Forget Global Warming, The Sun Says An Ice Age Is Coming: With Updates

World Unprepared For Coming Ice Age And Magnetic Pole Shift

Over the past 40 years, Al Gore and his Anthropogenic Global Warming crew warned millions would die from runaway heat. The cause of this runaway heat, they said, was human-produced Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Gore and his crew and the mainstream media said the seas would rise, swamping islands and low lying countries. Bangladesh was supposed to be under water by now. All of the islands north of Australia should have disappeared.

It hasn’t happened. Could that be because an ice age is coming? Or is it just that their observations, measurements, theory, and computer modeling are all wrong.

Global warming proponents have made many dire predictions about terrible things that they say “will happen” if governments “do nothing” to avert a crisis. While they live by dire predictions which almost never turn out to be true, we report actual observations that show they ignore actual science. Further on in this story is an ongoing list of observations of what is happening on the sun, and how they actually affect our planet.

James Hansen, Columbia University adjunct professor and climate activist, warned about dangerous climate change in his 1988 Congressional testimony.

Hansen said Manhattan’s West Side Highway would be underwater by 2008. It is now 2019, and the sea around Manhattan is practically unchanged. To illustrate just how crazy Hanson’s prediction was, note that the West Side Highway is 33 metres above sea level at its lowest point.

“The West Side Highway will be under water. And there will be tape across the windows across the street because of high winds.” – Climate Scientist, Jim Hansen.

Manhattan isn’t underwater. Nowhere near it. All of their climate models are wrong, and their ten-year predictions keep failing.

Ice Sheets and Ice Loss

The IPCC and Al Gore said the ice sheets would melt, never to return. That hasn’t happened. They said the North Pole would be free of ice and Antarctic melting would drown islands. None of that happened. And now NASA admits their instruments can’t see the snow falling on Antarctica that has compensated for ice loss.

Those NASA scientists never bothered to visit Antarctica to check to see if what they said was true. Until now. And now they admit they were wrong. At least they did, and that is a good thing. But the media and politicians persist with the “runaway global warming” fantasy.

The commonly believed story of “97% of scientists say global warming is caused by humans” is a completely fabricated lie. This outright lie is still being used as the basis for political discussion. This Forbes story reports what real climate scientists said about the mischaracterization of their papers.

Politicians and much of the world’s population have been tricked into believing CO2 is a poison. Especially school students who know almost nothing about the world and how propaganda works.

Certainly, climate is changing, but the attempts to pin it all on CO2 are a miserable failure. Unfortunately, politics and research funding have caused half the population to be pitted against the other half.

The state of the planet is far less dismal than the doomsayers would have you believe
– Jordan Peterson

AGW Models Assume A Flat Earth

In the real world, CO2 is necessary for life and forms only 0.04% of the atmosphere. Astrophysicist Joseph Postma shows why none of the global warming models come close to actual observations. The reson is that their global warming models only work if the earth is flat, and it is not flat.

It seems the global warming scientists don’t understand real science, and didn’t review the basis on which their house of cards stands. They just accepted the premise and the formula rather than doing real science and questioning it.

Science is about observing, testing, theorizing and questioning. All four of those things, constantly. Science is not about voting on whether peer-reviewed papers might suggest one thing or another.

Bad science and alarming predictions have caused governments and foundations to fund Global Warming “scientists” ahead of others. The non-problem of Anthropogenic Global Warming sucks up research dollars. Money talks, and that means other areas of science aren’t advancing as fast as they should.

Western economies have been crippled because of the focus on trying to reduce CO2 plant food. Germany kills 240,000 bats each year, and as many birds with ugly, useless windmills. Now they are considering adding more windmills – by cutting down their forests.

Note that many more bats and birds than that are killed by cellphone towers and other antennas. But that doesn’t make it OK to kill more with inefficient ugly windmills.

It is obvious to anyone researching temperature changes, that NASA climate scientists have manipulated raw temperature data. They are now mixing raw data with their model’s data, publicizing only the manipulated charts. Thankfully some smart people have been tracking their manipulation and millions know they are doing it. This is part of the reason there is so much skepticism around climate change.

faulty climate models

Attention has been diverted away from other issues that could be real problems.

