Pop Star Lilia Mai Defends the “Sensible Patriarch”

As gender roles become increasingly blurred in a society that some argue seeks to de-masculinize men, and where many argue that being a man or a woman is a choice, rather than that which we are born into; one great new rising star upholds her faith in her creator, and supports more traditional values.

The Hollywood Sentinel had the pleasure to do an exclusive interview with this rising pop star; Lilia Mai. The great new blues, jazz, and pop soul singer had some insightful, and surprising answers for the world, in this story, exclusively for News Blaze.

Starpower Management CEO and Hollywood Sentinel publisher Bruce Edwin states of the singer, “It is a great honor to now represent Lilia Mai, who we will be further introducing to Hollywood and the world next year. Lilia Mai is a stunning beauty, and a massive talent who will rock the world with her soaring voice, and passionate, beautiful spirit.”

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An Exclusive Interview with Lilia Mai

Hollywood Sentinel: Tensions are high between the U.S. North Korea, and the world. Suppose you were President of the USA. What would you do, how would ‘you’ handle things with N. Korea?

Lilia Mai: I’m not fully aware of every political intelligence report or area to answer this question, but in this situation, the United States needs to get an ally; including Russia, and China. North Korea is no match for the U.S, so the scales of power are completely incomparable. As our famous Russian fable says “This little angry dog seems so strong now, because she’s barking at the huge elephant!” These ironic words perfectly describe the situation.

Hollywood Sentinel: Ha! I like that! What would you say to a racist, such as a member of the KKK, what words do you have for them?

Lilia Mai: I wouldn’t talk to them at all, because it would be a waste of time. If you want to offend, or kill other people because of their origin, you have no place in this world.

Hollywood Sentinel: Wow. That’s powerful, I agree. What is the most cruel thing a person has ever done to you? How did you overcome it?

Lilia Mai: I have already forgiven this person. 
I don’t want to keep pain and bad memories in my soul. I have already forgotten and overcome it. Forgiveness is the key to harmony and happiness. It’s very important just to go on and not to regret anything, but rather to learn from these experiences. I consider suffering can be a very valuable part of one’s personal growth. Alas,
 I wouldn’t say that time heals, but working on one’s self can help a lot to learn from these circumstances.

Hollywood Sentinel: That is very kind and sweet of you. And also very mature and enlightened. I am curious – you are incredibly talented and beautiful, and you have been since a young age. Have you had many people jealous of you? Do you now? How have you dealt with this? If you don’t, but did, what would you do?

Lilia Mai: I have always lived in peace with myself and others, not paying attention to their envy – right up to the moment they stabbed me in the back! If I could return back to the past, I wouldn’t change anything, because it was my way, my experience. 

I would say “Thank for everything, for the bad and good things you did for me.”

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s amazing. You are so mature and wise for your age – for any age really! (laughs). You seem comfortable in who you are. What is the best thing about being a woman?

Lilia Mai: The best thing about being a woman is to simply be a woman – in every single way. Being female; soft, tender, loving, sensual, patient, caring, and melting in a strong man’s hands. And of course, also maternity – being a mother.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s so beautiful. Now – what is the worst thing about being a woman?!

Lilia Mai: It’s beautiful to be a woman; I absolutely love it and enjoy it. Women are the conductors of love, and harmony on the Earth. But others often judge you by appearance not your inner world. ALL women are different and wonderful. It’s a big fortune to be surrounded by good people, but what about the women that do not have such support, or are surrounded by bad people? Women need more protection! Also there are some upsetting facts about women around the world who are born into a totalitarian social / political environment. This needs to change.

Hollywood Sentinel: That’s very wise, very true, I agree. What do you admire most in a man?

Lilia Mai: In a man, I admire most his logic, intellect, bravery, nobleness, energy, strength, spirit, generosity, and responsibility. Oh, and I have almost forgotten about the cherry on the cake – it’s a good sense of humor!

Hollywood Sentinel: Excellent. I’m sure we will have a lot of new stand up comics in training now after people read this article. (laughs). What do you ‘hate’ in a man?

Lilia Mai: I’m absolutely free from hate, but it could be poltroonery, villainy, miserliness, irresponsibility, pettiness. Moreover, if you don’t trust a man, you won’t be able to appreciate his personality, no matter how great he is.

Hollywood Sentinel: I have to laugh. You just taught me a new word – poltroonery. I had to look that one up. (laughs). And I love big words! (laughs) (Note: poltroonery is being a total coward, villainy is wicked, criminal behavior, and miserliness is being small minded, inadequate, and extreme in meanness or cruelty, or mean and cheap).

Hollywood Sentinel: Now, here’s the million dollar question. Are you a feminist? If so, why, and if not, why not?

Lilia Mai: There are different kinds of feminism in each country nowadays.

I am definitely not a feminist – rather, I am a real woman for a real man.

I do respect all the positive achievements of feminism, but I’m for the balance.

Women and men are different from the very beginning, and I don’t think we should challenge Mother Nature and ruin our gender roles, so I am for the so-called “sensible patriarchate.” Ultimately, men are warriors and defenders, while women are mothers, and keepers of the heart.

The beautiful, outstanding song co-written by Lilia Mai; Burning Inside appears here below.

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