The Story Behind Andrea Abeli

There are now many rags to riches stories coming in from all over the world. People who have made something of themselves out of almost nothing. For some it may be an overnight success and for others a life of hustling and struggling to eventually making it big.

Thanks to technology and the world of the internet today, a lot more people are finding it easier to set higher goals and finding ways to achieve them. Social media has played a crucial role in bringing people together from the far corners of the world.

Almost anyone can do business with someone who lives in another country. Anyone can promote art globally or receive various kinds of help from others thousands of miles away.

Social media influencers such as Youtube stars, Instagramers, Twitterati and many more are the new-age heroes coming out of the digital world. One such social media influencer who is quickly becoming famous is Andreea Vasile aka @andreaabeli.

andrea abeli
Andrea Abeli. photo c/o Andrea Abeli.

Who is Andrea Abeli?

Born on January 19, 1984, Andrea hails from the city of Caracal in Romania. A girl from a big city with big dreams, Andrea got her Master’s degree in Family Law from the neighborhood city and nation’s capital, Bucharest. Andrea also likes photography which explains why she chose to become a full time model. She goes by the name of Andrea Abeli, a name she is most famously known for on social media.

Andrea Abeli’s Claim To Fame

Andreea Vasile’s alter ego is Andrea Abeli. That’s what all her social media accounts are known as. She adopted this name after realizing her goal of becoming a model, a career that began in 2012. She moved to Miami, where she believes “dreams come true.”

Her unique quality is her well-proportioned posterior and voluptuous body. She started modeling with absolutely zero followers but now that number has gone well over 7 digits. By and large, Andrea models for lingerie and bikini brands, alongside managing numerous social media models through her agency.

It is quite interesting to see how someone makes use of the internet and social media to build an illustrious career. This could be a view into how the future is going to be from here on. In the coming years, analysts expect to see a whole breed of digital and social media influencers becoming, and sometimes taking over a part of our lives.

Shruti Gupta
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