Politicians all over the world have bought into the AGW issue that looks more like a lie every time they provide an update. The political buy-in comes thanks to the UN’s IPCC, a non-scientific organization. Schools have taught easily-manipulated students with pliable minds that humans alone are causing the planet to warm. AGW alarmists say everyone must pay huge amounts of money to reverse this trend before it is too late.

Nobody has yet proved that humans are causing the measured rise in CO2. They have not proved that the rise in CO2 is causing warming. They have not proved that humans could reduce CO2 and that doing so would cause temperature changes.

The manipulated NASA temperature charts show almost the whole of 2016, 2017 and 2018 were hotter than the peak of 1939. Looking at raw data, that has not been manipulated shows that is an obvious lie. The problem now is that anyone willing to stand up to denounce the lie is demonized as “a denier.” Raw temperature data shows this is a lie. Only NASA’s manipulated model data shows this incorrect trend.

While funded scientists research bogus CO2 effects, the mainstream media and politicians divert human attention elsewhere.

While the people are distracted, global warming believers pat themselves on the back for saying nasty things about people they call deniers.

Catastrophic Changes Ahead

Before there was the industrial age, there were cycles. Before there were humans, there were cycles. There was warming and cooling around the planet. There were ice ages. Everything that could change did change. The sun, rotation, magnetic fields and interaction of solids, liquids and gases came together to create conditions on this planet.

There are many cycles in play on this planet. Just because we are here, or because we’ve had relative calm does not mean the cycles have stopped. Humans have not taken over from the huge unseen forces that shape this planet. According to scientific observation and knowledge of the cycles, catastrophic changes are about to happen. None of these changes are related to CO2.

As a result of politicians believing manipulated science, and the media doing a stellar job of distraction, the world is not prepared for what appears to be coming. The predicted changes are likely to cause loss of food production on this planet. This alone has dire consequences for a ballooning human population. But there is much more.

In the real world, everything depends on cycles. But today’s global warming science models assume a flat earth, and assured runaway global warming because of human activity. Their incorrect models say trace amounts of CO2 overcome the power of the sun, magnetic fields and cycles. They appear to assume cooling cycles have ended and only infinite warming remains, caused by the trace gas that plants need.

Tens of thousands of other scientists believe the global warming alarmists are wrong. A few decades back, there was talk of global cooling, but that soon subsided. The reason for that seems to be that those scientists and the media didn’t take into account the 11-year solar cycle.

There are at least two looming issues that cause major changes around the planet. Simple observation shows these two things are starting to happen now. One of the results is worldwide crop failures. Higher latitudes will be unable to produce most of the crops they produce today. Some inhospitable areas are likely to become more temperate too, but there could also be more extremes.

Scientists who are not focused on faulty global warming models see other things going on that make global warming alarmism irrelevant. These scientists do not discount the effects of the sun and they see observable changes that point to major problems ahead.

Two easily observable things are happening right now, but they are not being reported in the media as much as Global Warming is. The world’s mainstream media appear to be working hard to distract the people of the world. Many media act as though they are manipulated by an overarching authority that doesn’t want some things known.

That would sound like conspiracy theory, if it wasn’t a fact that they largely ignore important news that people should hear about. They do this by covering this kind of news superficially but never following up. They bury that news with a massive flood of coverage about another subject, to cause a distraction.

Ice-Age Note From A Reader

A scientist-reader points out that the planet is still technically in an ice age. The coming cycle would actually be a glaciation. The headline of this story was inspired by the period known as “The Little Ice Age” between the 16th to 19th centuries. That terminology was popularized by geologist François E. Matthes in 1939. The IPCC says that cooling period was localized, not global, and therefore largely ignores it.

Two Observable Scientific Issues Ignored

There are two easily observable issues that climate activists have either ignored or don’t even know about.

The first observable issue, visible to anyone who cares to make a shoebox sunspot camera, is that the sun is going quiet. Sunspot activity has almost stopped. Even a child can see this in action. There are also a few scientific websites showing this data.

The second observable thing, by visiting official websites, is that the magnetic north pole is moving, fast.


The sun is going quiet. The number of sunspots is decreasing. This is not unusual, it happens in cycles all the time, but this is no ordinary cycle that we have seen before. This time we are at the end of a 400 year cycle. That means something special. See to learn about their “sunspot number.”

