Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute Runs Lead Conversion Masterclasses

On Wed, Nov 15, starting at 7am PST, the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute is running four Lead Conversion Masterclasses. See also the story for Thursday, Nov 16, starting at 7am PST, the Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute is running four Masterclasses to train entrepreneurs how to build Seven Figure Businesses.

The first, running from 7am to 10am PST is How To Build a Million Dollar Master Class.

Ben Marcoux
Ben Marcoux

“A Masterclass is a great lead generation machine,” online direct response expert Ben Marcoux says. Marcoux’s three hour Master Class shows participants how to create a powerful Master Class and then create multiple ways to fill that Master Class. Marcoux and co-presenters, Tom Matzen and Frank Bria also show how to turn those prospects into clients, earning seven figures in the process.

Ben Marcoux is a direct response marketer, who has helped clients acquire leads and sales in various niches, including real estate training, and ductless air-conditioning. He also does high ticket B2B consulting.

As the founder of BMX Marketing, his specialty is driving targeted Facebook traffic to efficient, optimized sales funnels.

The second Lead Conversion Masterclass runs from 11am to 2pm PST, How to Use Your Next Book to Build a Seven Figure Business

Anita Narayan
Anita Narayan

Anita Narayan, a heart centred entrepreneur and humanitarian shows how to leverage your authority with a business book that actually earns money. Narayan says “whether this is your first book or one of many, I show exactly how to earn seven figures with it.”

Narayan’s mission is to make inspiration the norm. This entrepreneur has 25 years of experience backing up the work she does today. She is Co-Founder of the Strategic Philanthropy Global Summit. Her best selling book “Breaking Free” chronicles how she found joy and inspiration after major personal tragedy. The book was recommended for screen adaptation.

The third Lead Conversion Masterclass, How To Double Your Sales in Twelve Months or Less Using E-Commerce, runs from 3pm to 6pm PST.

Rym Benchaar
Rym Benchaar

This three hour Master Class, by E-Commerce superstar Rym Benchaar is especially relevant for bricks & mortar retailers who want to build a solid business beyond their store. Benchaar shares the exact steps to do that, including which platforms to use and which ones to stay away from. Retails can create significant recurring revenues online.

Rym Benchaar is an e-commerce and digital consultant. She has already empowered many retailers to increase their online presence and revenues. The constantly-evolving digital technologies and online retail innovations are a problem for many retailers, but she has a track record of ROI positive digital projects.

Her successful marketing campaigns include quick wins for her clients. Rym has worked with many big brand name companies, including Keurig, Dannon and L’Oréal.

The fourth Lead Conversion Masterclass, How To Be a Million Dollar Speaker, runs from 7pm to 10pm PST.

This masterclass is for speakers and entrepreneurs who want to deliver a BIG message to millions of people. “This is an easy to set up, plug-and-play system to deliver your message,” Internationally known Speaker, Creative Age Leader and Transformation Artist, Emerald GreenForest says.

Does the thought of expanding your reach and making a global impact give you goose bumps?

This Master Class Presentation teaches participants How to Be Heard By Millions, Make Millions and Make a Difference Too With A SIMPLE ‘Virtual’ Speaking Business That Works For YOU”

Emerald GreenForest
Emerald GreenForest

Included in the Masterclass are the exact steps used to deliver GreenForest’s message on nearly 500 stages, that allowed her to be heard by millions of people around the world. These steps grew her client roster to include bestselling authors, high end industry leaders, and international change agents from every English speaking country in the world.

This masterclass is especially for visionary leaders, executives in transition and conscious entrepreneurs who want to leap fearlessly into their highest level of service, and who want to craft and contribute a legendary legacy of wisdom and wealth that fulfills their purpose for being on the planet.

Registrations for the Global Entrepreneur Summit are open now at: http://bit.ly/2zEzYZh

Benefiting Entrepreneurs Hurt by Hurricanes

Each of the 32 masterclasses will be recorded, and lifetime access to the recordings is available for $97 if purchased before the Summit ends. co-founder Martin Barnes, told NewsBlaze, “many small businesses have been hurt by the recent hurricanes, Harvey, Irma, and Maria. 100% of the net proceeds from the Summit will go to help those entrepreneurs.”

The co-founders are working hard, with a small dedicated supportive team of entrepreneurs, to contact Chambers of Commerce, to help them and their members.

Chambers of Commerce are invited to participate by calling Tom Matzen, in Pacific Timezone, at +1-604-499-7164.

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