New YouTube Update Unlocks Exciting New Metrics, Copyrighted Music and Features for Creators

The most recent YouTube update aimed at creators delivers a wide variety of new features, ranging from new subscriber metrics to a larger library of copyrighted music that can be used for videos.

Facilitating Access to Copyrighted Music

YouTube has expanded its partnerships with music labels and publishers to increase the amount of music that creators can use in their videos. This will enable individuals to use more copyrighted songs without preventing them from monetizing their content. Up to this recent update, including any type of copyrighted music in a video would prevent the creator from earning revenue from the content.

This particular feature is currently available to a limited number of creators, however, it is expected to go public in the coming months.

More Metrics for Creators

YouTube has also added new metrics that content creators can use to better understand how their videos are doing. One of the main features here is the ability to see how many subscribers creators gain from community posts.

This is designed to give individuals a way to strategically plan their efforts, especially when used to the ‘disappearing community posts’ that the platform is currently testing.

Remix metrics have also received improvements. Creators will now be able to see the total number of remix views and the top 15 remixes on mobile and desktop.

youtube remix for creators. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
youtube remix for creators. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay, cropped by NewsBlaze.

A Better Copyright Details Page

The platform also reworked its video copyright details page, making it easier for creators to see a full overview of claims and other factors that might affect their videos. Individuals will be able to see, at a glance, if a video is eligible for monetization if it has a content ID claim and the exact sections of the video that contain the copyrighted content.

It will also be easier for creators to see if a claim on a particular video is affecting their entire channel.

Youtube Update Interface Changes

For mobile users, YouTube has also moved the Playlists tab from the Studio navigation menu to a new tab in the Content Hub. The place of the Playlists tab will be occupied by Comments. In the YouTube update for 2022, the company explained that the most used pages should be easier to access.

A Platform That’s Constantly Evolving

YouTube has undergone several major updates throughout the platform’s lifetime, and the company’s developers are constantly bringing new features to both creators as well as regular users. This latest update went live this week and most new changes are already available to both creators.

Access to the new copyrighted content, however, is expected to be available for all creators after a few more months, and the list of available music may grow afterward. YouTube’s new partnerships with music labels and publishers are expected to offer creators more flexibility when making videos and also to make it easier to monetize content.

While it is unknown how the presence of copyrighted music will affect the platform’s algorithm, Local SEO, both on-page and through networking, may be able to take advantage of the new content.

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Image by Tymon Oziemblewski from Pixabay