Even though sunspot activity is down, on January 26th, sunspot AR2733 (shown below) unleashed a C5-class solar flare. That is the strongest flare in almost a year. That closely coincided with the hottest day since 1939, in the southern hemisphere.

sun going quiet
Sunspot AR2733. Sun going quiet. Sunspot activity very low. Photo Credit: SDO/HMI

In 2018, there were 221 days (61%) with no sunspots. 42 days into 2019, there were 24 days (59%) with no sunspots. 46 days into 2019, there were 30 days with no sunspots (64%). As this story is published today, we are 52 days into 2019. There have now been 36 days without sunspots, or 68% of days. No sunspots have been seen for the past 22 days. As this data clearly shows, sunspot activity is dropping fast.

Do you see what’s happening here? Rapid change. Where I live in Australia, we are in Summer. (It is February as I write this part). It should be hot all day, almost every day, but mornings here have been very overcast and cool since January 1st. Afternoons have been hot, as they should be. This is not the runaway heating the AGW alarmists predicted.

We all know that weather is not climate, but what’s happening is that the sunspots disappear for a reason. The reason is that solar activity goes up and down in cycles. The easiest to see – and feel – is the 11-year cycle. 11 years is the average, and it is sometimes as little as 8 years.

To understand this cycle, write down the dates of the highs and lows, and it is relatively easy to see they are about 11 years apart. In Australia, it doesn’t snow in most places. But in 2019, it has snowed in and around Canberra, our capital city. The last time it did that was 11 years ago, and the time before was 11 years before that. Just search older records and it is easy to see this cycle keeps repeating.

Most people do not realize that sunspots were documented around 2000 years ago in China. But you’ll need to work hard to find the data that goes back to 1755 and 1600. NOAA and NASA used to have it, but they appear to have taken it offline. All of those pages return a “404 – Missing” response code. What is still there, at the time of writing is this 1874-1954 sunspot data, clearly showing the 11-year cycle.

Note: Visual sunspot data from 165 BC to AD 1684 were compiled by Axel D. Wittmann, University Observatory, Goettingen, Germany, and Zhen-Tao Xu, Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanjing, China. Look for Whittmann’s work to get more in-depth information.

The sun has many different cycles. The most interesting cycle right now is the cycle last seen 400 years ago. That was the time that it was so cold in Europe that the River Thames in London froze solid to a depth of at least 2 feet, and they held an “ice fair” on it. Solar activity then was very low, and we know that. Not because they could measure solar activity then, but because they knew about sunspots and they documented the fact that there were no sunspots for a very long time.

Current Stretch: 8 days with no spots ( 10 May 2020 – see updates below)
2020 total: 190 spotless days by the 269th day of the year (71%)
2019 total: 281 spotless days (77%) – the lowest since 2009
2018 total: 221 days (61%)
2017 total: 104 days (28%)
2016 total: 32 days (9%)
2015 total: 0 days (0%)
2014 total: 1 day (<1%)
2013 total: 0 days (0%)
2012 total: 0 days (0%)
2011 total: 2 days (<1%)
2010 total: 51 days (14%)
2009 total: 260 days (71%)
2008 total: 268 days (73%)
2007 total: 152 days (42%)
2006 total: 70 days (19%)
The table above was taken from 16 Feb 2019 ( – but see the updates below.

Update 25th September 2020: Day 269 – 190 days without sunspots = 71%. The current stretch with no sunspots is 1 day.

Update 20th May 2020: Day 141 – 108 days without sunspots = 77%. The current stretch with no sunspots is 17 days.

Update 10th May 2020: Day 131 – 99 days without sunspots = 78%. The current stretch with no sunspots is 8 days.

Update 21st April 2020: Day 112 – 86 days without sunspots = 77%. The current stretch with no sunspots is 27 days.

Update 31th December 2019: Day 365 – 281 days without sunspots = 77%.

Update 30th September 2019: Day 273 – 199 days without sunspots = 73%. There was a single small sunspot 20 days ago, but it has gone now. The current stretch with no sunspots is 27 days.

