Ridiculed about UFO’s

My Life Has Been Greatly Impacted By This

When you stated, “And even when were not silent, we get silenced by our loved ones with sidelong glances or outright demeaning comments,” it struck a nerve because I go through the same things with my immediate family.

Ridicule is natural for those who have never been affected by such. I have even put myself in their shoes while pretending for a moment that none of what has happened to me ever happened, so how would I react. I would probably then sound like one of your relatives. It’s tough for someone to believe when they’ve not observed. But, I’ve been in your shoes and I’m still in your shoes.

Aliens use stealth when it comes to hiding in our airspace. On that same note, you’ll find that aliens use stealth in everything that they do, which includes abduction and current day induction.

I’ve stated many times that a.) What they do to us will always mimic what medical science already has a name for. That’s all part of their stealth and they do not go outside of those boundaries or doctors would have to keep looking while scratching their heads. Instead the doctors medicate for whatever symptoms are present even though the medication is useless. Or is it, the aliens did mimic so maybe they caused that particular problem, which now needs to be medicated. It may go both ways. b.) I swear that aliens have a motto that says, “make it as kooky looking as possible so they won’t repeat it, since if they do, they’ll experience ridicule and won’t do it again or often anyway.” Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

That’s why nobody pays attention to us. Everything we had happen is too off-the-wall sounding.

Does that all sound familiar and make sense to you. You’re afraid to talk about it and I could tell due to the lack of some pretty important key words in your comment. I think you know what I mean.

As far as your relatives go, you need really good ammo. Not just some kooky website that says they have the truth on aliens or some other nonsense but instead really, really good ammo, the kind that brings tears to their eyes when they witness first hand the experiences of reliable strangers. I happen to have just that.

There once was a great man who lived up until 2004, until he was killed by a drunk driver. That was probably the worst day in the life of an abductee or others who were having trouble with them ‘on the ground’. His name was Dr. John E. Mack and he was a professor at Harvard University.

There are plenty of YouTubes on Dr. Mack before his passing but more importantly there was a documentary in the works while he was still alive and still a professor at Harvard that was halted due to his death. Over time, the original journalist, Stephane Allix and producers decided to continue with the documentary since they had so much already.

The documentary first made it’s rounds in France and Belgium in their foreign language and then in December of this year it appeared in Australia, in English. Consequen tly, the English version just hit the United States and is available to watch and it’s exactly what you need for those condescending relatives of yours.

You watch it first and you’ll see what I mean. The documentary is called, Experiencers and can be found at this address below in it’s entirety. And good luck with those relatives.


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