What Will Make You Happy?

When I was growing up, like many of you who read this article, I was a manipulative spoiled brat. I came from a middle-class family where I manipulated my family. My parents owned a supermarket, where my brother James Allemann and I worked. My problem was dodging work and taking my father’s car to hang out at night clubs with older ladies.

Like anyone growing up, your character is developed from how you’re raised. Spoiling young children and not guiding them to adulthood only leads them astray.

There are those though who come from single-parent homes who don’t have the guidance of full family life, yet they uplift themselves. Unfortunately, many young men and women from minority communities don’t have the education to write a full story.

What will make them happy?

At this point in their lives many are in gangs, which replaces their family. So they have a false sense of happiness. However, there’s another situation here which constitutes family values – and that includes the church, bible class, respect in the household for Father and Mother – and praying in school.

pete allman
Peter Allman, happy in the sun.

When anyone accepts God into their lives, they become a new person. Their attitude changes and they follow the way of Jesus Christ. When one is in the community of people like themselves, it helps stay away from negative forces.

For those of you who understand Satan, there is always that temptation that we have to face. This is why community is so important with other Christians.

Now you ask yourself, “what will make me happy.”

The simplest way to achieve true happiness is first to accept Jesus Christ into your lives.

Stepping out in faith without analyzing anything is the first step. Next is to put God first in all you do and not let the mandatory things in life take precedence over God.

While the path of life has its hills and valleys, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that concentrating on defusing one’s frustrations is such that we must find something to balance things out and that would be a combination of exercise, yoga, nature walks, meditation, listening to classical music, and reading, to mention the major ones.

This is what will make you happy when you incorporate these things in your life.

Pete Allman
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