Update 21st September 2019: Day 264 – 187 days without sunspots = 71%. There was a single small sunspot 11 days ago, but it has gone now. The current stretch with no sunspots is 18 days.

Update 14th September 2019: Day 259 – 182 days without sunspots = 70%. There was a single small sunspot 18 days ago, but it has gone now. The current stretch with no sunspots is 11 days.

Update 4th July 2019: Day 181 – 115 days without sunspots = 62%. There was a single small sunspot 6 days ago, but it has gone now. The current stretch with no sunspots is 6 days.

Update 21st June 2019: Day 168 – 106 days without sunspots = 63%. There was a sunspot 33 days ago, but it has gone now. The current stretch with no sunspots is 33 days. South Australia had frost on the ground this morning, and every state and territory reported unusually cold weather. The Bureau of Meteorology called it “unseasonably cold” but gave no explanation for the reason. Queensland climate scientists also reported that Brisbane could become unliveably hot over the next 30 years.

Update 29th May 2019: Day 149 – 84 days without sunspots = 57%. There was a sunspot 10 days ago, but it has gone now. The current stretch with no sunspots is 10 days.

Update 29th April 2019: Day 117 – 70 days without sunspots = 59%. There was a sunspot just over a week ago, but it has gone now. The current stretch with no sunspots is 8 days.

Update 17th March 2019: Day 76 – 52 days without sunspots = 68%. There was a sunspot last week, but it has gone now. The current stretch with no sunspots is 4 days.

Update 22nd February 2019: Day 52 – 36 days without sunspots = 68%. There was a sunspot last week, but it has gone now. The current stretch with no sunspots is 4 days.

All sunspots in 2019 and so far in 2020 were very small.

Some NASA scientists are reporting this, but not those focused on climate change. Clearly, the climate activists in NASA have not been doing real science. Were they distracted by politics and the money attached to it? Likewise, the mainstream media say nothing about this. I’ve been waiting for them to announce why it is so cold right now. They don’t seem at all interested in the lack of sunspots and the changes in the sun.

This lack of interest by the Bureau of meteorology is surprising. They are not warning farmers about the heightened possibility of fost that could destroy their crops.

NASA’s Space Weather Prediction Centre says the sunspot numbers could continue falling into 2022, but they may start to rise anytime between now and September 2020. This is the tail-end of Cycle 24. The scientists who predict the solar cycles each year, has so far said they expect cycle 25 to be similar to cycle 24. That means low solar output. That isn’t good for solar farms in winter. It isn’t catastrophic, but it does mean lower energy output provided.

If the earth goes into another ice age, and the cycles and measurements say it is close, people and their governments are not prepared. Companies, especially power generation companies are not prepared, and they have one of the biggest effects on the people. AGW activists are still blaming “carbon” for runaway heating. The big problem is that what comes next is likely to be devastating and it is now expected to arrive relatively quickly. It is in no way related to CO2, even though activists are sure to spin it that way.

Thermosphere Temperature

In February 2019, the “temperature” measured at the thermosphere was 4.2 x 1010 Watts. Today, 14th June 2019, it is 3.60 x 1010 Watts. In 2009, at the bottom of the previous 11-year cycle, it was 2.05 x 1010 Watts – so there is more cold to come. The highest measurement came in 1957, when it was 49.4 x 1010 Watts.

Update: The lowest number I saw this year – and I missed many days, was 2.99 x 1010 Watts. Today is 14th September 2019 and the temperature is still cold, and it is back up to 4.0 x 1010 Watts. I just need to track this more often.

The SABER instrument on the NASA TIMED satellite measures the Thermosphere temperature. The satellite moved into its orbit in 2001. The SABER instrument monitors infrared emissions from carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitric oxide (NO). Scientists say these two gases play a key role in the energy balance of air 100 to 300 kilometers above the earth’s surface.

Magnetic Poles Moving

The North magnetic pole is moving. It has always moved, but for the past 600 years, it has been in Canada. Now it has left Canada, moving towards Russia in a relatively straight line, at around 40km per year. With the current focus on bad Russians, some people may think Russia is stealing the pole. Some scientists believe it could end up south of Indonesia, north of Australia. That may be a projection too far ahead. For now, it just needs to be tracked. There is nothing we can do about it.

