This Tuesday: Our Intelligent Design Case on PBS

Of all of the cases the ACLU has taken on in the last few years, our challenge to the promotion of “intelligent design” in Dover, Pennsylvania’s public schools is one that truly speaks volumes about our work – work that ACLU supporters like you make possible.

That is why I wanted to let you know about an upcoming program highlighting this landmark case.

This Tuesday, November 13th at 8:00 PM, PBS’s award winning show NOVA will be airing a documentary on the Dover intelligent design trial. “Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial” is a two hour documentary that tells the story of the Dover case.

In September 2005, the ACLU went to court over the first-ever legal challenge to teaching intelligent design – the assertion that an intelligent, supernatural entity has intervened in the history of life. The story of this case and of our plaintiffs – 11 brave parents who took on their local school board and community – is a real-life drama and one you won’t want to miss.

The intelligent design campaign to replace science with faith-based theories in our schools is part of a larger faith-based movement that threatens our freedoms in a profound way. Every day throughout the nation, the ACLU is carrying out the strongest possible defense of liberty by fighting to keep the government out of our religious and private, moral decisions. You can support that important work by becoming a member today.

I hope you’ll tune in on Tuesday night, or set your DVD recorder to watch this documentary and take pride in the important work that your support makes possible.

To find out more about this case and the intelligent design issue, go to And for more information on the NOVA documentary,

By Anthony D. Romero

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