Watching Movies from a Smartphone

A favorite pastime for many involves kicking back with candy and popcorn to enjoy a movie. High-tech smartphones and tablets let viewers replicate that experience anywhere. Mobile streaming makes it possible to watch movies without an HDMI cable, but viewing a movie on a phone is much different than seeing one on TV or in a theatre.

However, there are ways to enhance the experience. Watching movies via streaming apps lets a user quickly download titles and good headphones or earbuds make a world of difference in the quality of sound.

Apps Galore

There are tons of apps that advertise streaming services. Choose one of the established, reputable sites with great performance and reviews. For example, Showbox can be used with Smartphones or Tablets running on the Android OS. It’s easy to use and viewers watch many HD movies and TV shows for free. No registration or account setup is requested, ensuring the privacy of those who use the service.

Mastering Setup Options

Many users place strain on their neck and shoulders from holding the phone for hours. This is completely avoidable. Many phone cases come with a built-in stand. This allows for hands-free viewing, so viewers can multitask or reach for some popcorn. A quick internet search reveals tons of stands for Androids and iPhones, so users can truly customize their viewing experience.

Consider Sound Quality

A great soundtrack can improve the entire movie. To pick up every detail, choose high-quality headphones. For those watching with a friend, Bluetooth speakers offer better audio quality than the speaker on most phones and tablets.

Earphones, headsets and earbuds come wired, wireless or wire-free. Earphones connect to a smartphone via a 3.5mm cable. Alternately, Bluetooth earphones provide a wireless audio experience. Wired earphones are the cheapest option and don’t require charging. Bluetooth earphones are convenient because no physical connection is needed, but batteries have to be kept charged.

Unfortunately, Bluetooth earphones can’t yet be used with a 3.5mm port via removable cable, so users have to keep them charged for use.

Viewers use an iPhone or Android phone or tablet at home or while they are out and about to watch movies. It only takes a bit of planning to get the best viewing and audio quality possible.

Melissa Thompson
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