New Home Marketing Tips To Get Your Home Sold

Finding the right buyer for your home property is no easy job. Tons of realtors are competing, both offline and online to close a deal. How can you outshine a pool of aggressive sellers in the market today without hiring the services of a realtor? Can you possibly be your own real estate agent?

Thanks to the glorious features of the internet, you can now market and manage your home property without so much fuss. Plus! You get to maximize the amount of money you’ll be getting from your sale.

It would be helpful to tap a reliable sales coach from to understand how you can get more prospects online.

Meanwhile, you can also start making initial steps for your listing with these new and exciting marketing tips to easily and quickly sell your home:

Add Social Media Sharing Widgets To Your Property Pages

It’s not enough that you have a great webpage for your property listing if people don’t know they exist. To get the most out of your digital presence, make it easy for potential clients to share the word about your home property.

Today, there are a lot of free and premium social media sharing tools, including a follow button that regularly notifies web visitors once you post new content. By having these plugins, it’s easy for your readers to cascade information to their personal social media accounts, which, as a result, can double the amount of exposure for your home property listing.

Aside from growing your audience, having the right share and follow buttons also helps increase engagement on your website.

Sell Properties To People In Your Local Area Using Facebook Marketplace

Another new and convenient way to sell your home online is through Facebook’s Marketplace platform. Today, many businesses capitalize on the massive reach of Facebook in capturing leads, engaging with potential buyers, and achieving higher sales.

If you’re new to this in-app platform, here are some key features that you need to know:

  • It gives you easy access to Buy and Sell Groups nearby. These are groups that are filtered according to your current location.
  • Generally, there are three major businesses selling on Marketplace: Automotive, Real Estate, Retail & E-commerce.
  • It further organizes listings according to these categories: Home & Garden, Clothing & Accessories, Electronics, Family, Classifieds, Hobbies, Entertainment, and Home Sales.
  • Buyers can easily filter Home listings based on price and proximity. For instance, they can choose between a suggested radius (general area based on their current location) and custom radius (listings within a specific distance).
  • Since each listing is linked directly to a seller’s Facebook account, it’s more convenient for buyers to ask inquiries. Sellers, on the other hand, can respond to these queries in real-time using Facebook’s Messenger.
  • Sellers can put up and manage listings without additional Facebook charges.

Here are some tips to get better offers and faster sale on Marketplace:

  • Choose authentic and updated photos of your property. Add more photos with multiple angles to show any damage or wear. Remember, you need to establish transparency and trust with your potential buyers.
  • Provide an honest and concise description of your property listing. When selling online, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of any potential buyers. Couple your photos with a description that answers the possible questions a buyer might have. For example, location, floor and lot area of your property, amenities, and other details that an interested buyer might want to know more about.
  • Set a price that’s fair and realistic. You can always check similar items on the platform to get a better picture of your market rate.
  • Be a responsive seller. Earn positive ratings from your buyers by accommodating buyer queries, payment processing, and actual turnover of the item as quick and easy as possible.

Create Your Own Google My Business Page

Did you know that Google prioritizes listings uploaded on the Google My Business Page in locals searches? Having an optimized Google My Business listing is nearly as good as landing a spot enjoyed by paid advertisers.

Here are exciting things to know about this business platform:

  • It’s a free business profile on Google that appears right in front of potential buyers every time they search for a similar property on Search or Maps.
  • Your website will be automatically generated based on your business profile. You can enjoy custom features, such as a custom domain name that will easily identify your business plus attractive texts, photos, and website themes.
  • Your Google My Business Page is also mobile-friendly. Thus, it automatically adjusts to the screen used by your web visitors.
  • Similar to other social media sites, you can also engage potential buyers with creative posts. With the help of the Insights feature, you can also monitor what content is working.
  • Insights also allow you to view how many times your post was seen and how many times a visitor checked your button.

Lastly, before you schedule a site visit with your potential buyers, make a good first impression by learning tips on how you can prepare your home for sale.

Build Conversations With Your Potential Buyers Today!

Now that you have an idea of how you can get ahead of other home property sellers online, it’s time to build loyalty by sparking conversations with your buyers, today. Take note, your first buyer could be your best advertiser for your future listings!

Always leave room for reviews where buyers can share their overall journey with you as their seller. Don’t be afraid of getting negative reviews! Respond immediately and use it as a learning opportunity to address your buyer’s pain points better in the future.

Melissa Thompson
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