Joe Estevez & Steve Meyer This Saturday April 5th on The American Perspective

How does Judy do it? Steve Meyer is on the front line of global music sales and distribution which he expects will soar to pocket-bursting levels. What’s more, he shares his insight and ingenuity with us. Steve gives us both historical perspective and futuristic vision as he chats with Judy about the love of his work, trends of the business and his personal points of view about success, happiness and blending life with the lust for life. Steve joins Judy Saturday morning and helps us discover the thrill of having it all with a sense of balance and purpose.

Speaking of having it all, Joe Estevez couldn’t have picked a more successful name. Problem is, his nemesis is his brother, Martin Sheen, who inhabits his identity. Is this possible? How does a talented man, born with a house-hold name, combat invisibility? A Reality Show, of course!

Judy helps Joe understand that he is revered and loved by his invisible, yet adoring, world of fans. Joe Estevez is funny, wise and poignant. After all, there’s plenty of room on Hollywood Boulevard for one more Estevez. Take a listen– unless you can’t afford another addiction.

You’ll also want to read SOP writer, LaShelle Turner, who captured Joe’s dilemma quite nicely in her recent work, “The Sheen you’ve seen and heard but not heard of.”

The American Perspective is poised to bring you the best in talk radio at 10:30, Saturday morning, April 5th, on AM radio WTTB 1490.

Because you, too, can have it all and we’ll see you there!


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Nancy Lee Wolfe
Nancy Lee Wolfe is a versatile writer who investigates business, entertainment and human interest news.