The South magnetic pole is also moving. It has crossed over Antarctica and is now under the open sea, heading for Australia.

The Western nations, for all their scientific brain-power do not appear to be ready for this problem either.

Government Policy Leaves Humans Vulnerable

Already, Australian government policies pushed power companies to shut down three of their 24 coal-fired power stations. Two Australian states, South Australia and Victoria lead the charge to eliminate base-load coal-fired power stations. Widespread power outages resulted. Four more are scheduled for closure in the next 24 years, the next one in 2022. No new coal-fired plants are currently planned. There are 150 gas-fired power stations, but many are as small as 1MW.

The UK, overexposed to wind-generated power, has seen long stretches of windless days resulting in 0-10% efficiency.

Green parties all over the world say they are saving the planet, but it is already clear that there are major risks with solar and wind power. Solar and wind, if they replace coal and gas, will result in mass deaths in cold areas. As has been recently reported, electric car range is cut by 50% in very cold weather. Imagine freeways choked up with battery-powered cars that can’t move because their batteries have discharged.

Note that cold temperatures should not negatively affect solar panel output. But being covered with snow will drop output to zero, and dark overcast days will reduce output, as will heavy rain.

A German advisory panel plans to shut down all German coal-fired power plants by 2038. Many governments are switching to solar panels and windmills that are completely useless in many situations.

Many people do not see that as a problem, because they believe the faulty climate models because “the science is settled.” But people with inquiring minds driven by logic see big problems looming.

Anthropogenic Global Warming Heretics

There are many scientists practicing real science that see major problems ahead that the AGW scientists and their followers do not see. It also is not necessary to be a scientist to see problems or to prove a “consensus of scientists” wrong. All it takes is one person who can see what others do not.

Around 300 B.C., Eratosthenes proved the earth was not flat. That didn’t stop the consensus that the earth was flat. Most people still believed earth was flat until Magellan’s circumnavigation, sailing across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

There are tens of thousands of scientists, including thousands of PhDs. classed as Global Warming heretics. Here are short stories about three of them with very interesting things to report.

Astrophysicist Joseph Postma

Canadian astrophysicist Joseph Postma looked at the mathematical formulas relied upon by global warming models. He says the diagram that “explains” Global Warming, and the formulas that represent it are clearly wrong – unless the earth is flat! Postma says that any warming seen is within the range of normal variability. Humans have minimal effect on the overall climate.

What Postma says is that the scientists who have the ear of the IPCC and most of the world’s politicians have it all wrong. Their models depend on the earth being flat – which it is not. The sun is responsible for almost all of the heat on the planet’s surface. Many scientists think humans only have a very small effect on global climate.

Global warming models are based on flat earth physics, and the incorrect assumption that the input to the climate system is the “effective temperature” of the earth. Climate scientists took the output of their model, a ficticious temperature and applied that temperature as the input to the climate system. By doing this, they violated the laws of thermodynamics because heatflow is not reversible. See Joseph Postma’s explanation of the physics in the video below.

flat earth frozen sun - ice age?

If the base assumptions are wrong, and the base formulae are wrong, that is the reason all their models and predictions are wrong.

Postma’s book, “In the Cold Light of Day: Flat Earth in Modern Physics and a Numerical Proof for God: A Climate Alarm Story” explains this.

In the video below, Postma explains how scientists made the error of the flat earth as the basis of all global warming theory. Postma shows how their assumptions violate the laws of thermodynamics.

Astrophysicist Professor Valentina Zharkova

Professor Valentina Zharkova, a mathematician and PhD. astrophysicist has been studying the planet’s cycles for many years. In 2015, she predicted a new “minimum” or mini ice age would start around five years from that time, based on the known 400 year solar cycle.

Zharkova recently presented her findings on Climate and the Solar Magnetic Field hypothesis at the Global Warming Policy Foundation in October, 2018.

Using reported “eye observations” from the 13th and 14th centuries Professor Zharkova and her team ran calculations up to today. Then they pushed another 1200 years forward and 800 years backwards.

Their generated charts clearly matched all of the great climate change events across that time. The climate events include Minimums and warm periods. The Sun’s 400 year cycles can be seen clearly in the video below.

