Comment on New King of Bhutan, Human Rights and Bhutanese Refugees

Letter to the Editor

Regarding the story “New King of Bhutan, Human Rights and Bhutanese Refugees.”

The writer of this story seems to have forgotten that Nepalis came in hordes around the end of the 19th century to clear the forest in southern Bhutan. Prior to that, the number of arrivals were insignificant.

Sri Panch maharaj Dhiraj and Sri Teen were used by nepali speaking people and not by any other people. This also shows that Nepali speaking people had allegiance to Nepal and not to Bhutan. this can be confirmed from the fact that nepali speaking people refused to amalgamate with other Bhutanese by making themselves noticeable as nepali and not as Bhutanese. An old adage says that, while in Rome do as the Romans do.

If we look at the number of people in the refugees camps and the official record, then we will be able to say who is right or who is wrong. Even otherwise, we cannot deny the fact that the porous border between Nepal and India had given opportunity to the poor people of the region to get free meals and free help. We also cannot deny the fact that the refugees have been marrying the people from the locality and adding their number to the group. And there is also the case of birth and death.

However, experience shows that birth always outstrips death in any demographical situation unless there is a calamity or epidemics. If the writer belives that all people are Bhutanese, why did they first agree to Joint Verification and later when the process was going on, they could not stick to it.

There is no point in digging through history now. It would be wiser for these refugees to take advantage of the offer provided by many countries to resettle them. People had left the country because they were not happy then. Why do they want to return if they were not happy? Instead of digging up history, it may be worth asking the leaders in the camp itself to explain where he/ she messed with his or her goals or mission.

It may also be important to ask Teknath Rizal what he has achieved by starting this problem. By the way, do people like Bhim Subba and some RB Chhetri ever live in camps? I don’t think so. They had enough money to start their own business and live comfortably. So you know where you have been betrayed. Sad for you gentleman.

Tshering Dorji

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