Tinder Users Beware: Tips To Keep Users Safe

Tinder is a great way to meet people as well as friends simply by swiping right or left. All a user has to have is a Facebook profile so it is still important to be very careful. There are users who pose as very different people and some of these people conceal their identity as they have malicious intentions. There have been robberies as well as other assaults by people who met up with a person they have never met at a hotel. The promise of a sexual encounter can be enough for some people to throw their caution to the wind. Staying safe is all about being proactive and staying as private as you can via your Tinder profile. The following are tips that will help keep Tinder users safe while browsing and meeting in person.

Meet In Public During The Day

The worst thing that you can do safety wise is to meet someone at night in a secluded area. This is just asking for trouble as your first meeting should be in public during the day. This is for the safety of both parties so if the other party insists on not meeting in public this should be a sign to avoid meeting them at all. Meeting in public is important to do regardless if meeting for a date or buying something off of Craigslist. The mall is a great place to meet but do not let a person know where the car will be parked. Too many abductors use a method of pushing their abductee into a car quickly by brandishing some kind of weapon. Do not let the person know what type of car will be driven either as it is none of their business.

Creep On Their Social Media If There Are Mutual Friends

Creeping on the social media of a match should not be too difficult if in the immediate area. There are even those users that have their Instagram linked or Twitter username. Avoid meeting up with anyone that does not have a social media past as they could be cheating or not be who they say they are. For those people with unusual names it will be far easier to find them on social media so keep this in mind.

Let Someone When Meeting Up With Someone

Letting a friend or family member know before embarking on a Tinder date is important. Let them know what time the date will end and what time they will check in. The first few hours are important if a person has been abducted as the odds of rescuing them goes down dramatically as time passes.

Get A Background Check Done If Seeing Them Again

The last thing that anyone wants is needing to get a restraining order due to a stalker or person you dated stalking you after breaking up. A lot of predators might seem very friendly at first and it could take weeks or months to see their true selves. Do not take any chances but rather opt for a background check to see if a person is telling the whole truth about their background. This is optional but if a user has children it is imperative to look up a background of a person they will allow into their home around their children. Many criminal records can be found online quite easily as long as a real name is given depending on the state.

Tinder can be the perfect app for those that want to find love or just have fun. The most important part of this is having fun in a safe manner and not risking safety for promised sexual encounters.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.