Ron McCormick: Nutrition Through Healthy Eating

Ron McCormick, a native of Oregon, was raised on a 22,000-acre ranch. McCormick was used to eating what he calls “the all-American diet” – steaks, milk, cheese and bread.

After McCormick relocated to Las Vegas, Nev. 15 years ago, he became interested in natural health and wanted to learn more. He met Dr. Robert Milan and became heavily involved in the nutrition business. McCormick continued to learn more about foods and which ones are good for the body and which ones aren’t.

For instance, according to McCormick, foods that are high in acid include steaks and red meat, shellfish and pork. An acid pH is not healthy for the human body.

“Milk is full of sugar and lactose from the cow. It’s full of impurities and antibiotics. Babies who are breastfeed are in a much better situation because the mother’s milk is in an alkaline state,” said McCormick.

“I encourage everyone to think about the importance of what they are eating and what they are feeding their children, especially high fructose drinks, such as carbonated sodas and sweetened fruit juices,” said McCormick.

“This is just one of the downfalls of the food chain that is marketed in America,” McCormick added.

Today, McCormick has a thriving business in health foods and nutritional products, and he manages pro fighters. He also creates healthy eating plans and diets for pro fighters and Hollywood celebrities.

Products developed by McCormick are all natural and tested and include:

Power Green, an all-natural supplement powder, is mixed with water or juice and provides a favorable pH level and has a high nutritional value. Each scoop mixed in a glass of water is equivalent to eating 32 plates of raw organic vegetables.

Liquid Vitamins, one of the top-selling products, provides the daily vitamins needed, and it is absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream than pills, which means it delivers a higher amount of vitamins to the system.

Power Red, a new product coming to market in 30 days, provides mega doses Of protective antioxidants from natural fruits without all the sugar.

McCormick also recently started to endorse an energy drink called Bionic-Tonic, which he is starting to market both locally, as well as to his over 20,000 clients throughout the USA.

“Bionic-Tonic is a great natural drink because it doesn’t have sugars, calories or carbs, and that means clients can have more endurance when they are working out.”

According to McCormick, “Finally I have found an energy drink that tastes great without having the crash. After analyzing the ingredients, I have found Bionic-Tonic to be one of the highest quality energy drinks for your health and wellness on the market today. I have tried all of the energy drinks on the market and none compare to the taste and health benefits found with Bionic-Tonic.”

Pureform Labs manufactures and distributes health, fitness, and nutritional supplements and products. Pureform Labs is dedicated to the development of nutritional products that truly enhance your life, using only all natural products. Each product is vacuum-sealed and plastic wrapped to ensure it is tamper proof.

Pureform products are distributed throughout the United States and they have a retail chain of health oriented stores doing business under the Pure Health Life name, dedicated to the health and wellness of the communities they serve.

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