8 Brilliant Ideas on How to Get the House Ready for Sale

The first impression can be decisive for the buyers choosing a particular house. Fortunately, many things are easy to change to ensure that the house will look optimal when it comes to selling.

Make the house welcoming

There are some things that need to be considered before calling the broker. A small home optimization of the basics can help get a home sold as quickly and efficiently as possible – and at the right price.

If the house appears as inviting as possible, it is easier to close to sale!

Fortunately, it does not require much to achieve a great result.

1. The garden gate

The garden gate is often the first thing the buyer meets. Make sure it is easy to open, it doesn’t creak. What is more, check that the mailbox also gives the right impression.

Generally, the first impression is an essential part of the entire sale, so remember to trim the hedge and mow the grass. If necessary, place a potted plant at the door so that it looks welcoming.

2. Painting does wonders

A tip number two on how to sell a house is: use a bucket of paint! Freshly painted living rooms give a nice and clean impression. Choose bright, neutral colors – they sell best and provide a greater space effect while scratching blue, green or red colors can easily scare away buyers.

Bright and white walls also give the impression of larger rooms, more spaciousness and natural light. Which is something that sells well.

3. Get rid of the carpets

When it comes to the floors, wooden floors are at the top of the buyers’ top list. So if there are wall-to-wall carpets and nice wooden planks under them, rip the carpets off.

4. Take care of the kitchen space

Many underestimate a kitchen’s ability to sell a house. A bright, large and spacious kitchen is worth gold. If the kitchen is not like that, there is still plenty to do to influence the buyer. Are there a lot of kitchen appliances in view? Hide them.

A kitchen that is stuffed in kitchen appliances may seem much smaller than it really is. If possible, pack items when displaying the kitchen.

5. Clean the house very carefully

Cleanup is essential – if it is scruffy or cluttered, then the buyer can quickly get the idea that the house’s maintenance is also sloppy.

6. Remove some furniture if the living room is stuffed

If the objects and furniture are very close, it is important to also “lighten” the decor slightly by removing nips, chairs and small tables. Very personal things such as sports trophies and family photos – especially if there are many of them – should also be saved along the way.

If the shelves abound with souvenirs and personal items, the buyer may find it difficult to imagine his own things in the home.

7. Create a pleasant aroma

Simple and less personal surroundings make it easier for the buyer to see the possibilities in the home and to imagine decor with their own furniture.

Another thing that sells well is the scent that speaks to the buyer’s senses. If a comfortable and seductive scent spreads in the house as the buyer moves through the rooms, this is definitely a plus. There are many things that can create this aroma. Air out, brew coffee, make sure there are fresh flowers behind curtains.

8. The bathroom

The bathroom is also a significant space for each person. So, table space and surfaces generally should not be covered with a lot of things.

Remove all the things that make the room seem messy and store the laundry basket, or at least make sure there is no clear view of the dirty clothes. If necessary, change the bath curtain; a brand new shower curtain does not cost much and makes a world different.


It is completely possible to prepare a house for sale 100% without professional help. Just apply these 8 ideas.

Melissa Thompson
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