Solar Minimum Always Makes Texas Cold

Every 11 years, on average, the Solar Minimum causes changing weather patterns and it even makes Texas cold. Considering that we are close to a Grand Solar Minimum, you might think everyone around the world would know about that by now.

Sadly, Global Warming proponents have control over the education system, and it seems teachers and almost nobody under the age of 40 knows about the solar minimum.

As a result, more than 4 million Texans are freezing, without power to their homes.

Freezing Fact Checkers

As usual, the big-media and big-tech fact-checkers are out spreading their manure over the snowed-in turbines. According to them, the frozen wind turbines, that are expected to supply about 25% of power in Texas aren’t to blame at all. The fact-checkers blame it all on fossil fuels instead.

Solar minimum makes texas cold every 11 years. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.
The Solar minimum even makes Texas cold every 11 years. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.

Tony Heller was having none of that BS, and served up some truth instead.

Ironically, Tony Heller pointed out that USA Today had only just bragged about Texas wind power doing such a fine job. Obviously, that three-day-old story didn’t age well!

Half of all of the turbines went down. The oil and gas industry stupidly relied on wind power to run their own operations, so they could point to themselves as being clean and green, but when the wind power failed, it made their own operations fail too.

The fact-checkers don’t want to talk about that, though.

Political Fixation

The media are fixated not on the fact that wind power failed, they are fixated on politics, on what Republicans say. That should tell you everything you need to know about the failure of wind power – because their only hope is to distract their own readers from the truth. Of course, their readers will believe them, because they are too dumb to see the smoke the media is blowing to hide the failures.

But there are other sources to check, even under control of the Biden Administration, the United States Energy Information Administration. The EIA says the freezing wind turbines meant the grid lost 93% of wind’s expected production, while Coal stepped up by adding 47% and Natural Gas increased production by 450%.

This may be a bit too difficult for the Poynter Politifact checkers, but it means that Natural gas increased by 4.5 times to help the shortfall and cover the increased demand. The fact that it failed to prevent outages is still the fault of the failure of wind, but Politifact wants the story to be about fossil fuels failing to meet the loss of wind’s contribution plus the increased demand.

That tells everyone that Politifact and Poynter have lost 100% of their journalistic integrity. One thing is for sure, they are spinning better than the windmills are right now.

The so-called fact-checkers want to pour all blame for everything on anyone but themselves and their pet politicians. Fact checkers are always right. That’s because they selectively write write about everything to maintain anything that supports their own bias. That’s what most humans do, but when once-trusted journalists do it, they destroy their own credibility and the credibility of everyone else associated with journalism.

Not In Dispute

Here are five things the snarky fact-checkers can’t dispute:

    1. 50% of Texas windmills shut down due to ice and snow
    2. Texas relies on wind power for 25% of its power
    3. The energy industry stupidly relies on that power being available all the time
    4. The solar minimum keeps coming around every 11 years
    5. Wind and solar energy are intermittent and at the mercy of weather and solar cycles
    6. 4+ million Texans are now freezing their butts off thanks to poor planning and lies

Big Tech, aided and abetted by their politically-motivated fact-checkers want to shut down voices they don’t agree with. They don’t care that the 11-year Solar Minimum is real, that it is a never-ending cycle and that the sun drives it, not Carbon Dioxide.

Big Tech and their political masters want to control all of the narrative, and they don’t care if millions of people freeze due to their narrative not being the truth. It is time the left shut up and allowed all people to have discussions about whatever they want to talk about. We don’t appreciate their attempts to make us think the same stupid way they think.

As Tony Heller noted, it was only a year ago that NPR told its readers and listeners that everyone should get used to warm winters in the future, due to “Climate Change.” Well, that didn’t age well either, but those of us not rusted-on to global warming knew that. Problem is, we have no control over the education of young people, who have been indoctrinated by Warmists for decades, even though it is a lie and all of their dire predictions fail every year.

Solar Minimum

It isn’t yet anywhere near another Ice Age, but it is cold, close to a space-age record for cold. And that’s what Solar Minimum is all about.

In southern South Australia, it has been the coldest February in the past 49 years. February is the middle of Summer, and it should be close to 100 degree days for the whole month. But for the past 18 months, most mornings have been overcast. Even so, the “global warming” crowd are still screaming that we’re all going to burn up.

Solar minimum doesn’t mean there will be no hot days, to the global warming evangelists, a cold day, week or month is “a surprise” or “an anomaly.” That’s because they are science deniers who don’t believe the sun, with its heat and magnetic field is the driver of climate and life.

Here is what the US Weather Service said about Texas weather in 2009: “Winter 2009-2010 will be remembered by many as one of the snowiest winters in North Texas in quite some time. The official site for the Metroplex, D/FW Airport, recorded 17.1 inches of snowfall making it the 2nd snowiest season on record. Some locations had even more snow, with a few spots having 25 inches or more. Central Texas had considerably less snow.”

Here are some of the other cold snowy years in Dallas/Fort Worth: 1997, 1976-77, 1965-66, 1963-64, 1947-48, 1937-38, 1923-24. Notice anything about these dates? The Solar Cycle is is approximately 11 years long (measured between 9 to 14 years).

Here is a report about 1997 from KIIITV: Remembering the 1997 ice storm that crippled Southeast Texas.

So why is this cold weather such as surprise? It isn’t a surprise to anyone who understands the solar cycle and the science behind it. It is only a surprise to global warming cultists and people who have been convinced by years of failed global warming predictions. They think we are on a straight-line trajectory to burning to death due to a gas that’s necessary for life.

Elite Jet Set

One really interesting thing about the climate change proponents is that they are quite happy to have an elite jet-setting multi-millionaire representing them on climate issues. As a climate advocate, John Kerry is as fake as a three-dollar bill. But he’s a democrat, so the schoolies think he’s OK. Let’s see how well that ages.

With a Biden/Harris administration, technological elites have control over public policy. There are at least 74 million Americans and millions of others around the world who aren’t happy about that, and hope it doesn’t take long for more of their dire predictions to crash and burn.

Texas Power Outages Explained

Jan Jekielek at American Thought Leaders interviews Jason Isaac, from the Texas Public Policy Foundation. This video tells the story the warmists don’t want anyone to know.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Dani Cress for the Texas Cowboy image, Clker-Free-Vector-Images for the snowman, both from Pixabay and the Wind Turbine image by Jaeyoon Jeong on Unsplash. These three sources were used as inspiration to help create the NewsBlaze cartoon for this story.

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