Twitter Users Looking To Inspire A “Radical” New TV Show

What is The Million Dollar Question ?

This is the Question Twitter users will be asking as a new Q&A account begins to gain popularity by asking what does “Make America Great Again” really mean ?

The account’s description suggests that the concept was created to be a model for a proposed TV Show. And a direct message to the account holder revealed that the page is just that. It is also a means to pitch the show idea to networks around the world without all the red tape.

twitter users - million dollar question
Twitter users promote the million dollar question

The Concept Behind The Show : The Host will ask six contestants randomly selected questions ( questions selected from the Q&A website ). Each of the six contestants will give an unscripted answer. Next, a panel of randomly selected judges ( selected from the studio audience ) will vote on the best answer.

The last round ends by asking “The Million Dollar Question” with the best answer becoming known as “The Million Dollar Answer,” worth a million dollars.

The uniqueness of this idea is that the show would be totally unpredictable because it is totally unscripted. Although the Questions would be selected for the show, the answers are totally up to the contestants.

Note – The Million Dollar Questions go on to become trending topics on social media. This lets the world in on the fun of being able to answer some of the most thought-provoking and controversial questions.

Inspired by The Twitter Page : The Million Dollar Question

Editor’s Note – This show idea was created by Black Ink, which is a creative think tank founded by the controversial author & commentator King Nazir Muhammad.

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