Show ME The Money – and Stop the Emails

Way back at the beginning of the US election cycle, I made the mistake of writing to the Obama camp to share my opinion on something. Since that day, I have been getting at LEAST three emails a day asking me for money, and I am REALLY sick of it. I was optimistic that once Obama was officially President-elect (or lost the election), that the begging barrage would stop! Not so far.

For many weeks, I have been getting emails in two of my email accounts, thanking me for my contributions, and assuring me that “it is people like you,” etc etc..

Apart from chuckling – at first – that it really MIGHT be people like me that helped elect Obama, as every email from them trumpeted, let me assure any and all that the tone of that initial, fateful, email was anything BUT complimentary. I was actually taking them to task for something. No, don’t ask what; that was way too long ago, and way too many Obama transgressions ago, for me to remember.

Since then I have really tried to be removed from their mailing list. I guess it must be really true that computers don’t think, since here I am, still on the Obama ‘disciple list’ and still getting daily emails.

As everybody must know, campaign financing was one of Obama’s earliest flip flops. First he was for publicly funded campaigning, and then he was against it. I guess the rules for reporting his donations proved far too onerous for Obama, since he opted out of accepting public funds for his swagger to the White House, and decided to stick with private donations. Never mind that there are rules covering even private campaign funding, it has already been documented that the Obama camp was more than lax in following verification rules. How else to explain a donation accepted from Adolph Hitler? That was just one of the donors to the Obama camp that escaped the mainstream media scrutiny.

George Washington on a silly dollar.
The buck stops HERE.

It is well known that the Obama campaign spent more money to get him elected than any other Presidential campaign IN HISTORY! I guess it really IS true that money talks. It also has enabled Obama to walk his way to the White House. Oh sure, he had a few surprises along the route, but in his usual fashion, he chose to ignore any serious debate about real issues.

I presume his campaign was too busy counting the donations, and then spending those donations.

And still the begging emails keep coming. An example of the latest:

Re: Your Victory T-shirt

Obama for America

In the months and years ahead, we’re going to accomplish amazing things together. No president has ever had the support of such a powerful grassroots movement, and Barack and Joe will need you to continue fighting alongside them.

But before we take the next step, we need to get our house in order.

The Democratic National Committee poured all of its resources into building our successful 50-state field program. And they played a crucial role in helping Barack win in unlikely states like North Carolina and Indiana. We even picked up an electoral vote in Nebraska.

The DNC took on considerable debt to make this happen.

Make a donation of $30 or more now to help the DNC pay for these efforts, and you’ll get a commemorative 2008 Victory T-shirt.

Help the DNC and get a 2008 Victory T-shirt…

In the final few months, the DNC went above and beyond to expand our ground efforts and ensure victory.

We couldn’t have won this election without their support.

As we start laying the groundwork for real change, we need to help the DNC recover the resources it took to win. Please make a donation today and get your 2008 Victory T-shirt:

This movement for change is just getting started, and we look forward to working with you to bring the change this country needs.

Thanks for everything you did to elect Barack and Joe,

Obama for America

Warms my heart to know that the DNC still needs money and is still begging for my donations. Hey, maybe they can attach their debts to the massive bailout going on. Everybody else has their hand out, why not the DNC? That’s my free suggestion to the Obama camp.

Over the election cycle, while I was watching the shenanigans going on, I got emails from quite a few of my ‘imaginary friends’ within the Obama camp. From Joe, (Biden, NOT the plumber!) and many others, and even Michelle O herself, I had so many emails, it is no wonder my computer collapsed under the weight. As the Obama camp was clarifying their environmental platform, their emails were polluting my inbox. Many a day I could be heard yelling: MAKE IT STOP! But, as intrepid as their march on Washington proved to be, so the emails kept arriving here.

This one just in (and it really is copied and pasted exactly as sent):

Re:Before anything else

Our friends at the Democratic National Committee laid it all on the line to bring change this year.

We’ve been reviewing the books, and the DNC went into considerable debt to secure victory for Barack and Joe. It took unprecedented resources to staff up all 50 states, train field organizers, and build the technology to reach as many swing voters as possible.

It worked.

But it also left the DNC in debt. So before we do anything else, we need to help pay for this winning strategy.

Make a donation of $30 or more now and you’ll get a limited edition 2008 Victory T-shirt.

Help the DNC and get a 2008 Victory T-shirt,

You will all know I have not sent one dime to them. My bucks stop here. But can somebody, anybody PLEASE make this stop? It is my hope that things will change now I have gone public with my problem. The signs are not good, of course. I am wondering if the Democrats can be trusted to steer the economic ship of America to safe waters, when it is apparent they can’t even manage their own affairs. Be that as it may, I am optimistic that someone in the Obama camp is still monitoring any and all perceived “smears,” and will find this column and finally remove me from their email address database. Maybe we can do lunch, so I can ‘clarify’ my position (which will never change!)

Hello? Anybody out there?

Ros Prynn
Ros Prynn is a NewsBlaze investigative reporter and editor, who writes on a range of topics. Contact her by writing to NewsBlaze, or at her milblog