Here are those peaks and troughs and their timing. Maunder (grand) Minimum (1645-1715), Wolf (grand) minimum (1200), Oort (grand) minimum (1010-1050), Homer (grand) minimum (800-900 BC); the medieval (900-1200) warm period, Roman (400-10BC) and other warm periods. Their calculations and observations show the next Grand Minimum is not only close, it appears to be already starting. It appears to be confirmed by rapidly diminishing sunspot activity.

Maybe you are right, and maybe I am right. … It isn’t long to wait … the sun will decide very shortly. – Valentina Zharkova

When Zharkova made the prediction in 2015, that a new Grand Minimum was five years away, her critics said she was wrong. Her answer was “Maybe you are right, and maybe I am right. … It isn’t long to wait … the sun will decide very shortly.” Further on in this story, actual observations of the sun show she appears to be right.

At that time, Professor Zharkova and others predicted there could soon be a mini ice age lasting 40 to 70 years. Now, with almost 5 more years of new information and study, actual observations, and the speed of change, they say this ice age may last 350 to 400 years. That could be 200 years down to the minimum and then 200 years coming out.

The interesting thing about the past minimums we know about, unlike the gradual warming experienced, cooling happens fast. Very fast. And the world is not ready.

Professor Zharkova’s formulas take into consideration things IPCC scientists do not, because they focus on CO2 and a flat earth. Zharkova’s formulae include the effects of gravitation and magnetic fields.

“Science works by researching a field, making a prediction based on the research and then waiting and testing it. Professor Zharkova predicts a significant decrease in solar activity, with testable, empirical observational results, and scientists will wait to see what this change in activity will do.”

If Zharkova is right, the minimum and perhaps a mini ice age is close.

Tony Heller

Tony Heller is a research scientist with a Bacheolor’s degree in Geology and a Masters in Electrical Engineering. He is also a microprocessor designer who has done software development of climate models and conducted geothermal energy research at Los Alamos.

Tony Heller was a global warming activist, but he eventually realized the science did not support the theory. Since then, Heller has been debunking junk climate science for years. He has hundreds of videos on youtube, in which he shows NASA, NOAA and others clearly manipulating raw temperature data. It appears their staff have been fabricating data so they can get access to more funding. It is a broken funding system.

NASA charts of even the raw US temperature data were manipulated after 1999. Until 1999, the hottest U.S. year on record was in 1934. In 2000, the same chart had been manipulated to lower the peak 1934 temperature, as well as 1922, 1932, 1938 and other years through to 1979. Then, miraculously, temperatures started rising above actual new raw temperature readings. That made the chart look like temperature was on a steep upward trajectory. The new NASA chart even shows that 1999, 2007, 2013, 2015 and 2017 all exceeded the 1934 maximum, which they did not. Not until NASA manipulated the data.

People like to say they debunk Tony Heller’s work, but Heller only uses official data from mainstream sources (NOAA, NASA, IPCC, NCAR). The people who say Heller cannot be trusted should not use Intel i7 computers, because he helped design the i7.

Francis Hatton, the Manhattan Contrarian recently wrote that Tony Heller’s work is shining a light on NASA data tampering.

The video below shows some of the important original NASA and NOAA data. It also shows news sources of the past and how people can conduct their own research and fact-checking.

Which Scientists Are Discounted?

Climate warming alarmists often discount scientists who do not promote AGW, especially those in fields other than Climate Science. Clearly, the discussion of climate cannot exclude other scientists. Climate science should be based on “The Scientific Method” and the use of testable, verifiable mathematical models.

Alarmists like to say Astrophysicists, Geologists, mathematicians, engineers and many others should not be allowed to talk about climate. But Climate Science is more than measuring the temperature and components of the atmosphere. Scientists versed in the laws of thermodynamics can see when “climate scientists” use correct or incorrect models.

Scientists and non-scientists can also see when raw data is manipulated. They can test results and see when the climate models use false assumptions, false equivalences, or draw incorrect conclusions.

Alarmists want to impose a tyranny on others, destroying the concept of the scientific method. They may be doing this because of their desire “to be right” and to prevent others proving them wrong. Alarmists may have been fooled into believing a false hypothesis due to fear.

