5 Sites Any Pop Culture Lover Needs to Know About

The term pop culture has become an everyday word in the media industry. But what is pop culture referring too? Pop culture has been accepted as a set of practices, beliefs, and objects that are leading and world-wide, in public at any given point in time. The most used pop culture categories are entertainment(i.e., movies, music, and television), sports, news (i.e., people and places), politics, fashion, and technology. Another item that has become popular in the 21st century of pop culture is slang terms, especially with teens, such as “going viral.” A trait of pop culture is its easy convenience to people all over the world because it is the culture of the people.

With these important traits in mind, pop culture could be explained as the products and characteristics of communication and uniqueness that are regularly faced or largely accepted, frequently liked or shared, and characteristics of a specific group at any given time.

In the 1980s the term pop culture became normalized, before then, popular was the word used to describe top songs or best-selling books. Pop culture includes thoughts, ideas, attitudes, perspectives, and images that are desired by the universal bulk of society. During the end of the 20th century and into the present century pop culture has gained more globalization.

Pop culture has been fascinating people for a while, and everyone wants to be in the know about the latest in music, print, the cyber world, sports, entertainment, leisure activities, fads in fashion or diet, advertising and television. Pop culture is all-consuming by a majority of the population. Today pop-culture is substantially utilized through our phones. Social media, blogs, news, music, video games, and much more are easily available at our fingertips through our phones.

There are many pop culture blogs available worldwide, but the following sites pride themselves on updating their followers with quality content. Here are five popular websites for all your pop culture content:

  1. VIP Concierge

VIP Concierge is the place to go if you want to keep informed about the biggest event, entertainment, and important news happening worldwide. Members of VIP can attend exclusive events such as award shows, movie premiers, celebrity parties, red carpet events, and many other special occasions. VIP Concierge focuses on the following channels: VIP events, experiences, box office, an entertainment blog, luxury amenities, sports, and activities.

  1. The Verge

The Verge is an American media network operated by Vox Media that focuses more on technology news. The Verge publishes feature stories, guide books, news items, product reviews, and podcasts. They examine how technology is changing life for large audiences. A weekly podcast called The Vergecast is a weekly broadcast.

  1. The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast is a news and opinions website. Its focus is on politics and pop culture. Channels you can follow are politics, entertainment, world news, half-full (eat, drink and think), culture, U.S. news, innovation, scouted, and travel.

  1. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a popular, independent digital media company that influences data and innovation. The cross-platform networks, which include Buzzfeed’s original channel, create articles, lists, quizzes, and videos. Buzzfeed Media Brands which is a lifestyle and food channel. The site produces daily content. Buzzfeed creates original content on its YouTube channel through Buzzfeed Video and Buzzfeed Motion Pictures.

5. Slate Magazine

Slate is an online daily magazine and podcast focused on current affairs, politics, and culture. The publication, updated during the day and reports on politics, arts and culture, sports technology and news. Slate Magazine has a strong and witty take on news and current events in the world.

Final Thoughts

The word pop culture possesses numerous meanings differing on who is defining the term, and it’s use, it embraces what is well-known in the populace at that specific moment in time. The term pop culture is influenced by communications between the public and their everyday pursuits. We are constantly attached to our phones, where we can easily access news, like, share, comment and express our opinions on popular subjects. The captivation with pop culture shows no signs of slowing down, love it, or hate it, pop culture is shaping our lives and should not be disregarded. Pop culture acknowledged as the culture for the people.

5 Sites Any Pop Culture Lover Needs to Know About
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