Gabriel Patterson, Winnipeg Personal Trainer, Announces New Fitness App

Gabriel Patterson, a certified personal trainer and fitness guru, has found another way to make the world a healthier place with his plans to launch his new fitness app. Gabriel Patterson is originally from Winnipeg, Canada; he currently resides in Toronto. His approach to fitness is considered holistic, as Mr. Patterson believes that being healthy is not only about exercise and diet but about meditation and mindfulness as well. The overarching principle in Mr. Patterson’s approach to fitness and nutrition is balance.

Gabriel Patterson’s new nutrition app will not be the first tool that he has offered to the public to encourage healthier lifestyles. In July of 2019, he also launched a free total body transformation program for twenty-five of his clients. In both of these undertakings, Mr. Patterson sought to improve the whole of his clients and not just the physical aspects of their bodies.

When Gabriel Patterson was asked in an interview what made him different from other personal trainers, he replied, “I am different than other personal trainers because I focus not necessarily on numbers on the scale, although that can be important, but how my clients feel and the internal changes they go through as well. I discuss my clients’ goals for mind and body and help them unite these aspects.” Mr. Patterson is not only concerned with the physical results that his clients get from his fitness and nutrition programs but the emotional benefits they experience as well.

Gabriel Patterson is all about striking the right balance as a personal trainer, and he consistently demonstrates this in his approach to nutrition and fitness. He is extremely knowledgeable about how exercise and nutrition affect the human body as a whole, and in addition to fitness training, he counsels his clients to make sure they get the right balance of dietary nutrients.

When it comes to his clients’ exercise regime, balance is once again the guiding principle. Mr. Patterson advises his clients to include variety in their fitness routine and emphasizes injury prevention. “You need to vary your workout regularly. If you don’t, you will be vulnerable to repetitive-use injuries, such as shin splints and tendinitis,” Patterson warned in a recent interview. In other words, the key to a good exercise regime is balance.

With the amount of passion that Gabriel Patterson has for his chosen profession, his new fitness app is sure to be a success. Mr. Patterson is unique in that he not only cares about the direction the numbers are moving on his clients’ scales, but about his clients’ bodies, minds, and spirits as well. As Mr. Patterson said in an interview, “I want to make the world a healthier place, and I seek to provide people with as many tools as possible so they can reach their goals.” Mr. Patterson’s new nutrition app will surely do just that.

Melissa Thompson
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