Renowned Fence Expert Jim Acosta Discovers Useless Barrier At CNN

Renowned fence expert, CNN’s own Jim Acosta was pleased to discover a fence at CNN that he could pass judgement on.

As usual, Acosta’s ranting made little sense, but in the USA, he has the right to say almost anything he wants. That is likely to remain the case for at least another four years, as he campaigns vigorously to re-elect Donald Trump.

Back in January 2019, Acosta went on a rant about the wall at the southern US border. His aim was to prove that walls don’t work, but instead, he proved the opposite.

Acosta’s attempts to portray himself as a valued journalist are constantly trashed by his own actions, as a provocateur rather than a seeker of knowledge.

That’s why he has become a caricature of himself. While he continues to pretend he is a journalist, all he succeeds in doing is tarnishing good journalists.

CNN’s Jim Acosta, Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, Chris Cuomo, and Anderson Cooper are all clowns, not journalists. Their main value is giving the world something to laugh about. Sadly, many democrats wrongly believe these loons are journalists.

Jim Acosta, Fence Expert. Cartoon by NewsBlaze
Jim Acosta, Fence Expert. Cartoon by NewsBlaze
Alan Gray
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