Whatever the reason, what most Alarmists do is not “Science.”

Climate Discussion Censorship

Politicians are already trying to prevent people talking about anything that isn’t sanctioned by them. Governments, national broadcasters and corporate media actively control what they tell us and what we can talk about. Governments are already working to stifle discussion. Schools teach false concepts, false absolutes, and intolerance. And they are breaking the scientific method while at the same time, wanting to teach STEM.

For these reasons, schoolchildren are now being used by activists to pressure politicians to reverse global warming. It can’t be done. Humans just do not have the ability to do that.

One of the tests I apply to most new things I see is “the reasonableness test.” To do this, either a part or the whole of something is tested with two questions. “Does this make sense,” and “does this seem reasonable.”

Anthropogenic Global Warming, caused by CO2 doesn’t make sense to me. Blaming a life-creating gas that makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere for causing a problem doesn’t seem reasonable. Neither does covering wild areas with windmills that kill wildlife and look ugly, and need mined rare earth materials and tons of concrete.

AWG activists have cleverly shut down discussion of these things by attacking and belittling their opponents and manipulating politicians using the media.

NASA Reports

Although NASA has been warning about disappearing ice in the Arctic and Antarctica, a recent report looks like a retraction. For the past few years, NASA said Antarctic ice is melting rapidly and massive chunks of ice have been breaking off.

That is true. It has always been true. What NASA failed to understand or report is that snow was still falling and packing down as it always had done.

They admitted they had only been using satellite data, not actual observations. Actual observation is difficult, but it seems inexcusable for them now to say they can’t tell the difference between clouds and snow on the ground. NASA now says that the amount of snow buildup makes up for much of the loss of ice in other areas of the Antarctic.

So where was the extra snow going? Not surprisingly, it was building up on the side where the magnetic south pole is moving. Ice is being lost mainly from areas on the opposite side, where the magnetic south pole is moving away from.

This is the reason many non-NASA observers (often called skeptics or deniers) have called out NASA for telling lies about Antarctica.

Brooke Medley, a NASA glaciologist said “Our findings don’t mean that Antarctica is growing; it is still losing mass, even with the extra snowfall.” Then, added this strange sentence: “What it means is that without these gains, we would have experienced even more sea level rise in the 20th century.”

Medley appears to be saying that we are just lucky it snowed otherwise we’d be in deep trouble. But it never stopped snowing. It was just that they a) didn’t notice it was snowing for the past 100 years, b) didn’t expect snow c) didn’t account for the fact it would snow and d) didn’t actually observe what was really happening.

Last week, one metre of rain fell in far north Queensland. NASA’s statement can be roughly translated into saying that it if hadn’t rained in Queensland, it would have been dry.

Fake NASA Data

NASA now uses “Modeled Temperature Data.” They have manipulated old data downwards. Tony Heller and many other researchers have documented this manipulation. The manipulation makes it appear that temperatures are continually increasing, leading the UN and politicians to warn about “runaway climate change.”

Looking at NASA modeled climate data, almost every day since 1997, the temperature has exceeded the 1934 maximum temperature. This is clearly a lie. NASA has erased all of the actual cooler temperatures between the 1940s to the 1970s. See the Tony Heller video above for an illustration of that.

In Australia, the record hottest year was 1939. On January 24 2019, South Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology reported the temperature exceeded the 1939 record for the first time.

This means the increase in maximum temperature between 1939 and 2019 is not 0.5 of one degree. It is zero. The maximum temperature is no hotter now than it was back in 1939. In addition, prior to that day, not a single day in the past 80 years had a temperature as hot as that. So where is this runaway warming trend?

One more interesting thing about this new Australian record day is that it was not surrounded by other really hot days. There were a few, but most were 10 to 20 degrees cooler.

One other easily observable thing is to look at official U.S. temperature data. There are unofficial charts that show the number of 95 degree days or 100 degree days each year. The number of hot days each year has been declining, as shown in the chart below.

percent days over 95
Percent of days over 95 degrees F, in U.S.

Geomagnetic Storm Update

April 20, 2020 saw the first geomagnetic storm of the year, a category G1. The CME hit Earth’s magnetic field, surprising forecasters, who did expected it to miss earth. Bright auroras were seen over Canada and some northern states in the USA.

