We’ll Miss You – Jonathan Ross Quits BBC

I was hoping that 2010 was going to be a jolly good year. But sadly my hopes and dreams of a blissful 12 months were all shattered in seconds, after hearing this morning, that BBC’s floppy haired tornado has hung up his Elton John inspired suit, and left the Beeb behind. Yes Jonathan Ross has refused to renew his contract, which expires in July this year, thus darkening my, and probably your, summer. However shall we entertain ourselves on those long hot evenings? I might actually have to get a life and go out on a Friday night now…

As you can imagine, not everyone is as down heartened as I. Somewhere in the world there is a man dancing in his living room, grasping the newspaper firmly and running out into the vast snowy wilderness, booming out the news of JR’s decision, singing songs of joy. It’s no surprise people feel that way inclined, Mr. Ross has certainly enraged a fair few people this last year, leaving obscene messages on elderly men’s answer phones and what not – which many believe was one of the main contributing factors toward his choice today.

Since the events of Sachsgate (answer phone messages), Ross has been under tremendous pressure from the BBC. Couple that with the horde of angry mostly bonkers people, and journalists hiding in his garden, looking for an excuse to write something unsightly about him, it’s no wonder he quit. Even I was starting to find the endless ream of Jonathan Ross headlines tedious and wearing, so imagine how they must have felt for him?

Jonathan has a lot of talent, he has no reason to be miserable and stick with the BBC, and I can guarantee that within weeks of his final show he’ll be snapped up by a large media company, maybe even skipping across the Atlantic? Where ever he goes, I know he’ll do well. Thank you for a fantastic fun filled, occasionally outrageous 13 years, I’ll really miss you Mr. Ross.

Joe Garnett is 18 years old, born and raised in Leeds, UK. He is furthering his education in Journalism, and is a freelance writer, recently producing a number of articles for UK magazines.