Jim Acosta Proves Walls Don’t Work, Irony Escapes CNN

CNN’s Jim Acosta proves that walls don’t work, but the irony of his words escapes CNN producers.

Jim Acosta and CNN may be more dumb than anyone thought possible.

Or could it be that the mainstream media and the politicians against the wall have ulterior motives? Could it be they have an interest in drug trafficking, human trafficking or other corruption?

Why else would they now be against securing America’s border, when they were so adamant about doing it a few years ago?

The so-called humanitarian cases could freely go to the US port of entry and present their case. Instead, they pay coyotes thousands of dollars to try to sneak across the border at an unfenced location.

The Democrats who want more undocumented voters and the republicans who want cheap labor are fighting against the wall. The main driving force for the democrats is they are against anything that Donald Trump does. Even though they wanted a wall and voted for it when they played wall-politics in 2008-2009.

walls dont work - jim acosta.

President Trump said 23% of Federal inmates are illegal immigrants, and from 2011 to 2018, Texas recorded a total of 292,000 crimes by illegal aliens, 539 murders, 32,000 assaults, 3,426 sexual assaults and 3000 weapons charges.

New York Times fact checkers were keen to demolish the president’s numbers, but only succeeded in proving that people who were in the country illegally inflicted great damage on others. Yet all of the Democrats and some Republicans don’t want to keep those people out. They don’t mind that thousands of Americans have their lives destroyed by bad people who shouldn’t have been allowed in.

America has enough bad people of its own. Comparing the number of crimes by illegals to the number by citizens and saying the percentages are low is a stupid exercise by politically-motivated hacks. What they are saying in effect is that they care more about illegals than American Citizens. The number of violent crimes by illegals should be zero. That wold be a good statistic, but it will never happen.

Even if the number was zero, it still makes no sense to spend massive amounts of taxpayer money every year to catch and release people prepared to illegally enter the country and break the laws that citizens are forced to comply with. It makes a complete mockery of the law, and effectively means the Congress may as well be shut down.


Alan Gray
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