The ‘What If’s?’ for GH’s Liason

Garrett Godwin: Why do you think Steve Burton calls Liason the “greatest story never told”?

Suzy Hayes: I believe it is because GH writers have only touched the outside fringes of this couple. They started as friends, built to a stronger friendship based on truth, faith, and true understanding of the other. They have become soul mates who live in different worlds. Sometimes Liz was afraid to continue (as when she went back to Lucky to help him not drink and stay off pills), and sometimes it was Jason who was afraid for Jake and Elizabeth to be known as part of his family. In the end, it was Jason who loved them enough to turn away to keep them safe. So, their story has never been completed or given a fair chance in each other’s world.

GG: It was eight years ago on August 15 that Jason & Elizabeth had their second kiss at Vista Point. “What If” Jason & Elizabeth had that date at Vista Point?

Suzy Hayes: If they had that date now, I think they would need to start over from the “friendship” stage of the relationship. They have gone too far away from each other, done to much with others to just pick up right back as lovers. I would want them to begin again with new trust, love, and respect for the other. They need to come together again and realize who they really love, what they have missed, and who they want to be with each morning, noon, and night – – so to speak.

GG: Four years ago, in 2006, Jason & Elizabeth continued their “Night of Passion” (NOP) at the penthouse, and had breakfast the next day. “What If” they’d spent that whole day together?

Suzy Hayes: If Elizabeth had spent the day as Jason asked her, they would be together now. They would have put the past behind them and trusted each other to be enough for the other. They both put others first. Instead of following their hearts, they put others first. If she had stayed, I feel the whole story would have been “the Greatest Love Story Ever Told!”

GG: GH‘s Luke Spencer and Duke Lavery as well as Steve “Patch” Johnson from Days of Our Lives (DOOL) are several of the classic daytime bad boys that gone and done good — having a criminal past but turned against the mob/organized crime because of the love of a good woman (Laura Spencer, Anna Devane, Kayla Brady Johnson) — reaching supercouple status. The writers continue to make Jason “heroic” — despite being a mob enforcer. “What If” Jason chose a life with Elizabeth and the boys, and how would the writers truly make him into the classic daytime romantic action hero — or even an anti-hero?

Suzy Hayes: Jason could still be the mobster with the heart of gold if he were with Elizabeth, Cake (Cameron and Jake), and Aiden. He could have a separate life from the mob. Or he could start a task force with the Governor or Mac to take down organized crime in Port Charles or N.Y. That would make a great story. Elizabeth and the boys could live at the Quartermaine Estate, have 24-hour guards, and/or slip in and out of the Estate unseen. I want Monica to know her grandson. Jason could turn his life around as doing good, but still just work outside the law. He could have a lifetime job just guarding Sonny’s families. I want Jason to have another attack with the brain disorder and have to have surgery. With this surgery, he forgets all the people and things he did in the last five years – does not remember Sam, Sonny, or Elizabeth after 2005. He can have a new start and Elizabeth becomes his best friend. He can’t bring Sonny down ’cause he doesn’t remember. Most of all, he doesn’t remember Sam or her actions. So, he has to choose whom he loves and wants to be with. Guess who he chooses? Elizabeth, the boys, and Monica.