As Joe Biden’s Mental Capacity Declines, Media, DNC & Twitter Cover Up.

Every day now, Joe Biden’s mental capacity is seen to decline, and the Media, DNC and anti-social big tech such as twitter cover it up.

When even progressive radio show host Joe Rogan pointed it out, twitter announced they would “cancel” Rogan.

Many Democrats don’t seem to care that a clear case of elder abuse is going on in front of their eyes. They know they don’t have a single candidate that can go up against Donald Trump, but they are pinning their hopes on Biden.

The sad thing is that Joe Biden’s wife is a doctor who should know better, but she seems to be playing the bait-and-switch game along with the DNC. It is very clear that poor Joe has a serious problem, and that there is no way he can possibly operate as president.

Front-Man Mental Capacity

Biden may be the front-man, but he is clearly an impaired puppet. This is the reason they have him operating from his basement. They can’t afford for things to be opened up so he can have rallies and debates.

They are hoping against hope that Joe can last until the election, which is the reason they are hoping the COVID-19 issue doesn’t go away until after the election.

The Game

The game is to pick a VP who can step in as soon as Joe fails, but they don’t have anyone who is prepared. The word is they will pick a woman, possibly “a woman of color” as they are fond of saying. That will allow them to continue this charade.

The problem for them is that they have no policies, other than the failed policies of Barack Obama to run on. Obama spied on his opponents, turned the IRS, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and other agencies on their domestic enemies. He also started wars around the world, which lead to the massive outflow of refugees that have devastated Europe and parts of the USA.


Trump, even though some don’t like his style, has brought back the jobs Obama said would never come back. And he has lifted millions of Americans out of poverty, getting them off food stamps and into the workforce where they were able to regain their self-esteem and participate in the economy.

Trump has done more for black Americans than any other president, other than Abraham Lincoln. Biden put millions of black men into prison, but Trump has freed the ones that were not the Clinton/Biden “superpredators” and should not have still been in prison.

Now, of course, we are suffering through the protests and associated anarchy since George Floyd’s monstrous death. The Democrats are blaming all of the riots on Trump, but they know the police are controlled by the states, and the states where most of the problems are happening are Democrat-run states. The federal administration has little control over state police. – Except that the Obama Administration sold a massive amount of military equipment to state police forces.

Quotes From Black Americans

Here are some quotes from black Americans at the Tulsa rally:

Sain from South Carolina, wearing a “Blacks For Trump 2020” shirt: “[Trump’s] personality doesn’t sell, but his policy does. … There’s nothing he can do to fix the problems in our local community – we the people (Americans) have to come together. There shouldn’t be all these black, white, asian communities, we’re all just Americans.”

“I’m Bruce Carter, and I’m from America. (started Trump For Urban Communities). In 2016, I was for Bernie and I went through 46 states and I saw the issues in the communities that Democrats had led. They were predominately black communities and for 40 years, they had poverty and crime, and there was no progress. I decided then I was never going to support Hillary … and Trump was the superior candidate.”

Asked about what he would say to the black community, Carter says black business owners see that Trump’s business policies have helped them, and while they may not agree with the rhetoric, the policies are what really counts.

For non-business people, Carter has another message. “Find what’s important to you and who will provide that. Do not vote because somebody gets on a stage and says ‘No justice, no peace.’ Get educated, look at policy, and look at which policy is going to take you to the next step of life,” Carter said. “Now your conscience is clear. If you decide to vote for Biden, you can defend that, if you decide to vote for Trump, you can defend why you did. We have to start voting for ourselves, and not for these principles that never go anywhere.”

Carter had one more important thing to say. “After you vote, hold them accountable. Stop voting for the same people over decades and decades [when] there’s no progress.”


Joe Biden has been in politics for 50 years, but now, voters are supposed to believe that even though he put black men in prison, supported the abortion of millions of black babies and helped keep black people in poverty by opening the borders to illegal aliens, he is their man to suddenly fix everything.

Well, good luck with that, Joe can’t even string a half dozen sentences together in a coherent stream.

Trump has been president for three years and the DNC wants people to believe all the ills in America are his fault.

On The Record Or Promises

Politicians can either run on their record or they can run on promises. In either case, voters must make a choice. If a politician runs on their record, voters should be able to objectively (not emotionally) check what they say against what actually happened. If they run on promises, voters must look for indicators that prove or disprove their claims they can do what they say.

Sadly for joe, he has a record of following, rather than leading, and of putting black men in prison. And remember that if you don’t vote for him, “You ain’t black.” And in any case, he will not be president, even if he makes it to the election and wins. His VP will slide in and voters will get whatever that brings.

Choose Wisely

Americans must choose wisely. And they must see the games played by the DNC, RNC, media and big tech. Big tech is a major threat to Freedom of Speech, and currently democrats seem to like that because it favors “their guy.”

But all people should be very careful promoting a corporation as the arbiter of truth, because at some point, it will turn on you, too.

That’s why winning at all costs is a bad strategy, and intelligent people should know it. They know it just as they know Governors control the police, the President does not. And if the police really are institutionally racist, then the state government is at fault. And just as that is true, it means they don’t care. But you knew that.

At the 2016 election, many black people took a chance on Donald Trump. Many black business owners and many others who switched to Trump have seen positive gains, even though they may not like his rhetoric. What’s much more important than words – is actions – something they never got from Obama and Biden.

joe biden for prez policies. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.
joe biden for prez policies. Cartoon by NewsBlaze.
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