Supporters of the Healthcare Bill Are Going to Hell?

In response to this story:”God Gets His Healthcare Bill”

Bush also said atheists should not be considered American citizens – maybe they got on him for a deeper reason other than merely being a religious man.

By his logic, you may as well toss me over the border.

As far as I can tell, people demean Bush (rightfully so) FAR harder for being a horrible commander-in-chief than his beliefs.

As well as Obama and Pelosi making religious remarks in light of this legislation, who really cares? The only point you made is that Obama and Pelosi are religious people.

And far be it from Catholics to not all think the same and have the same ideals. Isn’t that just shameful? A Christian not adhering to a set pattern or mold! They may as well be atheists, come on!

Otherwise, great article.

One last thing – this bill is for the American people – not God. It may be INFLUENCED by God to some, but it’s not FOR him. Fight sensationalism with sensationalism, I almost like your style.