending war, terror bent radical Islam against a world that wants to be free.

The country Afghanistan is now entitled the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan‘. Since American withdrawal, these past few short weeks, the Taliban has taken close to 100% of Afghanistan’s territory.

As General Carl von Clausewitz stated in his International bestseller On War: “War is not merely a political act, but also a political instrument.”

I sincerely hope that the American people will not remain asleep at the wheel. If they do, they are heading toward an iceberg that will drown the country.

Today, Joseph Biden has lost more face than from his face lifts.

It is time for the people who lied to the American people for the past 18 years to resign or be fired, especially the Top Military Brass who must be culpable. Joseph Biden would do the American nation justice if he resigns, but them we get the feckless Kamala Harris, who, as the “border czar,” has no control the border at all.

It should be time to rebuild the State Department and the Pentagon from scratch, from the bottom up, but with Biden in charge, that would be a disaster too.

Nurit Greenger
During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the "Accidental Reporter" felt compelled to become an activist. Being an 'out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a "one-woman Hasbarah army" for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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