Ashraf 3 Has a Twin City Award in a European City Now

In Tirana, Albania, is the newly built city of Ashraf 3. It was the place for a gathering of 350 prominent figures lawmakers, officials, and dignitaries from around the world. The VIPs traveled to Albania last weekend to take part in the 2019 Free Iran rally.

Among the participants were former U.S. Vice Presidential candidate and Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. There were also many European Delegations, including a large political and social activist and officials from France. The 5-Day Conference started on July 13.

Praise For Ashraf 3

The conference was held at “Ashraf 3,” home of the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). Participants focused on the issue of the Iranian Regime’s final phase.

PMOI/MEK members attending the Iranian opposition NCRI annual “Free Iran” conference in Ashraf 3.

Mayor Giuliani described the PMOI as freedom fighters, emphasizing that the NCRI, led by Madam Rajavi, is the democratic alternative against the horrific and terrorism mullahs’ regime.

mayor rudy giuliani in ashraf 3
Mayor Rudy Giuliani speaks on stage in Ashraf 3

French Mayor Jean-François Legare

“We are all citizens of Ashraf. When we see this extraordinary energy and the miracles you’ve achieved, you’ve done all of this in 16 months. This is magnificent,” said Jean-François Legare, the mayor of the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

“It is important that you eradicate the mullahs’ regime. Iran keeps on lying and deceiving. It is important that democracy in Tehran is achieved and freedom is achieved,” Mayor Legaret said about the Iranian resistance’s ongoing struggle.

francois legaret twin city to ashraf 3
Francois Legaret twin city to Ashraf 3

Mayor Legaret then revealed his surprise. “We have decided to declare Ashraf 3 a city of international dialogue and a sister city of the 1st Arrondissement of Paris. We want to sign a declaration with the mayor of Ashraf 3,” Legare said as he presented the declaration. “We promise to keep a dialogue between our municipalities and Ashraf 3. I’m happy with all my colleagues to give you this declaration.”

The Iranian Regime Threats

In another event Mullah Rouhani, the Iranian Regime’s President in a weekly cabinet session on Wednesday, July 10, fearing the accelerating tensions with the International community, threatened the United Kingdom; “I warn the British that you are the initiator of insecurity and you will understand its consequences later,” he said. “Of course, the British might have done so on the U.S. orders or what is called the ‘B’ group, which is, of course, a wrong measure,” he added.

Former Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) chief Mohsen Rezaie, now Secretariat of the regime’s Expediency Council, had already resorted to similar threats. “If Britain does not release Iran’s tanker, it is the authorities’ duty to seize a British tanker,” he said.

Following that, CNN reported on Thursday, July 18 that, Iran has seized an oil tanker it claimed was carrying 1 million liters of “smuggled fuel. Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) forces ambushed the tanker, carrying 12 people on board.

Resistance Units

Most of the participants in the Ashraf 3 great events reiterated that there is a well-organized resistance networking led by the PMOI inside Iran. This net is well known to the people of Iran by the name “Resistance Units.” Resistance Unit members are very active in supporting and organizing people protesting, gathering and delivering aid to the affected people in different flood-hit areas. They also destroy icons of the regime to convey hatred of the people toward the ruling mullahs.

Members of “Resistance Units,” escalated their activities in the months of June and July. These further prove how the Iranian people yearn to topple the mullahs’ rule.

Ashraf-3 is a new city, still in progress. 30 months ago, the area was farmland in Albania. It is placed between the Albanian capital of Tirana and the Adriatic coastline.

Hassan Mahmoudi is a human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.