Slingo, Inc. Announces Airing of New Interactive TV Show

Slingo TV Game Show becomes first casual game television series to air on Philippine broadcast networks

Slingo, Inc., a leading developer and publisher of casual games, today announced that a new interactive television series, “Slingo TV Game Show,” which is based upon the company’s popular casual game brand, will air the first episode this Saturday, July 21, at 7pm on the ABC-5 channel in the Philippines. Hosted by local celebrity Joey de Leon, and produced by MOJO Pacific, Slingo TV Game Show includes trivia and a patented combination of slot machine and bingo game play, where home viewers will be able to interact with the show via SMS messaging. The broadcast represents the first interactive television game show based on an existing casual game IP.

Named as one of the most popular titles of 2006 in the Casual Games Association’s 2007 Casual Games Report, Slingo continues its dominance as one of the top game brands in the world and is widely regarded as the most successful IP in casual game history. The Slingo brand has been merchandised across numerous channels including a free online game portal (, retail downloads, slot machines, mobile, scratch-off lottery tickets, and most recently as an interactive television game show. The airing of the Slingo TV Game Show demonstrates the company’s commitment to further introduce the Slingo brand to new markets.

“The Slingo TV Game Show launch represents the beginning of a comprehensive strategy to broaden the Slingo brand on multiple platforms for the Asian market,” said John Driscoll, International Director of Business Development of Slingo. “As Slingo continues to grow in popularity we will aggressively pursue new channels to introduce Slingo game play to new audiences worldwide.”

For more than 10 years Slingo holds the distinction of being “one of America’s most played online games” with over three billion games played. The Slingo experience, online or in person, appeals to anyone who enjoys playing games, winning prizes, and having fun. With more than 225 million scratch off lottery tickets sales and slot machines all over the US, the brand has widespread, global reach and is supported by top corporate partners including AOL, MOJO Media Works, Scientific Games Corporation, and Oberon Media, to name a few.

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About Slingo

Slingo, Inc. is a U.S. based company that has developed and licensed the intellectual property for Slingo brand games for over 10 years. As a pioneer and thought-leader in the “casual games” niche industry, Slingo Inc. has successfully licensed to partners world-wide for use with: free online game sites, downloadable games, lottery tickets, casino slot machines and table games, television game show, interactive television, mobile phone games, and other “game-able” mediums. The original Slingo game boasts that over three billion games have been played to date. Slingo, Inc.’s partners include America Online, IGT, United States Playing Card Company, Funkitron, Scientific Games Corporation, PixelPlay, I-play and TVcompass. People can play Slingo by going to –

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