What’s Coming?

As Professor Zharkhova says – and official solar observations show, the sun is going quiet, and the sun is by far the biggest driver of earth’s climate. Even NASA says the upper atmosphere is cooling rapidly. They first reported it in 2009.

If the next grand minimum starts now – and solar observations and the 400 year cycle say it is close – a big change is next.

More space junk will fall to earth and burn up in the atmosphere. This is a good thing, removing some dangerous items from the upper atmosphere. There are likely to be more auroras. There will be more long-lived coronal holes appearing, and more fast solar wind coming from those holes. There will be geomagnetic storms and geomagnetic disturbances that will cause problems for GPS. Some satellites may fall back to earth. Earth’s outer atmosphere will cool and get thinner. The sun’s magnetic field will weaken, allowing more dangerous cosmic rays to reach the earth.

Both of these problems will further reduce the effectiveness of windmills, reducing the amount of power they generate. Western democracies need cheap consistent sustained power. This is the reason our countries have done so well. Take away the cheap sustained consistent power and replace it with massive power outages, and our economies are likely to collapse.

State governments in South Australia and Victoria decided to force coal-fired power station owners to shut down and change to “sustainable energy.” The folly of this will soon be obvious to Australians, even those tricked into believing the Anthropogenic Global Warming story.

There is no need for this story to convince anyone of anything. The sun and the climate will do what they always do. When solar panels and windmills fail, there will be no backup from the coal-fired power plants.

Coal-fired or gas-fired power plants don’t care if the sun is shining or not, the wind is blowing or not, rain, snow, hail or sleet is falling or not. In addition, coal and gas-fired power stations don’t care if a volcano blows its top and blots out the sun for six months. They still generate electricity.

In a solar minimum, crops fail and bacteria grows. There will be food shortages. Foreign countries will continue to buy up productive land in other countries.

Generating Power In Cold Climates

To get an idea of what works in a cold climate, look at Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. 99.9% of their power generation is Hydro or fuel oil. They have a very small amount of wind power. At the retail level they have the most expensive power in Canada. Even with large government subsidies, there is a very low uptake of solar.

Ontario, Canada has 3 nuclear power stations with 16 units, which provide half their power baseload. There are also 33 gas-fired plants, 10 burning biomass or landfill gas, 141 hydro plants, 45 wind farms and 3 solar farms. The wind and solar provide a tiny fraction of the power they use.

In Moscow, Russia, November, December and January have less than one hour of sunlight per day. There is very little solar power. Most of their power is provided by oil, gas, coal and hydro, with small scale wind in places where there is very low population density. They do have some biomass and wave power.

With more research, solar panels could generate more output in snow by changing siting angles and automatic snow clearance. Windmills with black rotors have been tested to reduce the icing problem. Extreme cold makes metals and composite materials brittle. Composite materials expand and contract and shatter.

Depending on the length and depth of the next minimum, it could just be cold or there may be a mini ice age. The deeper and longer the minimum, the more devastating it will be on the most northern and the most southern cities and infrastructure closest to the poles.


According to the known solar cycles, the main ones lasting 11 years and 400 years, a solar minimum is close, perhaps starting now, perhaps in 1-2 years. Carbon dioxide has nothing to do with these solar cycles. As Professor Zharkova said, the sun will soon decide whether she is right or the solar cycle skeptics are right. There is no need to convince anyone of this.

That’s the way science works. Observe and measure.

If this is the start of a new minimum, many millions of people are likely to die, because when the cold from a solar minimum arrives, it will be fast. If it does, solar and wind power systems will spectacularly fail to provide the power that populations need to survive deep cold. Crops will be almost impossible to grow reliably and in quantity in higher latitudes.

Cold weather and reduction of ultraviolet light would result in crop disease and crop failures.

Having shut down coal-fired power plants and gas-fired power-plants, some governments will not be able to protect their people from the freezing cold.

The Anthropogenic Global Warming proponents are likely to say their theory is still right, even as ice begins creeping closer to the equator over the next 20-200 years.

If this is really the start of a mini ice age, major changes lie ahead. Those changes may be devastating.

Alan Gray
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