The Only Way from Rock Bottom is Up – The Life of Vietnamese-American Huy Nguyen

How many times can someone hit rock bottom in their life? Nobody keeps a count of it but we all remember the times when we were down, out and low. Times when it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel but only darkness. Huy Nguyen knows that feeling.

It is in these times that we pick ourselves up and make something of what life has thrown at us. It is time to get up and rise to the top. History is quite evident of such people who came from nothing but achieved a lot more than they could ask for. Names like TV personality Oprah Winfrey, fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, and owner of Ray Ban, Leonardo Del Vecchio dreamed of success and finally made it happen.

Huy Nguyen image. Photo c/o Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen. Photo c/o Huy Nguyen

Sheer hard work and determination is the key to achieving maximum success. Another name that will soon join the ranks of the above is that of Vietnamese-American Huy Nguyen who hit rock bottom a couple of years ago. Now he is on a never-ending streak of climbing to the top.

Born on June 27, 1982, Huy was the boy next door in Houston, Texas with big dreams of becoming rich and successful. He held many jobs as a teenager such as working in a restaurant, a car shop and a retail store.

Due to some unfortunate events, hanging around the wrong people, and making wrong choices, Huy lost everything he owned after catching a legal case in 2011. This was the lowest point in his life. He fought the case for years, and even though Huy and the State of Texas came to an agreement, nobody would hire Huy because of his background.

He got a minimum wage job to work under a fellow Vietnamese-American who owned an HVAC company. Huy learned everything about heating, ventilation and air conditioning and after grinding it out for 4 years, he started his own HVAC company with just $20,000.

By being his own boss, Huy worked hard day and night to ensure his business keept on growing. Today, Huy’s HVAC company, AMS ColdPro, LLC is valued over a million dollars! That’s way more than what Huy had hoped for. He believes, “it is never too late to get up and move on up in life. No matter how tough things get, you can always make a name for yourself with hard work, patience and right decisions.”

Today, Huy Nguyen is the owner of two businesses, the other being a trucking and logistics company by the name of The Cargo Crew, LLC. Huy has many business plans for the future and it will be interesting to wait and watch what this young entrepreneur is up to next.

Story by Linda Miller