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Nancy Lee Wolfe is a versatile writer who investigates business, entertainment and human interest news.

Tell, Tell Mattel: Shareholder’s Report

Mattel has lost money, no doubt. The loss, though, is compounded by the systematic destruction Mattel management has visited upon itself.

Joe Estevez & Steve Meyer This Saturday April 5th on The...

Judy helps Joe understand that he is revered and loved by his invisible, yet adoring, world of fans. Joe Estevez is funny, wise and poignant.

Girly Ghost Hunter Goes International

Crack journalist both in and out of the comic book world, the heroine of the other-worldly series, 'Reluctant Ghost Hunter,' is SOP's own Judyth Piazza.

Will Oprah’s Words Work for Obama in Mississippi?

It's difficult to say how the State will swing. To this day, race touches everything in Mississippi; it will be interesting to see if they detest Hillary enough to vote for an American black man.

Anne Hicks Making moonShine for Lovers of the Arts

Where can you find a publisher so dedicated to her craft? Can you name a publisher more concerned with or helpful to her writers? Have you met Anne Hicks? If not, you must.